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Promising review: “I recently wore this in pink to my sister’s baby shower, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.
It became a staple in my closet, and I’m not one to wear colors or many prints.
—Bretta Little Get them from Amazon for $33.99 (available in sizes XS—2X, Short sizes, and 32 colors).
Promising review: “I’ve seen many popular clothing brands and boutiques selling this style of top, but all of them are much pricier.
Promising review: “Love these!
Promising review: “I love, love, love these cargos!
Promising review: “I love, love, love this skirt!
Promising review: “Thinner than a shacket, thicker than a shirt, great throw-over shirt, which is what I was looking for.


Though some may have been sent as samples, all of our recommendations were carefully chosen by our editors, and we sincerely hope you love them. Just so you know, some links on this page may result in sales commissions or other forms of compensation for BuzzFeed and its publishing partners.

You will want these 29 pieces of Amazon clothing that are perfect for spring, as evidenced by thousands of positive 5-star reviews.

A reviewer commented, “I’ve truly never been more impressed with an Amazon buy,” regarding one of the choices below.

Every size listed in this post is in women’s, unless otherwise noted.

1. Reviewers rave about this cropped high-neck tank because it provides a ton of support (really). It isn’t see-through (one reviewer with a G cup claims they don’t even need to wear a bra!), and its quality is comparable to that of much more expensive options from Lululemon and Athleta.

Positive review: “I adore this crop top. It truly covers my entire boob (not spilling out the side) and falls just below the rib cage (even with a size D cup). I’m not concerned because the top genuinely hides the straps even though I still wear a bra underneath. Its thicker, non-sheer material doesn’t bunch up and is double lined to conceal bra lines. It’s not rolling up or needing to be pulled down all the time, which I also find AMAZING. In fact, I would purchase this in additional colors. “Katbug.”.

Purchase it for $19.99 on Amazon (sizes S–XXL; 23 colors).

2. Reviewers have worn smocked square-neck dresses to weddings, birthday celebrations, and family portraits. Anything goes. According to one reviewer, she was able to chase her toddler worry-free because it is extremely comfortable!

PSA: It runs big, as most reviews state, so think about going smaller!

Positive review: “I am really happy with my choice; I wore this in pink to my sister’s baby shower.”. Not only was the dress extremely comfortable, which added to the enjoyment of the celebration, but the fit was flawless and I received a lot of compliments. Furthermore, the inclusion of pockets was a welcome surprise. I heartily suggest it for a chic and cozy party look.” — Madison.

Purchase it for $42.99 on Amazon (available in 28 colors/designs).

3. A tiered one-shoulder midi dress if you want to dabble in one of the most fashionable styles for 2024. Cold shoulder? No way, I’m grateful. A single shoulder, always?

Reviewer Emad Abdelrahman expressed excitement about the dress, saying, “I absolutely loveeeee it! It is beautiful, flowy, and perfect for vacation! The one shoulder is so on trend right now! The color is stunning!”.

Purchase it on Amazon for $36.54 (sizes S–XL; 41 colors/styles).

4. A sleek, satin midi skirt with a “chic” silhouette and an elastic waistband that begs to be tried on with your coziest sweatpants. “.

Positive review: “It’s a staple in my closet and I don’t usually wear a lot of colors or prints, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this skirt despite having low expectations. So comfortable, so smooth, and silky. Getting a ton of praise. The band doesn’t seem uncomfortable or dig in. I’m eager to get it in various colors. ” —Daria Z.

Purchase it for $35.20+ on Amazon (sizes XXS–3X; 24 colors/patterns).

Just so you know, you can try this before you buy it if you have Amazon Prime!

5. An abundance of ventilation is provided by these darted palazzo pants with extra-wide legs. It’s similar to wearing a dress, except you won’t have to worry about flashing someone if you’re caught off guard by a sudden gust of wind.

Positive evaluation: “I had to give these a try after seeing them on TikTok. Since I’m short, I thought they would be longer, but they are incredibly long. All I’m going to do is get them tailored. Though they are really lovely and I’ve received so many compliments on them, I’m purchasing more of them,” said Brett Little.

For $33.99, you can purchase them on Amazon (sizes XS–2X, short sizes, and 32 colors).

