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The rumor tornado that has circled the upcoming OLED iPad Pro has finally started to wane, leaving us with a whole field scattered with little nuggets of information relating to its size, color options, and a few juicy details surrounding the new look on its OLED screen.
The new school iPad Pro and iPad Air are supposed to drop early this year, potentially as soon as March, so we only have a few weeks to get excited about Apple’s first real push into OLED outside its phones.
The iPad Air with M1 Is the Tablet to Buy CC Share Subtitles OffEnglish view video The iPad Air with M1 Is the Tablet to BuyApple didn’t release any 11th-gen iPads last year, which is something to note, considering the Cupertino, California company has released one yearly for over a decade.
The rumors make it clear that Apple thinks this latest refresh is a big one, and it could possibly reinvent the somewhat confusing SKU bloat that’s hindered the tech giant’s tablet line for years.
AdvertisementWhen Could Apple Release the OLED iPad Pro?
Most rumors suggest that March is Apple’s big month for the first half of 2024.
The company just released its new M3 MacBook Airs with a 13- or 15-inch screen, which either means Apple might delay the iPad release to spare fans’ wallets, or it could keep the proverbial Eye of Sauron that is the tech media space pointed at it, and it alone.
AdvertisementIn January, Bloomberg’s Apple guru Mark Gurman reported that Apple has wide-ranging designs that make March a big release month.
He doubled down on the company’s plans to release the new M3 and OLED iPads this month, further saying Apple will likely have some OLED iPad debut toward the end of March.
This would mean a full release sometime at the end of March or early April.
Moreover, there’ve been hints at additional iPad accessories that could also find their way onto the scene, along with the new Airs and Pros.
People digging into the code for iOS 17.4 found mentions of an Apple Pencil 3 that connects with Apple’s Find My app.
With a surprise release last year, the previous Apple Pencil featured a slide-out USB-C slot.
That pencil version also lacked pressure sensitivity, so a new version with more sensitivity options could fit well with the new “Pro” lineup.
MacRumors claimed based on a source that works with Apple parts that the next iPad could support MagSafe wireless charging.
There hasn’t been word that the Cupertino company would make an all-new MagSafe peripheral for iPads, but we can’t help but imagine a charging unit that could double as a hands-free stand.
Bloomberg had previously hinted at Apple trying to create a glass-backed iPad that would work with MagSafe.
The new iPad could also introduce an all-new keyboard.
Gurman previously mentioned that Apple is trying to redesign the Magic Keyboard to work with the iPad.
Rumors suggest the new keyboard will have a larger trackpad.
Most importantly, Apple could switch to aluminum for the top portion of its keyboard, which would give it much more of a MacBook feel than ever before.
The cover material would remain the same, but it would make the whole keyboard a lot sturdier for those who want to use their iPad as their main daily driver.
AdvertisementWhat Do We Know About the iPad Pro’s OLED?
AdvertisementBased on routine hints by industry analysts, it’s become well-known that Apple wants to make an 11.1-inch and a 13-inch iPad Pro with OLED.
That’s compared to the most recent 12.9-inch mini-LED version (called Liquid Retina XDR) and 11-inch IPS LCD version that currently occupy the top end of Apple’s tablet line.
Those rumors have been reconfirmed by the most recent word fromThe new generation of iPads will be sized slightly differently from previous models.
9to5Mac reported, based on anonymous sources, that the new iPad Pros will be close to 1 mm less thick than the current 10th-gen.
The existing 11-inch iPad Pro is 5.9 mm thick, but the new one could be 5.1 mm.
The 12.9-inch version currency sits at 6.4 mm, but the new one could be a bare 5.0 mm.
AdvertisementTo complement the new sizes, rumors also suggest we’ll see an updated MacBook Air that stretches the screen to 12.9 inches.
How Powerful Will the OLED iPad Pro Be?
We’ve known for a long while now that Apple wants to use its new M3 chip inside the iPad Pro.
This was before we even had a chance to look at and analyze the power and capabilities of Apple’s latest M-series silicon, but since then, we’ve had the full chance to test out the capabilities of the 3nm M3 and its more powerful brethren, the M3 Pro and M3 Max.
AdvertisementMost configurations of the M3 for both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro come with 8 CPU cores and either 8 or 10 GPU cores.
These configurations either come with 8, 16, or 32 GB of RAM, though considering the iPad Pro goes to a maximum of 16 GB of integrated memory, you can expect the OLED version to be the same.
We’ve found the M3 chip to be pretty versatile at both productivity and graphical tasks.
It’s marginally

Its size, color options, and some juicy details about the new design of its OLED screen are all scattered across a field as the rumor tornado that has surrounded the upcoming OLED iPad Pro finally begins to fade. There are just a few weeks left to be excited about Apple’s first serious foray into OLED outside of phones with the release of the new school iPad Pro and iPad Air, which could happen as early as March this year.

The tablet to purchase CC Share subtitles off of is the iPad Air with M1.

The iPad Air with M1 is the tablet to buy, according to the English view video.

Given that the Cupertino, California-based company has been releasing iPads every year for more than a decade, it is noteworthy that Apple did not release any 11th-generation iPads last year. The reports indicate that Apple believes this most recent update is significant, and it may even reimagine the somewhat perplexing SKU bloat that has long hampered the company’s tablet lineup.


