What does the Calvin Ridley signing mean for the draft?


The Tennessee Titans made a splash on Wednesday.
The team reached an agreement with wide receiver Calvin Ridley.
Per reports, the deal is for four years and $92 million, with $50 million fully guaranteed.
Social media was ablaze with reactions to the deal.
Many felt that the Titans overpaid, but others were satisfied that the team landed another dynamic receiver.
Regardless, the Titans decided on their man, and they locked him up.
The addition of Ridley makes the receiver position less of a need.
Not only does the Ridley addition give the offense another element, but it could also clear up the Titans’ draft strategy.
The Titans now have a receivers room that includes DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, Kyle Philips, and Treylon Burks.
Sure, that room could still use some depth, but it is no longer as pressing a need in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft.
Many mock drafts have had the Titans selecting either an offensive tackle or a wide receiver with the No.
Wide receiver was a huge need for the Titans and many draft experts foresaw them landing Rome Odunze or Malik Nabers.
But with so many other needs, it’s fair to say that the team will look elsewhere.
I believe the Ridley signing means the Titans will be selecting Joe Alt or another tackle in the first round.
The Titans have made additions at receiver, center, cornerback, running back, guard, and linebacker.
As of this writing, the tackle position has not been addressed.
The market for tackles is not deep this offseason.
It is, however, fairly deep in the draft.
It seems like the Titans are content with adding the other positions in free agency and taking a talented tackle in the first round.
If I had to guess, Joe Alt will be a Tennessee Titan in short order.

Wednesday was a big day for the Tennessee Titans. Wide receiver Calvin Ridley and the team came to an agreement. According to reports, the agreement is for $92 million over four years, with a full guarantee of $50 million.

Reactions to the agreement erupted across social media. Although a lot of people thought the Titans paid too much, others were happy that the team added another talented receiver.

In any case, the Titans selected their player and imprisoned him.

The receiver position is no longer as necessary with Ridley in the lineup. The addition of Ridley not only adds another component to the offense, but it may also provide clarity to the Titans’ draft plan.

Treylon Burks, Kyle Philips, Calvin Ridley, and DeAndre Hopkins are currently in the Titans’ receiving group. Although there is still a need for depth in that room in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft, it is not as urgent.

The Titans have selected a wide receiver or an offensive tackle with the No. 1 pick in numerous mock drafts. 7 select.

The Titans desperately needed a wide receiver, and a lot of draft experts predicted that they would select Rome Odunze or Malik Nabers. Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to assume that the team will look elsewhere given the abundance of other needs.

The Titans will probably select Joe Alt or another tackle in the first round as a result of Ridley signing, in my opinion.

At linebacker, running back, guard, cornerback, and receiver, the Titans have added players. There has been no discussion of the tackle position as of this writing.

There isn’t a lot of competition for tackles this offseason. Still, it’s a good way down the draft.

The Titans appear happy to add players in free agency to fill the other positions and select a skilled tackle in the first round. Joe Alt will soon be a Tennessee Titan, if I had to guess.

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