6. Reviewers claim that for less than $30, a pair of lightweight legging-style joggers is similar to Lululemon Align Joggers. 💃 🤴.

Review: “It’s the best leggings/joggers I’ve ever owned, and I want to buy every color eventually.” Sounds promising. I had heard that these were similar to Lululemon’s, but less expensive, when I first saw them on TikTok. Though I’ve never owned any Lululemon leggings, I’ve obviously been missing out if they feel anything like these. They’re perfectly perfect and soft. I adore the jogger fit, pockets, and legging-like fit of these pants, which make them perfect for the gym or dressing up with an adorable ensemble. Courtney said, “I have to purchase every color of these before they disappear.”.

Purchase it for $28.99+ on Amazon (available in 20 colors and sizes XS–XXL).

7. You’ll put this tiered maxi dress through its paces and see how many wears it can withstand before washing it—it’s that comfy and effortless.

Positive assessment: “I adore the dress’s light brushed canvas texture, pockets, and adjustable straps.”. Does reveal sweat stains fairly quickly, but for this hot summer as a mom, I’ll be buying a darker color. The Moguls of Modern Times.

For $41.93+, you can purchase it on Amazon. It comes in 18 colors and sizes XXS-5X.

8. A simple silhouette is given extra excitement with adjustable ties on this ruched bodycon dress. You can finish up by donning chunky sneakers or sandals that match your outfit, bb!

Positive review: “This item fits like a dream! Since I’m a fairly “chesty” person, dresses aren’t always my thing. Nonetheless, this is flawless. I ordered a size down, and it fit me wonderfully. Ten out of ten. Additionally, I’m purchasing additional colors. Ashley Patterson.

For $199.99+, purchase it on Amazon (sizes S–XL; 27 colors).

9. An elongated puff-sleeve, ruched-bust dress that will make you feel like the lead character in a brand-new Netflix original series.

Positive review: “I’m delighted I bought this dress; it’s beautiful and very comfy, so it makes sense that I got lots of compliments on it. In addition to being stylish enough for going out, it is also cozy enough for staying in. Whether worn off the shoulder or on, it looks just as lovely. What’s even better is that it stays in place no matter how you wear it. “Melanie Grace, I heartily suggest it!”.

Purchase it for $359.99 on Amazon (sizes XS–XL; seven colors/prints available).

10. If you have a ton of bottoms but never seem to find a suitable top to go with them, try a strapless mesh bustier. PS: Reviewers with larger busts (such as G and H cups) even attest to the support of this product!

Positive review: “I saw a TikTok video of another midsized girl praising this corset, so I bought it. It fits perfectly, so it did not disappoint. I received a ton of compliments on it, but another person made the observation that the fabric appears pricey and is identical to another bustier that is listed on PrettyLittleThings for more than twice the price. ” — Elizabeth.

It is available in sizes 00–20 and 15 colors on Amazon for $33.99+.

11. A midi dress with a split hem and a simple, elegant silhouette that allows you to accessorise endlessly.

Positive evaluation: “This was the ideal wedding guest outfit. Though still appropriate for an event, it is incredibly comfortable and flexible. In the words of Jessica Fee.

For $38 point99, you can purchase it on Amazon in 26 colors and sizes XS–XL.

12. A sheer top that just shouts FESTIVAL SEASON, available in an array of prints for you to choose from.

Positive review: “For a while now, I’ve been wanting a sheer, trendy top. At last, I was unable to find one I truly loved in my pricy, typical stores. On a whim, I tried this after browsing Amazon. I managed to obtain the snakeskin. And with only a black bra underneath, it looks incredibly stylish. It fits flawlessly. Not overly restricted. And it looks fantastic with a wide variety of hues and materials for skirts and pants. “This is among my two favorite items of clothing I have ever purchased from Amazon! I heartily recommend it!” —Cassandra.

It is available in 32 styles, some of which are sheer and have long sleeves, and in sizes XS–XL on Amazon for $19.99.

13. There’s a satin tie-front dress so amazing that you *may* get restless waiting for the day you can wear it.

For your information, most reviews advise you to size up.

Positive review: “It lived up to my expectations. The material is smooth, but static can make it a little clingy. Make sure you iron it before wearing because it comes extremely wrinkled and gets wrinkles easily. However, I really like that the straps are adjustable. The top is quite comfortable to wear, even though it was almost a size too large for me due to its stretch. “—Christine.

