PS5 Pro could blow away the competition


The Associated Press and several leading international photo distribution agencies issued a kill notice on an unlikely image last week: the beaming Kate Middleton, surrounded by her three children as they celebrated Mother’s Day.
The notice was issued after it became clear the photo had been manipulated; the following day, an apology was issued via the Princess of Wales’ social media for her alleged Photoshop work.
Now it’s come to light that another photo purportedly taken by Kensington Palace, if not Middleton herself, has also been Photoshopped.
A photo released in 2023 to celebrate what would have been Queen Elizabeth II’s 97th birthday came under scrutiny as media outlets and people on social media have found clear signs of alterations, edits and manipulation.
The photo in question was released in April 2023.
At the time, Kensington Palace explained that the photo was taken by the Princess of Wales the year before, while the family was on a trip at Balmoral, the queen’s favorite of her homes.
The photo features Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, as well as grandchildren Mia, Lena, Lucas, Savannah, Isla, James and Lady Louise.
The Guardian’s Sunday paper, The Observer, noted several instances in which the photo was digitally altered.
It seems Prince Louis, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ youngest child, was moved back in the frame, and the hair of Zara Tindall’s daughter has been copied and pasted.
The outlet posed a question that sums it up well: “How could the news agencies possibly protect their reputations if they did not respond last week to mounting amateur claims that the image was not trustworthy?”By many counts, Kensington Palace is becoming an increasingly distrusted source, something that was unimaginable only weeks ago.
Conspiracy theories about Middleton’s prolonged absence were already operating at a steady hum; the release of the clearly altered photo on Mother’s Day threw those into overdrive.
Manipulation of the Balmoral photo was also called out on Twitter/X, where user Le__Katerina wrote, “Did the late Queen ever pose with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren?
Seems like no.
This photo, taken by Kate Middleton, was edited at least in nine places.
Now the mass media are reporting about it, too.
A little thread.”Did the late Queen ever pose with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren?
Seems like no.
🤔 This photo, taken by Kate Middleton, was edited at least in 9 places.
Now the mass media are reporting about it too.
A little thread👇 — Katerina 🇺🇦 (@Le__Katerina) March 17, 2024She then proceeded to point out several inconsistencies and mistakes throughout the editing the photo, some of which appear to suggest some of the children were not actually in the photo at all.
What’s this black thing behind George’s neck?
It’s too dark to be a shadow. — Katerina 🇺🇦 (@Le__Katerina) March 17, 2024At the heart of the conversation surrounding Middleton and Kensington Palace is a breakdown trust between the royals and the public — a public that funds the very existence of the monarchy through the Sovereign Grant.
In 2023, that amount tallied up to £86.3 million, “£51.8 million which funds official travel, property maintenance and the operating costs of The Sovereign’s household.”The main question surrounding the edited photos and secrecy surrounding Middleton’s whereabouts and well-being is simply, why?
Why go to such great lengths to alter and manipulate images, and why not clear up speculation, confusion or concern with a video release or press conference of some sort?
It seems clear that the palace misjudged a public that has the time and interest to dig into conspiracy theories and suss out the truth, a public that has dealt with politicians insisting whole elections were stolen, and a world in which it’s startlingly easy to fake nude photos of one of our biggest pop stars.
Maybe the palace really didn’t think people would care enough about Middleton’s prolonged absence from the public eye to question it, or maybe they’re relying on an outdated approach to the monarchy in general, one that harkens back to an earlier time when the monarchy could count on the public to buy the line they’re being fed.
Either way, it’s clear there is still some explaining to do.

According to a recent leak, the enhanced PS5 Pro, the much-discussed PS5 console’s successor, is expected to arrive later this year—possibly in time for the holidays. This would establish Sony as the de facto greatest system for playing one of the most eagerly awaited games of the generation if Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6 launches during its planned window in early 2025.

It’s true that there are a lot of “ifs” that need to work out. Nonetheless, the magnitude of this opportunity for Sony cannot be overstated, considering that GTA 5 shattered all previous sales records upon its release in 2013. Particularly considering that Rockstar does not intend to release Grand Theft Auto 6 on PC and consoles at the same time, in contrast to many other contemporary releases. Rather, some time after the game’s original release date, the developer intends to release a “upgraded version” for the PC.

Prior to this summer, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer told Bloomberg that he didn’t “feel an imperative” to release another Xbox console this generation. Phil Spencer also rejected the idea of a mid-cycle refresh for the Xbox Series X or Series Sdot. Right now, we’re not receiving feedback like that. We currently have a pretty firm grip on the hardware. “.

That might give Sony a significant advantage if it releases the PS5 Pro in time for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. The PS5 Pro may have 67 teraflops of processing power, a mighty impressive figure that appears to be enabled by machine learning, according to a video posted on YouTube this week by Moore’s Law is Dead. By comparison, the base PS5 can only achieve a third of that at 10.28 Tflops. That could amount to a “mere” 33.5 Tflops of “Floating Point” performance. If these specifications turn out to be accurate, the PS5 Pro could make a huge technological advancement and compete with some of the best gaming consoles in terms of graphics power.

Players were expected to choose the PS5 as their primary platform of choice to play Rockstar’s much-anticipated open-world crime game, given Sony’s estimated 2:1 market position over Xbox. However, having GTA 6 available on the updated PS5 Pro might persuade them even more to choose Sony’s system over Xbox. Given that the more affordable Xbox Series S is still selling more units than the Xbox Series X, the PS5 Pro needs a strong sales pitch to be competitive. This might be it.

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