It was reported that the cheaper version of the Z Fold could cost around $800


Foldables aren’t cheap, but it seems the tide is turning, with Samsung now rumored to debut a Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant later this year that could have a price tag well under $1,000.
According to a report from Korean outlet SisaJournal-e, Samsung is aiming for a price of around 1.05 million won for its cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6, which would translate to roughly $800 in US dollars.
It’s a borderline unbelievable idea given that is less than half of the existing $1,799 price and even less than the Galaxy Z Flip series which sits at $999.
But, apparently, Samsung will be making some additional cuts to hit that price.
The report mentions, as we’ve heard before, that this device will lack S Pen support.
Beyond that, it’d also have a lesser display, smaller battery, and a different chipset compared to the “Ultra” Galaxy Z Fold 6.
The camera, while still “flagship-level,” would apparently be “similar to the existing model,” referring to the Fold 5.
That’d point to a triple-camera array, though at one point the report also hints that a dual-camera system is possible.
The most interesting potential cut here is to the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6’s chip.
The “Ultra” model will almost surely run on the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 as the Galaxy S23 series, but cutting down the cheaper model could open the door to big savings.
Samsung could go for one of its own Exynos chips, or it could opt for a cheaper Qualcomm offering.
Just today, Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, a slightly less powerful chipset designed for more affordable high-end phones.
We’ll likely hear more about the pricing on Samsung’s upcoming foldables in the months to come, as the announcement is expected to land in early July.
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Although foldables are still quite expensive, it appears that things are starting to change as Samsung is now expected to release a Galaxy Z Fold 6 model later this year for well under $1,000.

The cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 from Samsung is expected to retail for about 1.05 million won, or about $800 in US dollars, according to a report from the Korean publication SisaJournal-e.

Considering that this is less than half of the current $1,799 price and even less than the $999 Galaxy Z Flip series, it’s a somewhat unbelievable idea. It appears, though, that Samsung will be making some more cuts in order to reach that price.

The report notes that this device will not support the S Pen, as we have previously heard. In addition, it would differ from the “Ultra” Galaxy Z Fold 6 in terms of chipset, battery capacity, and display. Although it would still be at the “flagship-level,” the camera would reportedly be “similar to the existing model,” which is the Fold 5. This suggests a triple-camera array, but the report also makes a passing mention of the possibility of a dual-camera setup.

In this case, the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6’s chip is the most intriguing potential cut. Though reducing the cost of the less expensive model could result in significant savings, the “Ultra” model will most likely use the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 as the Galaxy S23 series. Samsung has two options: it can use a less expensive Qualcomm chip or one of its own Exynos chips. The Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, a marginally less potent chipset intended for more reasonably priced high-end phones, was just unveiled by Qualcomm.

It is anticipated that Samsung will make the announcement in early July, so we will probably learn more about the cost of their upcoming foldable devices in the months to come.

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