Purchase it for $359.99+ on Amazon (sizes XS–3XL; 17 colors available).

14. Reviews adore this ruffled halter minidress with a big bust-friendly design.

Positive review: “I bought this dress in more colors because I love it so much. The fit is excellent and the fabric is of good quality. The length isn’t too short, and the waist has the perfect amount of give. Both the belt, which is detachable, and the straps that form a bow around your neck, enhance the dress’ attractive features. It also cleans nicely. Lauren.

It is available in 38 colors and designs and is priced at $38.99 on for sizes S–XL.

In 15. When you see anything even slightly {aesthetic~, you will spontaneously stop for spontaneous photo shoots because this three-tier bohemian skirt will make you feel so good about yourself. Also known as a gorgeous piece of graffiti, a blooming tree, or even just a well-kept grassy area.

Positive review: “This skirt is my absolute favorite. I have a lot since I tend to wear skirts more often. I get several compliments every time I wear it. I wear it with a variety of tops. A half-slip is already sewed into it, and it fits perfectly and is lightweight. These days, I’ve purchased three more of them in various colors. —Charlene Seres, Shirley.

For $31.98+, purchase it on Amazon (sizes S–XXL; 17 colors/prints available).

16. A dress with off-the-shoulder ruffles so exquisite that reviewers claim people were surprised to find it was from good old Amazon!

This is what Ciera Velarde, a former editor at BuzzFeed, has to say:.

“Despite the maxi length, I didn’t feel overheated or perspire when I wore this to a wedding this summer that included an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour in 90 degree heat. The way the pleated layers draped over my body pleased me much. I loved that I could wear this dress on or off the shoulders, and it made me feel so dainty, romantic, and confident. I may have to purchase this in numerous other colors now. I had no less than twelve people compliment me on this dress, and nobody could believe how much I paid for it.

Purchase it for $33.98 on Amazon (sizes XS–XL; 32 colors/patterns).

17. An item of note if you haven’t experienced Texas weather is that this puff-sleeved midi dress is made of such a light, airy fabric that one reviewer even claims it’s appropriate for the state’s climate.

Positive evaluation: “I adore this dress. It is exceptionally adaptable, thin, and opaque. I can dress it up for the office with heels or appropriate shoes, or down with sneakers or boots, and every time I wear this dress, I get compliments. I’m 5’2”, so at first I was concerned that this would swallow me up or make me look like Dobby the Elf. However, I adore this dress and the way it fits me. There’s no need to search any farther if you’re looking for a great, multipurpose dress. JordanM.

For $33.59+, purchase it on Amazon (available in 20 styles and women’s sizes S–XL).

18. A padded tank top that does two things: 1) looks super cute; and 2) removes the need for a bra. Two is my new way of life, if the past few years of working remotely have taught me anything about who I am.

Review: “These shirts are magic, but I was really hesitant to buy them because I’m not a fan of crop tops and I don’t trust built-in bras. I purchased two colors. I wore one to a theme park, and it kept me comfortable and held me in all day. I heartily endorse these for daily use, travel, and relaxation. — Nikki.

At $16.49+, you can purchase it on Amazon (it comes in 20 colors and sizes ranging from S to XXL).

19. This adorable blouse features ruffles and a tie-back style, making it very stylish.

Review: “This style of top is available at a lot of popular clothing brands and boutiques, but they are all much more expensive.”. It’s definitely worth the price because this top is very cute and the material is nice. It seemed to fit true to size. -Alexandra Samson.

XS–XL in 30 colors and sizes are available for $22.99 on Amazon.

Just so you know, you can try this before you buy it if you have Amazon Prime!

Twenty. If you usually wear lived-in jeans and an oversized men’s shirt, but sometimes it’s just too hot to think about wearing denim, try a classy button-down maxi dress.

Review: “Excellent! Uncomplicated yet exquisite”. I am fairly tall, so the pockets are a little bit high. I already own the blue one and I’m going to order a few more. The dry cleaning of this dress will be exquisite. I’m going to have so much fun with this dress! It looks so expensive, but it was less than $30!” —Zippy.

Pay $28.88 on Amazon for this item, which comes in 21 colors and sizes XS–XXL.

