A seller on Amazon changes her face in a video

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Imagine seeing a video of yourself in your own home featured on an Amazon listing — and it’s altered so that your face looks like someone else’s.
“I would almost say there [have] been hundreds of dupe listings of my products on Amazon,” she told Fox News Digital.
On April 12, a follower messaged her, flagging one such dupe listing on Amazon, and Ho’s team immediately began looking into it.
The Amazon listing, which has since been removed, offered a knock-off version of Ho’s Pirouette Skort for a cheaper price than what the real Popflex skort sells for.
The counterfeit Amazon listing, however, featured Ho’s own photos and video of her product.
So, they took out my face and put on a different face,” Ho said of the video featured on the Amazon knock-off listing.
– Cassey Ho Ho said sellers are also “Photoshopping” models in her photos and slightly altering the way they look to avoid detection.
– Cassey Ho Amazon said it offers affordable alternatives to high-end products but does not violate a particular brand’s intellectual property, which is what happened in Ho’s recent experience.


Imagine finding an Amazon listing with a video of you in your own house that has been edited to make your face appear different from someone else’s.

Cassey Ho, the founder and CEO of the fitness brand Blogilates and the workout apparel company Popflex, experienced that. Ho has 325 million TikTok followers and 228 million Instagram followers. Taylor Swift recently made an appearance while sporting Ho’s exclusive Popflex Pirouette Skort.

“I think there are almost hundreds of fraudulent listings for my products on Amazon,” she stated in an interview with Fox News Digital.

Ho’s team started investigating a dubious listing on Amazon as soon as a follower messaged her on April 12.


“After that, I clicked on it and started scrolling through the pilfered model images when I noticed a preview of my video. I found it extremely offensive when I realized my body had a different face. It was just so terribly wrong. Everything felt so ‘Black Mirror’. “”.

The Amazon listing, which has since been taken down, offered a cheaper imitation of Ho’s Pirouette Skort than the actual Popflex skort. However, Ho’s own images and a video of her product were included in the fake Amazon listing. It is most likely artificial intelligence, or AI, that modified the images and video.

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An Amazon representative told Fox News Digital, “Amazon strictly prohibits counterfeit and IP-infringing products in our store.”. “Our sophisticated technology continuously scans for potential counterfeit, fraud, and abuse, including future changes submitted for the product, from the moment a seller lists a product for sale. We also have proactive measures in place to prevent counterfeit or infringing products from being listed. As soon as we notice a problem, we take swift action to safeguard consumers and brands. When necessary, we block accounts and remove listings. “.

Firstly, what is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Ho surmises this was done by Begoing, the phony seller, to evade being discovered on Amazon.

“They essentially reverse-deepfaked me. According to Ho, the video on the Amazon knockoff listing was altered to remove his face. And I think these listing people do that in order to make copyright infringement more difficult for an AI robot to find because, while those two videos appear to be different to the human eye, a robot’s eyes will only distinguish differences if the face is different. Thus, the reason behind their actions is that. “.

“I was deepfaked in reverse. ****.

– Ho Casse.

According to Ho, vendors are also “Photoshopping” models in her images, subtly modifying their appearance to elude detection. Every time she wants a fake item taken down from Amazon, she has to fill out a form and wait for a response from the internet behemoth. This is a tedious process because only a small team is able to take down one or more fake listings every day.

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“A couple of new ones appear every day. Now that we’ve all found hundreds [of dupes], we don’t even bother looking for it. And I’m not just referring to Amazon here. The internet is awash with it. It’s present everywhere. Amazon is, at least, an American online retailer. Even so, there is some governance there, which places more of the burden of work on the victim of the infringement crime to get it taken down than it does on these dupers who just took my photo and posted it online. “.

“The victim is made to shoulder all the burden. ****.

– Hayley Ho.

As Ho’s recent experience demonstrated, Amazon claims to provide reasonably priced substitutes for luxury goods without infringing upon the intellectual property of specific brands. The tech giant claims that billions of attempted edits to product detail pages are scanned daily by its automated technology for indications of potential abuse, including keywords, text, and logos that are the same as or similar to copyrighted content or registered trademarks.

According to the business, Amazon also offers a “brand registry” service that helps brand owners better manage and grow their brand on the platform while safeguarding their intellectual property.

It is “taking up a lot of mental and emotional energy” to locate counterfeit versions of her Popflex products. Moreover, a less expensive, knockoff of the Pirouette Skourt was just listed by Shein, a Chinese fast-fashion brand that Business Insider estimates is worth an estimated $100 billion.

Ho claims that the con artists have made shopping “confusing” for her product-loving customers, which has increased the chaos. While the majority of her followers are helpful in identifying and reporting fraudulent listings, some openly admit in the comments section that they cannot afford her products and would prefer to purchase the knockoffs because they feel entitled to cheaper versions of her designs.

The CEO of Amazon talks about AI in a letter to shareholders.

Compared to other well-known exercise brands, the Pirouette Skort is reasonably priced at $60 on Popflex’s website. A pleated workout skort like this one costs $88 at LuluLemon. A simpler exercise skort costs roughly $50 at Athleta.

“It’s simply a really strange way of thinking that demonstrates how disrespectful people are to artists and creators because, at the end of the day, who are you really duping from if there aren’t any artists and original creators? You wouldn’t even have the skirt that you feel like you should buy,” Ho said.

Ho focuses a lot of her social media posts on how she brings her designs to life from start to finish. She respects customer feedback and demonstrates to her followers how a pencil sketch can become a finished product. Ho frequently releases an updated version of her product that satisfies the needs of her customers, such as adding pockets or changing the waist size, if she introduces a new Popflex product and receives feedback from her followers.

According to Ho, Amazon needs to make some changes to its policies to make it more difficult for sellers to list replica goods and easier for independent designers to stop the sale of fake goods. She claimed that she has made unsuccessful attempts to contact the tech giant’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit.

“I feel like there’s no hope left,” Ho admitted.

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