I put the idea to the test because Apple wants me to replace my phone


I have an iPhone 12 and the company thinks it’s time I got with the program and upgraded to an iPhone 15.
Also: iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro: How much of an upgrade is the latest model?
Previous to this iPhone 12 I had an iPhone XR.
So what could Apple tell me now that would make me instantly conclude I need an iPhone 15?
It’s the camera, stupid The company’s first gambit is: “iPhone 15 captures up to 4x the resolution of iPhone 12 for a new level of detail and color.”
Well, it’s: “Save way more shots with 2x more storage than iPhone 12.”
Also: The best iPhone deals of 2024: Free iPhone 15s, free iPads, cheap accessories Apple explains: “Longer battery life lets you watch up to 3 more hours of video than iPhone 12.”
(Apple says I’ll get up to $220 in credit if I trade in my iPhone 12.)


I let Apple down.

Based on the company’s assessment, I should upgrade to an iPhone 15 as I currently have an iPhone 12.

Furthermore: iPhone 15 Pro vs. How much of an upgrade is the most recent model, the iPhone 14 Pro?

I know this because Apple recently unveiled a brand-new webpage with the headline, “Your iPhone vs. most recent. To entice owners of older iPhones to trade in and upgrade, this is the plan.

It’s important to note that I’m quite content with my iPhone 12. It still functions as an iPhone should and has withstood life without a case. Furthermore, I should clarify that I don’t replace my iPhone annually.

I had an iPhone XR before I got this iPhone 12. An iPhone 6 was used before that. (I should feel ashamed. ).

It appears there are quite a few reasons to upgrade, so what could Apple tell me now to instantly convince me I need an iPhone 15? Will any one of them suffice, or will they all suffice in unison?

It’s the camera, for crying out loud.

First up, the company announces: “The iPhone 15 offers a new level of detail and color, with up to 4x the resolution of the iPhone 12. ****.

I think so, but the question is: How much does this matter? I haven’t been very disappointed with the camera on my iPhone 12, but maybe I should have been worried about my resolution.

The next statement is, “Save twice as many photos with twice as much storage as the iPhone 12.”. That might be an issue, but I’m not sure if I take enough shots to warrant concern. I think my shot-o-meter score is below average.

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Furthermore, this claim has a tiny number 2 next to it. I look for an explanation under “Storage comparison based on starting capacity” at the bottom of the page. It seems like a complicated qualifier.

Apple’s next offer is: “A 2x Telephoto gives you more room to zoom.”. Comparable to having a third camera. “So we’re still using our phones for taking pictures and taking pictures? I guess that’s really the main purpose these days.”. It’s a phone attached to a camera.

We now go on to Apple’s next tease: “If your subject is a person, dog, or cat, the iPhone 15 allows you to quickly take the picture and then turn it into a portrait at a later time. According to this, it appears that only humans, dogs, and cats can use this feature. Which is again nice, but is the upgrade really worth it?

And there are the films.

We have just begun the list. “Use Action mode to steady really shaky handheld shots when you’re shooting video on the go,” it says. Intriguing, but not particularly compelling on its own—how often do people take quick shots?

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What about this: “Cinematic mode automatically focuses on the most significant subject in a scene, making movies like the movies.”. This is appealing to me. Sort of. But, as everyone knows, a lot of costly lighting equipment and production crew are used in Apple features films that are captured on an iPhone.

Apple then offers the alluring statement, “USB-C allows you to use the same cable to charge your Mac, iPad, or PC as well as the iPhone 15. Oh, I see. Lightning is still used by my iPhone 12. But I use a wireless charger to get around that small problem.

After that, Apple tries again: “The GPU in the A16 Bionic chip is up to 40% faster than the GPU in the A14 Bionic. How many people can distinguish between their GPU and CPU, I wonder?

Additionally: Free iPads, free iPhone 15s, and inexpensive accessories are among the greatest iPhone offers of 2024.

According to Apple, “You can watch up to three hours of video on an iPhone 12 thanks to its longer battery life.”. However, there is a tiny number three next to it. This footnote states: “Actual results will vary; all battery claims depend on network configuration and many other factors. Because of its limited capacity for recharging, batteries may eventually need to be replaced. The use and settings of a battery affect its life and charging cycles. “.”.

That is the issue with phone purchases. They favor tangible outcomes.

Am I able to accept the dynamism?

“iPhone 15 gives you Dynamic Island, which bubbles up your flight status, music, and more so you don’t miss anything,” the company writes. This feature alone may move many owners of older phones. It tucks away again after expanding to draw your attention (hey, your ride is here!). “.

As soon as this feature was developed, Apple promoted it fervently. I believe I would like to experience living with. Though I have played with it in an Apple store, it hasn’t convinced me to upgrade just yet. That is as of right now.

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You may feel as though Apple is failing miserably if you’ve read this far through their persuasive page. The reason for this is that the following component is: “The iPhone 15 is made to last, with an aerospace-grade aluminum body and a Ceramic Shield front that is more resilient than any smartphone glass. “.”.

It’s evident that my iPhone 12 was made to last, though. Still, it’s performing admirably. Not a single malfunction or screen replacement. (I’m grateful, Apple. ).

Strangely, Apple concludes with a side-by-side comparison of the displays on my iPhone 12 and iPhone 15.

Given their similarity, it may indicate that genuine innovation in smartphones has slowed down over time. For sure with iPhones.

Naturally, some features may influence the decision to upgrade. or even a collection of characteristics that aren’t particularly large by themselves.

Additionally, your complete Apple App Store purchase history is now viewable, searchable, and filterable.

But I also think that upgrading is a decision based on feelings.

With every new iPhone release, you examine it and consider if there’s anything about it that would inspire you to change. (Apple claims that if I trade in my iPhone 12, I will receive up to $220 in credit. Perhaps a new color will finally make you feel more accepted than a new camera feature. Alternatively, it could be that you’re just in the mood for a change and your phone isn’t functioning that well anymore.

April is when it feels like it to me. An updated iPhone is definitely on the way for fall. Since there is always one.

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