21. A set of Levi’s Ribcage jeans that reach far above your bellybutton, a place no other low-rise jean has ever ventured.

Review: “I bought these for myself and my daughter, and we both look amazing! They’re very comfy and have the perfect amount of stretch. It is of the exact caliber you would anticipate from Levi’s. In all, we bought three pairs, and we still want to buy more in other colors. Says Lulu Herrera.

For $31.80+, you can purchase them on Amazon (available in 16 washes and two sizes, Standard and 35–39 Plus).

Don’t forget to try these before you buy them if you have Amazon Prime Wardrobe!

22. Reviews claim that a pair of crossover leggings with a flared waist and high waist are equally as good as more expensive options from Aerie, Alo, and Lululemon.

Positive review: “I love these, but I wish they hadn’t gone viral on TikTok because they’re now really difficult to find.”. Jamie Zins.

It is available in 11 colors and sizes XS–XXL on Amazon for $24.99+.

23. A sensational pair of cargo pants featuring pockets for all the items you might need to carry around. Check for phone, keys, wallet, gum, and Hi-Chew. You could even do a Napoleon Dynamite-style storage for your leftover tots.

View a TikTok featuring the cargo pants.

Positive review: “I want to get every color of these cargos because they fit so well and look nice on your butt. I love, love, love them!”. I get compliments on them all the time, so I get by with them even though I could have sized up because of the drawstring. Asia.

You can purchase it on Amazon for $399. It comes in 45 colors and men’s sizes 27–44.

24. An easy-to-wear jumpsuit that requires no additional accessories; the only thing you’ll need to bring are shoes *if* you plan on leaving the house.

Review: “Easy to dress up or down, this is perfect for anything.”. Adorable and extremely comfortable. When it returns to sale, I’ll be buying more colors!” —JoAnne G.

Purchase it for $37,499 on Amazon (sizes S–3X; 35 colors/designs).

25. A halter-neck maxi so easy to wear, one reviewer bought it in four colors! If you’re chronically online like I am, you probably have a certain TikTok sound — “If I like it, I’ll just grab it in another color. If I decide I like it and it comes in a different color. I’ll simply take it. “— playing at the moment in your mind.

Review that is promising: “It was much better than I had anticipated. Soft and well-made dress. The elastic waist ensures that there’s no need to worry about your underwear showing. It also features a slip underneath, which is fantastic. It can be worn with or without the belt that is detachable from it. —MsMGR.

For $35,499, you can purchase it on Amazon (it comes in 26 colors and sizes S–XXL).

26th. A loose-fitting set of linen overalls that exude style and read “adult onesie, but make it fashion” with two large pockets. ****.

26. An effortlessly stylish swing skirt with a high waist that can be accessorized just like a reliable pair of jeans. There’s no wrong way to finish the look—add a tank, tee, sweater, or jean jacket on top and accessorize to the max.

Positive review: “This skirt is amazing! I bought four more in different colors right away because I can’t stop loving it.”. It’s the ideal length—not too short, but with a high waist. In case you’re unsure. Purchase the skirt! I discovered that the floral ones are more fitted and have less stretch, while the polka-dotted ones are true to size. Kara DiBie said.

It costs $28.99 on Amazon and comes in sizes S–XL with 43 different colors and prints.

28. A slightly stretchy spaghetti strap cowl-neck top that won’t require you to force yourself out of it at the end of the day.

A positive review reads, “Girl, just buy it! The fit is amazing! The color is so melanin-popping that it looks like it was made for my body. If love were a dress, this one would be it!” from Amber.

Purchase it on Amazon for $45+ (sizes XS–5X; 44 colors/styles).

29. Additionally, you can master the “Oh, this? I just threw it on” look that all of your favorite celebrities have by using this corduroy shacket. Dakota Johnson, I am addressing you. ( ).

Review: “It’s a great throw-over shirt—thinner than a shacket and thicker than a shirt—just what I was looking for.”. I discover that everyone’s idea of what is large differs. I define it as appearing as though I borrowed my husband’s shirt, and this shirt meets that description. True to size. In this shirt, I ordered an M, as I usually wear a M in everything. —Nik.

It is available in 37 colors and sizes XXS–XXL on Amazon for $25 point49+.

This post contains edited reviews that have been condensed or made clearer.

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