When Might the OLED iPad Pro Be Released by Apple?

According to the majority of rumors, Apple’s big month for the first half of 2024 will be in March. Since the company recently unveiled its new M3 MacBook Airs with a 13- or 15-inch screen, there’s a chance that Apple will either keep the tech media community’s collective eye of Sauron focused solely on it or postpone the release of the iPad to spare fans’ wallets.


March is a significant release month for Apple because of the company’s diverse designs, according to a January report by Bloomberg’s Apple expert Mark Gurman. He reaffirmed that the company will launch the new M3 and OLED iPads this month and added that Apple will probably make some OLED iPad debuts by the end of March. This would indicate a full release for the end of March or the beginning of April.

In addition, there have been suggestions made about potential new iPad accessories in addition to the Airs and Pros. Those who dissected the iOS 17.4 code discovered references to an Apple Pencil 3 that is compatible with Apple’s Find My app. The previous Apple Pencil was released last year with a slide-out USB-C slot, much to everyone’s surprise. A new version with more sensitivity options could work well with the new “Pro” lineup, as that pencil version did not have pressure sensitivity either.


But there’s still more. The next iPad may support MagSafe wireless charging, according to a MacRumors source who works with Apple parts. Although the Cupertino company hasn’t confirmed rumors of a brand-new MagSafe iPad add-on, we can’t help but picture a charging device that could also function as a hands-free stand. Bloomberg had earlier suggested that Apple might be working on developing an iPad with a glass back that would be compatible with MagSafe.

A brand-new keyboard might also be included with the new iPad. Previous reports from Gurman indicated that Apple is attempting to redesign the Magic Keyboard to make it compatible with the iPad. There are rumors that the new keyboard will sport a bigger trackpad. The most significant change would be if Apple decided to replace the plastic top of the keyboard with aluminum, which would greatly enhance the MacBook feel of the device. The cover material would not change, but for users who wish to use their iPad as their primary daily driver, it would make the entire keyboard much more sturdy.


What Is Known About the OLED on the iPad Pro?


It’s common knowledge that Apple intends to produce an OLED-equipped 12.1-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro, based on consistent clues from industry analysts. The Liquid Retina XDR, a 12-inch mini-LED tablet, and the 11-inch IPS LCD tablet, which are presently at the top of Apple’s tablet lineup, are contrasted with this. The most recent information from has confirmed those rumors once again.

The dimensions of the upcoming iPad generation will differ slightly from those of the older models. According to 9to5Mac, which cited unnamed sources, the upcoming iPad Pros will be nearly one millimeter thinner than the existing 10th generation model. The new 11-inch iPad Pro may have a thickness of 5 points1 mm instead of the current 11 points9 mm. The currency in the 12 point 9-inch version is 6 point 4 mm, but the new one might only be 5 point 0 mm.


Rumor has it that an upgraded MacBook Air with a 12-point 9-inch screen will be released to go along with the new sizes.

What Will Be the OLED iPad Pro’s Power Capacity?

Apple’s intention to use its new M3 chip inside the iPad Pro has long been known. This was before we even got a chance to examine and assess the capabilities and power of Apple’s most recent M-series silicon. However, in the intervening time, we’ve had a chance to fully test the capabilities of the 3nm M3 and its more potent siblings, the M3 Pro and M3 Max.

Promoting something.

Eight CPU cores and either eight or ten GPU cores are included in the majority of M3 configurations for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Either 8, 16, or 32 GB of RAM are available in these configurations; however, since the iPad Pro only has 16 GB of integrated memory, the OLED model is likely to have the same amount.

We’ve discovered that the M3 chip is quite flexible when it comes to productivity and graphics tasks. Even if you ignore the new striking display, people accustomed to the M1 or M2 versions will undoubtedly benefit from the upgrade as it performs marginally better than the M2 chip across all benchmarks.


How Much Will the iPad Pro with OLED Cost?


OLED typically costs more than LCD due to a combination of factors including materials costs and a shortage of factories and manufacturers to produce the individual parts. Samsung is manufacturing the initial batch of 11-inch OLED iPads, but LG is also developing 13-inch models, according to industry sources cited by Korean tech rumor site The Elec (via MacRumors).

Industry analysts anticipate Apple to ship eight million units this year, according to The Elec. That’s less than what the industry anticipated the company would ship in the previous year, though that might be more of a reflection of anticipated demand. Just a year after it began shipping the M2 model, Apple released the M3 MacBook Pros due to a few problems with lower MacBook sales last year. The M3 chip, the company’s most potent APU to date, did benefit from this in terms of increasing buzz.


Nevertheless, a price increase for the iPad Pro would only make sense. Although it would be impossible to estimate the exact cost without additional information, the 13-inch iPad Pro is presently available for $1,099, with the option to upgrade to $2,000 for cellular connectivity and greater storage. Our best estimate would be that the new iPad Pro would cost at least $100 more than the model that is now available. As previously reported by The Elec, the next iPad model may cost several hundred dollars more. The price jump seems unfeasible, with the 11-inch model expected to cost $1,500, and the 18-inch model to cost $1,800.

Furthermore, adding a new aluminum material is likely to raise the Magic Keyboard’s starting price, which is currently $300. The upcoming iPad Pro will be a far more upscale device, which will also elevate the Air to a more general consumer product category.

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