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Operation: Banished Honor is live!
SANDBOX OVERVIEW: Get the full debrief on the latest sandbox balance changes and mode updates coming in Operation: Banished Honor.
In Operation: Banished Honor, liberate yourself through the teachings of Atriox and claim your spoils.
Operation: Banished Honor runs from April 30 to June 4 and features a free Operation Pass containing 20 tiers of customization rewards and Spartan Points.
*NOTE: The Banished Honor trailer and promotional images depict the Datacore Administrator visor as a reward in this Operation Pass.
The Datacore Administrator visor is part of the Facing Firewall bundle while the free Banished Honor Operation Pass includes the Essence Decompilation visor.
The fun will arrive during Operation: Banished Honor so get those reflexes primed and ready to jump into the fray!


The launch of Operation: Banished Honor has begun!

Latest content update for Halo Infinite includes new features, additional Forge palettes, sandbox tuning adjustments, new customization rewards in a free Operation Pass, and more.

Let’s go through every detail of the newly added content with you.




The swap.




The Waypoint Chronology.




Press Kit.


Overview of the latest update: Watch our most recent community livestream to get a sneak peek at what to expect when Operation: Banished Honor launches.

THE EXCHANGE: Explore the newly opened store, where previously purchased customized items are back and can be bought with Spartan Points at no cost.

SANDBOX OVERVIEW: Learn all about the most recent adjustments to the sandbox’s balance and the mode updates that will be included in Operation: Banished Honor.

FORGE OVERVIEW: Check out the new object palettes with an alien world and flood themes that are coming to Forge, along with other updates.

Personalization: Admire the armor with a Banished theme that comes with a complimentary new Operation Pass and additional customization updates.


Come along with the Exiled. Take advantage of Atriox’s lessons to free yourself in Operation: Banished Honor, then collect your rewards.

Between April 30 and June 4, Operation: Banished Honor is available for free, offering 20 tiers of customizing rewards as well as Spartan Points.

Gain new armor, a new visor and emblem, and Spartan Points that can be exchanged for other items in the Exchange as you advance your Operation Pass through Match XP and Challenge completions.

Here are some additional premium options for the Operation Pass:.

In addition to offering bonus experience points during the Operation’s live window, an extra Challenge slot while your pass is equipped, and an exclusive customization item, 500 credits will make the Operation Pass durable (it won’t expire).

At the time of purchase, 2,000 credits are required to unlock all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass, along with the bonus customization item.

To get the Fuego Flame armor coating and instill fear in the hearts of those who would oppose you, upgrade to the Premium Pass.

***NOTE: The Datacore Administrator visor is shown as a reward in this Operation Pass in the Banished Honor trailer and promotional photos. Included in the Facing Firewall bundle is the Datacore Administrator visor, while the Essence Decompilation visor is only available as part of the free Banished Honor Operation Pass.


Enter The Exchange if you missed out on earlier customization rewards.

Players can now access free content from the past that they might have missed out on, along with some brand-new items, at The Exchange, a brand-new store that rotates every operation. This includes past Twitch drops, exclusive limited-time login bonuses, partner promotional items, and rewards that were previously connected to Halo Infinite’s free Event tracks.

Spartan Points, a free currency that can be obtained in three main ways, are used to purchase goods.

Upon finishing your first Daily Challenge, you will receive 250 SP instead of XP.

In lieu of a miscellaneous reward, completing the weekly Ultimate Reward will yield 1,000 SP. item for customization).

Up to 15,000 SP (replacing various rewards) will be available on Operations Reward tracks. additional rewards).

Things won’t be “going away,” eliminating the opportunity to obtain them, when The Exchange refreshes; instead, they’ll still be available to buy with Spartan Points via the customization menus (just like bundles do after they rotate out of the Shop).

Please let us know what you think after you’ve had a chance to test out the Exchange; we’ll be closely monitoring community feedback and in-game metrics!

Visit our Exchange Overview blog for a more thorough explanation.


You can play with some new toys in Forge with this Halo Infinite update.

FLOOD is the new Forge Palett.

Forge is now home to the parasite.

With over 100 new objects, the Flood palette will help Forgers turn their maps into festering hives. This will allow players to recreate historical locations (for example, a Flood-infested High Charity) or entirely new places that have been turned into twisted wasteland.

ALIEN WORLD is the subject of the latest Forge Pack.

The galaxy is a huge place full of magnificent and amazing alien worlds.

With the Alien World object palette, which includes more than 150 new objects, players can add alien-themed plants, trees, flowers, and even old stone structures to their maps’ environments to increase their visual diversity.


Forge has also received some other updates to improve object options and scripting in addition to these new palettes.

See our Forge blog for a detailed look at these extra components.

Updates for the Sandbox.

Based on player activity and community feedback, Halo Infinite’s sandbox is undergoing some tuning adjustments.


