There will be a competition for the starting job

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The Patriots have started five quarterbacks in the four years since Tom Brady left.
3 overall pick Drake Maye is him, but coach Jerod Mayo concedes that veteran Jacoby Brissett could begin the season as the starter.
The Patriots hope Maye wins the job sooner than later, but they are not going to rush him into the job before he’s ready.
“Coming in as a rookie, hopefully he’s a sponge,” Mayo told Cameron Wolfe of NFL Media about Maye.
He’s very smart, has great leadership skills, and hopefully Drake can learn something from him, as well.
We’re going to compete during training camp, and the best player will start.” Brissett has the advantage, with knowledge of the playbook already and with eight years and 48 starts more than Maye.
The rest of his time in New England wasn’t as productive, which is why Maye has replaced Jones as the team’s future.
Maye’s time might be now, but the Patriots aren’t handing him anything.


In the four years since Tom Brady’s departure, the Patriots have started five different quarterbacks. They haven’t found their franchise quarterback yet.

They are confident that no. While coach Jerod Mayo acknowledges that veteran Jacoby Brissett may start the season as the starter, he believes that Drake Maye, the third overall pick, is the contender.

Although the Patriots would prefer that Maye be hired as soon as possible, they will not give him the position before he is prepared.

Regarding Maye, Mayo told NFL Media’s Cameron Wolfe, “Coming in as a rookie, hopefully he’s a sponge.”. “That locker room is full of good players. Jacoby knows, you see. He serves as a guide. Not only does he possess exceptional leadership qualities, but perhaps Drake can also pick up some tips from him. We’ll compete all spring, I would say. Our training camp competition will determine who starts, with the top player. “.

Brissett has the advantage because he has eight more years and 48 more starts than Maye, plus he already knows the playbook.

Upon bringing a player into the building, Mayo remarked, “You can sit here and say he’s not supposed to be pro-ready, but what if he’s tearing us up on defense?”.

In his rookie season of 2021, Jones started every game for the Patriots, who finished 10-7 overall and Jones’ Pro Bowl selection. Maye has taken Jones’ place as the team’s future leader because the latter part of his tenure in New England wasn’t as successful.

Even though the Patriots aren’t giving Maye anything, his time may be coming. He’ll have to merit it.

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