There was a lot of ejections for the Mississippi State game


Filling out a lineup card for Sunday’s Georgia baseball game at Mississippi State was trickier for the two head coaches after the wild and wacky events of Saturday night.
Georgia catcher Fernando Gonzalez, catcher/outfielder Henry Hunter and pitcher Daniel Padysak as well Mississippi State catcher Johnny Long and third baseman Logan Kohler are the suspended players, the league said.
Hunter was suspended for Sunday’s game with Mississippi State.
At least five Mississippi State players appeared to be ejected in Starkville Saturday night including Dakota Jordan who leads the team in home runs, RBI and batting average.
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“We’ll figure out who’s on the field for Mississippi State when we come back,” Neal said after the eighth inning.
…We will always fight for our players, for our fans and for Mississippi State.”
Mississippi State is 20-12, 5-6.


Following the crazy and bizarre events of Saturday night, the two head coaches found it more difficult to fill out a lineup card for Georgia’s baseball game against Mississippi State on Sunday.

In advance of the 2 p.m. on Sunday, the SEC made an announcement. M. five players were given one-game suspensions following the eighth inning of Saturday’s 3-2 victory over Georgia in Starkville.

The players suspended by the league are Georgia’s Fernando Gonzalez, pitcher Daniel Padysak, catcher/outfielder Henry Hunter, Mississippi State’s Johnny Long, and third baseman Logan Kohler.

Since two catchers are involved, Georgia was able to stagger the suspensions. Gonzalez, who competed on Sunday, will be ineligible for Tuesday’s home matchup with Kennesaw State due to a suspension. Hunter will not play against Mississippi State on Sunday due to a suspension.

The team’s top home run, RBI, and batting average leader, Dakota Jordan, was among the at least five Mississippi State players who looked to be sent off in Starkville on Saturday night.

Gonzalez and Georgia’s starting second baseman Slate Alford appeared to be kicked out of a game that the Bulldogs won following a home run by Clayton Chadwick in the ninth inning.

“After further video review of the incident Saturday night and Sunday morning, and in consultation with the NCAA’s secretary-rules editor,” the SEC announced the suspensions on Sunday. “.”.

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Everything broke loose during what Georgia baseball coach Wes Johnson described as “the craziest game I’ve been a part of,” following a play at home plate that caused the benches to empty and required the game to be stopped for approximately forty minutes in order for the SEC to resolve the situation.

The catcher stood over Georgia base runner Dillon Carter and appeared to knee him multiple times before Carter was thrown out at the plate to end the top of the eighth inning in a tie game.

The umpiring crew declared that Georgia was challenging “malicious contact at the plate.”. The SEC office in Birmingham reviewed the play and ruled out Carter, but they were unable to identify any malicious contact.

However, according to Georgia, the events that followed the play were examined in order to determine ejections for those “who leave the dugout or bullpen to enter the field at the time of a potential altercation.”.

Although the names of those dismissed were communicated to the head coaches, they were not made public. As a result, Dave Neal and Chris Burke of the SEC Network had to figure out who was still eligible to play.

“After the eighth inning, we’ll determine who plays for Mississippi State,” Neal remarked.

Jordan, Long, Hunter Hines, Amani Larry, Kohler, and second baseman Hunter Hines of Mississippi State were all ejected, according to the Maroon and White Daily of the On3 network.

Mississippi State coach Chris Lemonis said after the game in a video that Cowbell Corner uploaded to YouTube, “My team was literally on the field, what are they supposed to do?”. “An aggressive child was not among those who were expelled.”. They arrived non-aggressively. Nobody commenced a brawl. My entire lineup gets eliminated while they were on the field and were exiting to congratulate a teammate.

The ejections on Saturday night were the consequence of the NCAA Rule 5.16 being applied, the SEC stated in a release on Sunday. clause (c) stipulates that team members will be ejected and suspended for one game if they leave their place to engage in a possible physical altercation or verbal altercation. Five players were suspended after additional video analysis by the Conference office and discussions with the NCAA.

“The process and outcome of last night’s 8th inning in our game against Georgia, was absurd, ridiculous, and embarrassing on so many levels,” was the strong-worded statement posted by Mississippi State athletic director Zac Selmon on his X account on Sunday. Like myself, I can see why so many people are indignant. dot. For the sake of Mississippi State, our players, and our supporters, we will never give up. “.

Prior to the game on Sunday, Georgia stands at 24-7, 5-6 in the SEC. Mississippi State is 20-12, 5-6.

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