Thymen Arensman survived the Giro d’Italia scare

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Thymen Arensman (Ineos Grenadiers) had a lucky escape on stage 18 of the Giro d’Italia after he was forced to swap bikes with a teammate and endure a frantic chase back to the peloton due to a late mechanical inside the final 10km.
The Ineos Grenadiers rider eventually made it back to the peloton and finished safely in the pack with Tim Merlier (Soudal Quick-Step) taking the win.
Read more: Giro d’Italia stage 18 results: Tim Merlier wins sprint finish ahead of Jonathan Milan “I think that I hit a glass or a stone or something.
Arensman’s chase became slightly easier after he was given a bike by Connor Swift almost immediately after the incident.
As he rolled towards the Ineos Grenadiers team bus he shed light on what happened after he stopped by the side of the road.
“I’m riding on Connor’s bike right now because we almost have the same bike size, so we just swapped.
I was screaming to him, ‘swap bikes’ because it was the fastest thing to do.” During his chase, Arensman came within a whisker of almost coming down after a support vehicle came too close to the rider.
Today was just a case of bringing Geraint [Thomas] and Thymen into the final but if something happens you just have to adapt,” he added.


In the last 10 kilometers of stage 18 of the Giro d’Italia, Thymen Arensman (Ineos Grenadiers) had a fortunate escape after a late mechanical forced him to switch bikes with a teammate and endure a wild chase back to the peloton.

The Dutch rider, who is currently sixth in the general classification of the Giro d’Italia, had a near-accident with a support vehicle during the pursuit, which made matters worse. Eventually, the rider from Ineos Grenadiers returned to the peloton and finished safely in the pack, with Tim Merlier of Soudal Quick-Step winning.

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“I believe I struck something, like a stone or a glass. “The team performed a really good job, and I had a puncture and was riding on the rim at one point,” a relieved Arensman told GCN after the race.

Following the incident, Arensman was given a bike by Connor Swift, which made his pursuit of him a little easier. He explained what had happened when he pulled over to the side of the road as he rolled toward the Ineos Grenadiers team bus.

Since Connor and I nearly share the same bike size, we just switched bikes. I’m currently riding on his bike. Jonny Narváez then did an amazing job of getting me back. I was only slightly afraid because I knew that Connor was using different brakes and that they were flipped. Nevertheless, I was able to stay in the bunch, so everything worked out in the end. Swapping bikes was the fastest thing to do, so I was yelling at him to do it. “.

Arensman nearly lost his balance during his pursuit because a support vehicle approached the rider too closely.

“Neither he nor I knew I was there, and I have no idea what the guy was doing. He declared, “If it was just one centimeter, I was done.”.

Swift’s afternoon, however, was less taxing. When the Dutch rider experienced a mechanical issue and promptly performed the obligatory act of giving up his bike, he was there to assist Arensman.

As he approached the Ineos team bus a few minutes later, Swift told GCN, “Thymen had a puncture with about 9km to go and he took my bike because it was the closest in size, compared to waiting for the car to come.”.

In the end, everything worked out even though it had been a little stressful. I then merely lingered inside while waiting for my bike to arrive from the second car. That somewhat simplified my task. You just have to adjust if something goes wrong, he said. Today was simply about getting Geraint [Thomas] and Thymen to the final.

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