Everything new is coming to Messages


Apple has some major feature upgrades coming to the Messages app in iOS 18.
Here’s everything coming to Messages in iOS 18.
Emoji tapbacks and new tapback designs Tapbacks have gone unchanged on the iPhone for years, but in iOS 18 they’re finally getting some big improvements.
In iOS 18, that will finally be possible.
Essentially, by adding RCS support in iOS 18, Apple will make your conversations with Android users more reliable than before.
Messages via Satellite: Messages in iOS 18 also includes support for a new Messages via Satellite feature that’s designed to help you out in situations where you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
Wrap-up Messages in iOS 18 provides a variety of new tools and features that are bound to get a lot of use.
What are your favorite features in iOS 18’s Messages app?


With iOS 18, Apple is bringing some significant feature enhancements to the Messages app.

Messages is getting significant improvements to tapbacks, a new scheduled send feature, the ability to format text with bold and italics, new effects, RCS support, and more, as was revealed earlier today during the WWDC keynote.

This is what will be included in iOS 18’s Messages.

Tapback designs that incorporate emojis have been updated.

After years of being largely unaltered, iOS 18 finally brings some significant improvements to the iPhone’s tapback feature set.

As a message tapback, you will first be able to send any emoji. The days of having only a few tapback reactions available to you are long gone. You can now use the eyes-looking emoji, the barf emoji, or any other appropriate emoji to send a tapback. You can also use stickers as tapbacks if emojis aren’t enough for you.

Swiping left on the first set of tapback options to reveal your most used emoji and stickers will allow you to remove the default options and access your most popular emoji and stickers.

In relation to those default settings, iOS 18 is updating them. The traditional heart, thumbs up, and other symbols are being infused with vibrant colors and fresh patterns to better blend in with the larger selection of new tapback choices.

Save messages for a later time.

Everybody has experienced a situation where they wished to communicate something later. That will be feasible in iOS 18 at last. You can now schedule it yourself, eliminating the need to ask Siri to remind you to send anything later.

If you want to send a message later, you can select a future day and time for it to be sent automatically after you prepare it in iOS or iPadOS 18. You can access the option by choosing the new Send Later option by tapping the + button on the left side of the screen.

formatting of text and special effects.

While it never supported rich text formatting options like bold and italics, Messages was the last major Apple app to support text input. This is different in iOS 18, where you can apply the four standard formatting styles by customizing the formatting of individual words in your message.


In bold.



Eight stylish special effects that can also be applied per-character join these options:.




I nod.


Give way.



Although I’m not exactly sure when some of these effects will be needed, they’re still good choices to have.

RC Support.

Although Apple had previously stated that it would support RCS in 2024, it was wonderful to see that statement confirmed today.

SMS and MMS have been replaced by a more recent, more powerful text message protocol called RCS. In essence, Apple will improve the dependability of your conversations with Android users by incorporating RCS support into iOS 18.

When exchanging messages via iMessage, nothing will change. Your discussions in the blue bubble remain unchanged. Nonetheless, RCS ought to improve everyone’s experience in scenarios like when you’re in a group chat with a friend who lives in a green bubble.

All other things.

Genmoji: Although it’s not limited to Messages, you’ll probably use Genmoji the most in discussions with friends and family. For emoji communications in the future, the possibilities are endless with these AI-generated emoji.

Image Playground: In a similar vein, when the Messages app launches later this year along with other Apple Intelligence features, having the new Image Playground tools integrated for creating AI images in a range of styles would be a helpful addition.

Messages via Satellite: Messages in iOS 18 now supports a brand-new feature called Messages via Satellite, which is intended to assist you in scenarios in which you are unable to access cellular or Wi-Fi networks.


The array of new tools and features that iOS 18’s Messages app offers are sure to be well-utilized. Apple has made improvements to the app, though the essential functionality will not change. I believe these will be very helpful.

Leave a comment below with your top features in the Messages app on iOS 18.

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