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The total solar eclipse that delighted spectators across Mexico, the United States and Canada on Monday was a celestial experience not to be missed.
Millions were in the path of totality to watch as the moon moved between Earth and the sun.
“After 20 years (of) not seeing an eclipse we got to experience it again,” he said via email.
Goldstein and Ilan Kagedan hatched the idea for the science project, as they had done it before.
Together with Brady Sonshine and Michael “Misha” Vishnever, the boys have a space group called Star Galactic, and they designed an experiment they called Project Eclipse.
After launching the balloon, the quartet traveled to Burlington, Ontario, to be in the path of totality, where Goldstein snapped images of the eclipse with a Lumix FZ80 camera.
“Ever since I was 1 years old I was very interested in space and space events.
“Project eclipse has been an enjoyable and memorable experience where we all worked together and accomplished something that I never dreamed of,” Vishnever said.


It was a celestial experience not to be missed: on Monday, a total solar eclipse thrilled viewers throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Millions of people watched as the moon passed between Earth and the sun while it was in totality. Readers submitted pictures of the unsettling sight and narratives that encapsulated the thrill of the once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Daniel McCartney, for example, posted a picture of the eclipse over Big Moose Lake in the upstate Adirondack Mountains of New York.

McCartney, a Syracuse, New York resident, described the event as “such an incredible experience.”.

Mariel Williams went to her family’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio, “to see the whole show,” and she took a series of pictures of the eclipse. “.

The now-Royal Oak, Michigan resident Williams said, “I probably would have been too amazed to move if it weren’t for my parents bugging me to take these photos.”.

From their Tucson, Arizona home, Juan M. Soto Peña, along with his wife Fabiola and daughter Luciana, witnessed the eclipse. In December 2000, he and his spouse witnessed a partial solar eclipse in the Mexican state of Sonora; however, this Monday’s event marked their first opportunity to share the celestial event with their daughter.

“We got to experience an eclipse again after 20 years (of) not seeing one,” he wrote in an email. “And a novice was ecstatic to witness the Sun and Moon together. Fantastic experience.

youthful scientists in citizenry.

And twelve-year-old Michael Goldstein and his pals in Toronto devised the ideal scheme to observe the eclipse while simultaneously launching a weather balloon thirty-four hundred feet (100,480 meters) into the sky.

The science project’s concept was conceived by Goldstein and Ilan Kagedan, as they had previously. The boys, along with Brady Sonshine and Michael “Misha” Vishnever, are members of Star Galactic, a space group that created Project Eclipse.

Using a Lumix FZ80 camera, Goldstein captured pictures of the eclipse while the group of four traveled to Burlington, Ontario, to be in the path of totality, following the balloon launch.

Through email, Kagedan said, “The eclipse was amazing.”. Space travel and space-related events have piqued my curiosity since I was a young child. One of my favorite natural phenomena is the solar eclipse. I was thrilled to see one on my birthday in 2017 and to see it again on April 8. “.

From Concord in the city of Vaughan, Ontario, which is located just north of Toronto, the team released the weather balloon, which contained a payload that included two cameras and two trackers. According to Goldstein, the balloon covered 552 miles (888 kilometers) before coming to rest in North Conway, New Hampshire’s Green Hills Preserve.

When Cynthia Gilmore of Center Conway, New Hampshire, and her son Joshua got involved, they were able to assist Vishnever’s parents in finding the balloon after they had contacted businesses in the area.

According to Goldstein, he hopes to ascertain the maximum altitude the balloon could reach and evaluate how the space group can enhance upcoming launches when he receives the payload back from the Gilmores, he told CNN.

“Working together to achieve something I never would have imagined, Project Eclipse has been a fun and unforgettable experience,” Vishnever remarked.

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