Trent Alexander-Arnold pinpointed the reason why they have regained their top level


Trent Alexander-Arnold has explained to FourFourTwo, in an exclusive interview, how Liverpool have managed to turn their fortunes around from last season and put themselves in the hunt for another Premier League title, having recovered to finish fifth last term.
The full-back spoke about his club’s ambitions this campaign, despite missing out on Champions League the one prior, stating how the Reds have managed to find a certain level of consistency – something that was missing last season – with Jurgen Klopp’s departure from the Reds on the horizon.
“Our consistency has been back this time,” Alexander-Arnold explained during a wide-ranging, in-depth interview, describing the renewed vigour with which the side attacked this season, after a disappointing 2022-23.
VIDEO: Trent Alexander-Arnold: Why I KNEW Moving Into Liverpool’s Midfield Would Work“Barring maybe one or two seasons where our consistency hasn’t been there, I think over the course of the last five years it’s been incredibly consistent from me and the team.
“We showed last season that we could beat any team on our day, but we just lacked that consistency.
We were never able to back up the performances – our great performances last season were often followed by a more disappointing one.
“I think that’s been the big difference this year: being able to continue game after game, going and winning games, getting the results we need.
The Reds are currently top of the league on 63 points, though they will face Pep Guardiola’s side in the Sunday late kick-off.
A win against the reigning champions would be a huge boost in their quest to come out on top.
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After recovering to finish fifth the previous season, Trent Alexander-Arnold gave an exclusive interview to FourFourTwo in which he detailed how Liverpool was able to turn things around and become contenders for the Premier League title again.

Although the Reds did not make it to the Champions League the previous season, the full-back discussed his team’s goals for this one. He also mentioned that with Jurgen Klopp’s departure from the team imminent, the Reds have found a certain level of consistency that was lacking the previous year.

“After a disappointing 2022–23 season, our consistency has returned this time,” Alexander-Arnold said in an extensive, in-depth interview, summarizing the team’s renewed attack this season.

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“I think over the course of the last five years it’s been incredibly consistent from me and the team, maybe with one or two seasons where it hasn’t been there.

“We proved last season that we were capable of defeating any team on a given day; we simply lacked consistency.”. Our fantastic performances from last season were frequently followed by even more disappointing ones, so we were never able to sustain the energy.

Being able to play game after game, winning games, and obtaining the necessary results, I believe has been the main difference this year. We are aware that the remainder of the season will be very challenging, but we have faith in our abilities and know what it will take to succeed. “.

Season prior, Pep Guardiola won the triple crown (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

“I believe that the main difference this year has been our ability to keep playing, win games, and get the necessary results. We are aware that it will be very challenging to finish the season as it is now, but we have faith in our abilities and know what it takes. “.

In contrast to the previous year, Liverpool is a strong contender for the championship, with Manchester City and Arsenal also competing. The Reds will take on Pep Guardiola’s team in the late kickoff on Sunday, but they are currently leading the league with 63 points.

Their chances of winning would be greatly increased if they defeated the current champions.

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