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Quest update v64 is rolling out since yesterday and brings better passthrough quality for Meta Quest 3.
System update v64 was different: it was available for download the day it was announced, and judging by the comments under our article, some of our readers were, too.
Meta promises the following improvements in the release notes for system update v64: Improved resolution We have improved the perceived resolution for passthrough by optimizing the passthrough pipeline.
Improved image quality We have fine tuned the camera processing pipeline to improve color, exposure, contrast and dynamic range in passthrough.
VR, AR, AI & more free cancel at any time E-Mail * First impressions of the new passthrough I tested the passthrough update that same evening in artificial light and the next day in natural light.
Here are my initial, purely subjective impressions: In low light, the graininess is significantly reduced, but I noticed a yellowish tint.
My conclusion: System Update 64 subtly improves the new passthrough, which benefits not only the practical use of passthrough in everyday life, but also immersive mixed reality games.
The distortions and wobbling, especially when looking at close objects, are still visible, but Meta has not addressed these artifacts.


Meta Quest 3 passthrough quality has improved with the release of quest update v64, which began yesterday. My initial thoughts are listed below.

Frequently, it takes several weeks for an update to arrive at my quest. In contrast, system update v64 was made available for download the same day it was made public, and based on the comments left under our article, it appears that some of our readers were also able to download it.

What’s been enhanced?

In the release notes for system update v64, Meta promises the following enhancements:.

enhanced clarity of image.

Through passthrough pipeline optimization, we have reduced perceived resolution. Users can now read smaller text and see finer details in real-world settings, such as notifications on smartphone screens, thanks to this.

enhanced clarity of the images.

Color, exposure, contrast, and dynamic range in passthrough have all been improved by fine-tuning the camera processing pipeline. Color passthrough now more closely resembles the real world. We have also made the passthrough experience more comfortable overall across a range of lighting conditions by reducing graininess, also known as image noise, in lower light.

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Observations regarding the novel passthrough initially.

In artificial light that same evening, and in natural light the following day, I tested the passthrough update. These are my preliminary, entirely personal thoughts:.

The graininess is much less in low light, but I could see a yellowish tint. This is not apparent during the day or in natural light.

It looks as though a sharpening filter has been applied, making environments and contours appear (artificially) sharper.

Physical surface textures are more pronounced, and text (such as in books and magazines) is simpler to read.

It’s also much easier to read and less prone to overexposure on my smartphone’s display, which includes text.

The passthrough doesn’t appear to have darkened much, but the image does seem a little duller.

In summary, the new passthrough in System Update 64 is refined to a subtlety that enhances immersive mixed reality games as well as the useful application of passthrough in daily life.

This is a software update, so don’t expect any miraculous technical advancements or night and day changes. That was not, however, a pledge made by Meta, whose CTO stated in October that we should anticipate a “modest” improvement. My observations concur with that evaluation.

Although they are still noticeable, Meta has not fixed the distortions and wobbling, which are especially noticeable when looking at close objects. There might be some advancements in this field in a subsequent update.

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