A huge patch adds a raid boss


So let’s go through it Raid Boss – Bellanoir Bellanoir was teased earlier, and now she’s here.
This is not a wild Pal, but one that is summoned using “slabs” at the new Summoning Altar.
She cannot be captured, similar to the Tower battles from the base game, but she will drop Pal Eggs when killed (unclear if she might be in one of the Pal Eggs).
There is also an “extreme” version of Bellanoir that will be very hard, and may be best taken on in groups.
New Items and Buildings Training Manuals – Give experience points to Pals.
Recovery Meds – Allow you to slowly recover HP over time Homeworld Thundercloud – Instantly warp you to your nearest base.
Power Fruit/Life Fruit/Stout Fruit – Boost Pal’s stats when used Ring of Mercy – You cannot reduce Pals below 1 HP when attacking, perfect for catching.
You can pick/disallow certain jobs for base Pals at the Monitoring Stand Crafted items can be transported to Pals from chests.


Since Palworld’s launch, there has likely never been a patch with more content than this one. Together with a ton of new items added to player collections and a massive new Pal to battle, it also brings new tools and ways for the game to advance. Let’s examine it now.

Bellanoir, the Raid Boss.

After earlier taunting, Bellanoir is now present. This pal is called forth at the new Summoning Altar with “slabs,” not a wild one. As with the Tower fights in the base game, she cannot be captured, but when killed, she will drop Pal Eggs (though it’s unclear if she could be in one of the Pal Eggs). There is also a very difficult “extreme” version of Bellanoir that is probably best done in groups.

Novelty Items and Structures.

Training Manuals: Assign buddies experience points.

Ancient Technology Manuals: These can be found in dungeon chests and grant you access to ancient technology points.

With recovery medications, your HP can gradually return over time.

Warp yourself in an instant to the closest base with Homeworld Thundercloud.

Ability Glasses: These allow you to view Pal’s stats prior to engaging in combat or catching them.

When used, Power Fruit, Life Fruit, and Stout Fruit can increase Pal’s stats.

Ring of Mercy: Ideal for catching, this ability prevents allies from losing less than 1 HP while attacking. The same thing is accomplished by a brand-new Pal Passive called Mercy Hit, but for Pals.

Using a single slot, the Multiclimate Undershirt protects you from the heat and the cold.

Utilizing electricity to maintain the ideal temperature for incubated eggs is the purpose of an electric egg incubator.

Mine for Ore: From your base, you can extract ore.

Players can alter their appearance with Antique Dresser.


Pal Fluids can now be produced at the ranch by Kelpsea.

Dumud’s ranch is capable of producing High-Quality Pal Oil.

After some time in the box, Negative Pal statues can be taken out.

At the Monitoring Stand, you can allow or prohibit base pals from performing specific jobs.

Chests can be used to carry crafted goods to friends.

Pal breaks can be canceled by hurling them towards workstations.


Armor is added with minimum heat and cold values.

Egg timer button press time has been shortened.

For some weapons without them, legendary blueprints have been added.

Set selling price for diamonds.

Alpha Pals are not guaranteed to be produced from eggs.

Friends that can fly and float are impervious to falls.

Check prices.

You can read the complete patch notes, which are organized into one lengthy tweet, here. This is not even all of it because it wouldn’t fit. They claim that more content, including a new island with new friends, buildings, weapons, and tower bosses, will be added by the summer of 2024. Not sure about PvP, but it’s still kind of awesome.

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