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Some Mac users who updated to Apple’s latest macOS Sonoma 14.4 software release are experiencing connectivity issues with USB hubs and monitors with USB ports, with several reports of mice, keyboards, and other peripherals no longer being detected.
Users have taken to the MacRumors forums, Reddit, X (Twitter), and the Apple Support Community forums to relay their experiences, a selection of which we’ve reproduced below.
MacRumors forum member mjodotcom:14.4 definitely breaks USB hub monitor functionality.
Things worked without a hitch until my work MBP upgraded to 14.4 and now no devices are detected.
On my personal MBP that is still on 14.3 everything is detected without issue.
Clearly a OS related problem.
Reddit user Nobodys10:I have my MacBook (MacBook Pro 16 M2 Pro) connected to my monitor (Gigabyte M34WQ 34 Inch IPS Ultrawide WQHD (3440 x 1440)) via a thunderbolt 3 cable.
I have my keyboard and mouse connected to the USB ports in my monitor.
After updating, my keyboard and mouse are no longer being detected on my MacBook.
Before updating, it was working fine.
Apple Support Community user LucaPascarella:I have the same issue with my MacBook Pro M2 Max 64GB RAM and monitor Dell U3219Q; none of the USB peripherals connected to the Monitor’s USB hub work.
On the contrary, all peripherals work fine when I attach a Windows computer to the Dell Monitor.
In addition, I check every USB peripheral by attaching them directly to the Mac, and of course, they are working.
I rebooted the Mac and detached the power plug from the Monitor, trying any configurations or sequences of rebooting as possible.
Nothing is working since the update to Sonoma 14.4.
X user Rhys Morgan:Love that macOS 14.4 has completely killed the use of my display KVM.
Just not picking up any USB devices plugged into my monitor (or even that my monitor is a USB hub too).
While Apple works on a fix, a handful of users have had some success by changing the setting “Allow accessories to connect” to “Ask for new accessories” under the Security section of System Settings ➝ Privacy & Security.
Have you had a problem connecting peripherals over USB hubs since updating to macOS Sonoma 14.4?
Let us know in the comments.
(Thanks, Matt!)

After updating to Apple’s most recent macOS Sonoma 14.4 software release, a number of Mac users have reported that their mice, keyboards, and other peripherals are no longer detected. These users are having connectivity problems with USB hubs and monitors with USB ports.

We have compiled a selection of user-reported experiences from the MacRumors forums, Reddit, X (Twitter), and Apple Support Community forums.

Member of the MacRumors forum mjodotcom:.

14.4 undoubtedly impairs the functionality of USB hub monitors. Before my work laptop upgraded to 14.4, everything went without a hitch. After that, no devices could be detected. Everything is detected flawlessly on my own MBP, which is still running 14.3. It’s obvious that the issue is with OS.

Nobodys10: on Reddit.

I’m using a Thunderbolt 3 cable to connect my MacBook Pro 16 M2 Pro to my Gigabyte M34WQ 34 Inch IPS Ultrawide WQHD (3440 x 1440). My keyboard and mouse are plugged into my monitor’s USB ports. My MacBook is no longer detecting my keyboard or mouse after the update. It was operating smoothly prior to the update.

LucaPascarella, an Apple Support Community user:.

With my MacBook Pro M2 Max 64GB RAM and Dell U3219Q monitor, I’m experiencing the same problem: none of the USB peripherals that are connected to the USB hub of the monitor function. On the other hand, when I connect a Windows computer to the Dell Monitor, every peripheral functions perfectly. Furthermore, I make sure every USB peripheral is operational by connecting it straight to the Mac. I tried every possible configuration and reboot sequence when I restarted the Mac and unplugged the power from the monitor. Since the Sonoma 14.4 update, nothing functions.

Rhys Morgan, an X user:.

I really like how macOS 14.4 has eliminated the need for my display KVM. Simply said, my monitor isn’t detecting any USB devices that are plugged in, even though it doubles as a USB hub.

While Apple works on a solution, a few users have found some success by going to System Settings ➝ Privacy and Security ➧ Security and switching the setting from “Allow accessories to connect” to “Ask for new accessories.”.

After updating to macOS Sonoma 14.4, have you encountered any issues connecting peripherals over USB hubs? Please share your experiences in the comments section.

I’m grateful, Matt.

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