If you pay $7, AT&T will give you faster 5G speeds


AT&T Turbo allows users the choice to optimize their network when they want by adding additional network resources to their mobile data connection.
For example, if customers want less freezing or stuttering and lower latency when milliseconds matter in gaming, AT&T Turbo can help offer real-time responsiveness by improving the performance of customers’ data on the network.
This is essentially one peg down the ladder in terms of network priority.
First, in order to added Turbo to your plan, you’ll have to already be subscribed to one of AT&T’s “Unlimited” plans.
For instance, the “AT&T Unlimited Extra EL” offers you 75GB of data per month.
If you exceed that allotment, AT&T will throttle your data speeds “if the network is busy” – even if you pay the $7/month for Turbo.
It’s also still not explicitly clear just how much better performance you can expect if you pay for AT&T, or if the speed boost applies to all traffic or just certain traffic.
If you feel so inclined, you can sign up for AT&T Turbo using the myATT app or through AT&T’s website.


For what it describes as “enhanced data connectivity for real-time responsiveness,” AT&T believes customers are willing to pay $7 more per month. The carrier claims that when this new AT&T “Turbo” option is enabled, it “boosts all the high-speed and hotspot data.” The option is currently being rolled out.

According to a press release from AT&T announcing the new option, AT&T Turbo will provide more stability and dependability, especially for applications that call for “real-time responsiveness.”. Actually, there is just this.

Designed to provide optimized data for high-performance mobile applications—such as gaming, social video broadcasting, and live video conferencing—while users are on the move. When it comes to network optimization, AT&T Turbo gives customers the option to enhance their mobile data connection with more network resources.

For instance, AT&T Turbo can assist in providing real-time responsiveness by enhancing the performance of customers’ data on the network, which will help customers desire less freezing or stuttering and lower latency when milliseconds count in gaming.

Despite the lack of specifics in AT&T’s announcement, The Mobile Report claims that AT&T is effectively reverting all plans to Quality of Service Class Identifier 8 (or QCI 8), which is a step back from QCI 8. Regarding network priority, this is effectively one rung down the ladder. Customers are essentially “buying their way back into QCI 7” if they subscribe to AT&T Turbo for $7 a month. “.

More information was provided by AT&T to Ars Technica today.

Today, AT&T gave Ars confirmation that Turbo “is assigned to a QCI to which some of our consumer traffic was previously assigned.”. However, AT&T claimed to have “materially modified it and increased network resources and relative weighting for AT&T Turbo traffic, thereby creating a higher level of performance than we’ve ever offered. “.

In addition, AT&T stated that QCIs “are merely a number assigned to a class of service” and that a variety of variables that can be adjusted to offer various experiences affect how traffic is treated and performed in a given class. “We rationalized and streamlined how our plans are mapped to QCI levels last summer,” according to AT&T, adding that “these changes helped optimize network performance for our entire customer base.”. “.

However, you are not granted unrestricted access to AT&T’s network by AT&T Turbo. Initially, you must already be enrolled in one of AT&T’s “Unlimited” plans in order to add Turbo to your subscription. Unlimited data isn’t really included in those plans, of course.

Consider the 75GB of data that comes with the “AT&T Unlimited Extra EL” plan. Even if you pay the $7 per month for Turbo, AT&T will limit your data speeds “if the network is busy” if you use more than that allotment. Whether you can expect significantly better performance if you pay for AT&T is still unclear, as is whether the speed boost is applicable to all traffic or just specific types of it.

If you’d like, you can use the myATT app or the AT&T website to sign up for AT&T Turbo.

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