Following backlash against social media posts, Amy Schumer clarified her stance on Israel

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Amy Schumer has clarified her stance on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war after receiving backlash for her social media posts about the conflict.
Speaking to Variety in a new interview, Schumer made it clear that while she supports the Jewish people, she does not agree with Israel’s controversial Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
“I don’t agree with anything that Netanyau is doing, and neither do the Israelis I know,” she said.
And, I don’t think it’s OK to hate anyone because they were born Jewish.
“Amy: Certainly, my father was against antisemitism, as am I,” King, who is the CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr Center for Nonviolent Social Change, said in her response.
Days later, Schumer said she was “accepting love and feedback” on Instagram by turning on her comments, which had up until then been disabled.
Schumer has continued to share content that many social media users called out as propaganda, and for perpetuating harmful stereotypes.
In a since-deleted post, Schumer shared a comic on Instagram, which intended to satirise comments made by American Pro-Palestine supporters.


In response to criticism regarding her social media posts regarding the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Amy Schumer has reaffirmed her position on the matter.

The 42-year-old comedian and actor has supported Israel’s operation and called for the release of hostages held in Gaza since Hamas launched its surprise attack on Israel on October 7th, using her large Instagram following.

She also signs an open letter from the Creative Community For Peace in support of Israel, along with over 700 other celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Gal Gadot, and Jerry Seinfeld.

In a recent interview, Schumer made it plain that, despite her support for Jews, she disagrees with Israel’s divisive Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking to Variety.

She remarked, “Neither do the Israelis I know, nor do I, agree with anything that Netanyau is doing.”. “What is happening in Gaza is obviously abhorrent, horrifying, and unimaginable. Furthermore, I don’t believe it’s acceptable to despise someone for being born Jewish.

Schumer went on, “We’ve reached a point where it’s impossible to speak out for other Jews without someone thinking it’s a slight to the situation in Gaza. “.

A month after the war started, in November of last year, Schumer shared a video of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. urging people to “take a stand against antisemitism because it’s wrong, it’s unjust, and it’s evil”.

Following the video, Dr. Bernice King—daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.—reacted, claiming that Schumer’s clip overlooked her father’s background in opposing racism and promoting peace.

Amy King, CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr Center for Nonviolent Social Change, responded, “Certainly, my father was against antisemitism, as am I.”.

As part of the interconnected Triple Evils, he also considered militarism, racism, and poverty. Dr. King tweeted, “I’m sure he would demand that Israel stop bombing Palestinians, that hostages be freed, and that we work for true peace, which includes justice.”.

A few days later, Schumer announced on Instagram that she was “accepting love and feedback” by enabling her comments, which had been disabled up until that point.

Schumer has persisted in disseminating information that numerous social media users have criticized as propagandistic and for feeding negative stereotypes.

Schumer shared a comic on Instagram that was later removed with the intention of mocking remarks made by American pro-Palestine supporters. One of the signs in the comic said, “Gazans rape Jewish girls only in self defense.”. Another person remarked, “Proud of our rapist martyrs.”.

Actor Asia Jackson responded to the post on X, writing, “It’s so crazy to me how Bella and Gigi [Hadid] had to tiptoe around their statements and then Amy Schumer is like ‘Gazans are rapists’ and will still have a career.”.

“Did something I post about my people being massacred upset you?” Schumer subsequently sent Jackson an Instagram message.

Screenshots that Jackson, an African-American and Indigenous Filipino, shared on X show that she responded, saying, “The Islamophobia and generalization of Gazan people did.”.

Schumer included a statement from British historian Simon Sebag Montefiore in her most recent post on the war, which was published on March 10. It said: “Recent months have been marked by so much tragic killing and suffering of civilians, Palestinians & Israeli and the suffering of both populations must be told, all crimes exposed.”.

It went on, “It is worthwhile to read up on the Middle East.”. “At the moment, the most important things to do are to bring plenty of aid to the Gaza population, free the Israeli hostages, negotiate a ceasefire between the two sides, eliminate Hamas from the picture, put an end to the war, and begin the process of laying out the details for the road to Two Nations, Two Republics, a safe Israel next to a safe Palestine. “.

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