Rumors of three models of theGalaxy Watch have been confirmed

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There are a few things that we’ve seen regarding trustworthy rumors in reference to the Galaxy Watch.
The Galaxy Watch 7 is said to include three different models, with Samsung bringing an “FE” model along for the ride.
Another big suggestion is that the Galaxy Watch 7 will have a “Pro” model, similar to the existing 6 series.
That Galaxy Watch 7 Pro will supposedly bring a near-600mAh battery, outperforming the lineups that have come before it.
In a financial report announcing Q1 2024 results, Samsung confirmed that a “new premium” model will be joining the Galaxy Watch 7 series.
This likely refers the to Galaxy Watch 7 Pro.
For smartwatches, the MX Business will strive to meet demand for upgrades through the launch of new premium models.
It would make sense that the Galaxy Watch 7 series will bring Galaxy AI features beyond what’s currently available – something for Samsung to leverage in the sale of new watches.


According to a recent financial report, Samsung intends to stick with its current strategy of releasing a “premium” model alongside more affordable models, despite rumors to the contrary regarding its upcoming Galaxy Watches lineup.

There are a few reliable rumors about the Galaxy Watch that we have come across. Three distinct models of the Galaxy Watch 7 are rumored to be available, with Samsung including a “FE” model. Users will still be able to enjoy the One UI Watch experience with that more reasonably priced Fan Edition version.

The “Pro” model for the Galaxy Watch 7, which is akin to the current 6 series, is yet another significant rumor. A near-600mAh battery is expected to be included in the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro, outpacing previous models.

Samsung officially announced the addition of a “new premium” model to the Galaxy Watch 7 series in a financial report that revealed Q1 2024 results. The article mentions that the improvements customers have been requesting will be included in the more expensive models, but it doesn’t mention the numerical release by name or offer any other info. I believe this is a reference to the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro.

The MX Business will work to upgrade its smartwatch lineup by introducing new, high-end models in response to consumer demand.

This allusion follows Samsung’s announcement that it intends to boost sales by developing Galaxy AI and even making reference to the upcoming Galaxy Ring. It would stand to reason that the Galaxy Watch 7 series will include more advanced Galaxy AI capabilities than those found in existing models, giving Samsung another selling point for their timepieces.

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