The king is back! Based on your feedback, we are providing you with the ability to temporarily EMP (yes, you read that correctly) vehicles using the overcharged bolt of the Plasma Pistol.

EMP functionality on cars has been restored.


We wanted to respond to player feedback regarding the time-to-kill when facing a Sidekick, even though we understand that the weapon’s rapid-fire functionality is fundamental to its identity and feels fantastic.

Rounds per second dropped from 6 points to 5 points.


The community’s feedback has consistently expressed that they felt that the sniper took a little too long to ready up after being picked up. We aimed to address this by reducing the sniper’s ready-up time, which should make it feel snappier. We’re hoping that this will make it possible to watch even more exciting sniper highlights.

Scale 1 >> 1.2 (quicker ready-up time) for the ready first playback speed.


Although the Cindershot is a fun and effective weapon, we admit that it can be annoying to have the explosion’s impulse take you in a different direction. We removed the gravitational effect that would pull players in all directions and marginally lowered the rate of fire in order to allay that annoyance and respond to player feedback. By doing this, we hope to preserve the power weaponry of the Cindershot while simultaneously making the combat experience better on all fronts.

Take out the inverted impulse effect.

From 1 point 33 to 1 point 1, the rounds per second decreased.


We wanted to address this in the smallest possible way because we thought the range at which the Gravity Hammer can completely destroy an enemy was too great.

reduced elimination range by a small amount.

radius low: 1point 25 >> 1point 75.

2 >> 2 points on the radius high.


We thought that altering the detonation behavior of spike grenades might make them more viable because they have been performing poorly in the main gameplay loop. Our first action was to stop the Spike Grenade from detonating in midair so that it would reach its target. In addition, the Spike Grenade will explode faster than other grenades in the sandbox once it reaches its target.

The explosion timer now begins when at rest rather than instantly.

Timer dropped 1 point 8 >> 1 point 2 seconds (low and high).


The Big Team Battle playlist was updated in February with some incredible new community maps. Many people requested that those maps be added to other BTB offerings following that update, and we’re happy to confirm that when you see BTB Heavies again later this operation, the map pool will have grown as we add all the BTB refresh maps! You’ll be able to experience:.



Notice of death.


Head of thunder.

Heavy weapon spawns and more vehicle destruction mean chaos is to be expected.

Heavies also features the much-loved One Flag CTF mode, where you can play tug of war and attempt to capture the flag.

Get your reflexes primed and ready to throw yourself into the fight because Operation: Banished Honor is going to be fun!

The third life in the Waypoint Chronicle.

Though that is only the official narrative, Spartans are frequently regarded as uncorruptible symbols of virtue. A few individuals are recognized as instances of ex-Spartans who have turned anti-Spartan and committed themselves to various causes; one such ex-Spartan has embarked on an entirely different route.

Our next Waypoint Chronicle, which takes place right after the audio drama Hunt the Truth, will be released next week and can be found on Halo Waypoint, as well as free downloads in PDF and audiobook formats on YouTube.


We have a lot more planned, including the much awaited Match Composer functionality and more operations. This update is just the start.

TENRAI IV is in operation.

JULY 2–4; JUNE 4.

With a new Operation Pass featuring customization rewards, a Tenrai-themed Exchange redesign, and new Shop bundles, Tenrai is coming back.

SPARTAN SURPLUS is in operation.

JULY 2–30.

Alongside a new armor piece with a Mark IV theme comes an Exchange update featuring vintage tactical gear and more!


The new Match Composer feature in Halo Infinite allows you to play whatever you want, whenever you want! Start matchmaking and select your favorite modes to personalize your online experience.


The Path to Dominance bundle can be found in the Shop and includes the following:.

Hat for a tormentor.

The torturer’s knee pads.

Mantle shoulders of a torturer.

Chest attachment for Victory Crest.

Wrist attachment, Crimson Compliment.

Fearless Glyph’s armour layer.

Agitator helmet.

Protected against shock.

Pauldron shoulders are divided.

Chest attachment for the Agitator Heartplate.

Hip gear from Agitator Belt.

The wrist attachment for the Sharp Bracer.

kneepads for kneecappers.

Carrion River armour layer.

Cutthroat, ruthless M293 Bandit weapon model.

Weapon coating for cruel treatment.

The mythic effects set for Paths to Dominance.

Keep an eye out for the Renegade bundle, which will be released later this operation, if you’re searching for even more Banished goodness.


The team has been working on numerous updates and fixes to enhance the Halo Infinite experience, and these are included in today’s update. See the complete list of patch notes by visiting the Halo Support website.

Report a bug, glitch, or other unforeseen problem by creating a ticket on the Halo Support website and informing the team of the problem.

Good hunting, and may the glory of the Banished repay you with sport and plunder.


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