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TORONTO – The Bruins will be aiming to regain a lead in their first-round series on Wednesday night as they battle the Maple Leafs in Game 3 at Scotiabank Arena.
That’s all I’m gonna tell ya,” coach Jim Montgomery said following the B’s morning skate.
“I thought Toronto got significantly better [in Game 2], we just marginally did.
That’s the exciting part about Stanley Cup Playoffs, series, you’ve got to win your matchup, win your battles, coaches, it’s adjustments you make.
“It’s always special to play in this building,” said van Riemsdyk, who played in 20 postseason games with Toronto, including nine at Scotiabank Arena.
“Playoff time of year is always the best time of year,” said van Riemsdyk, who has 20 goals and 31 points in 71 career playoff games between Philadelphia and Toronto.
“I guess getting his stick on more pucks,” Montgomery said on what he wants to see from van Riemsdyk.
That’s an area that I pride myself on, so going to be doing my best to get there and have an impact there.”


TORONTO-On Wednesday night at Scotiabank Arena, the Bruins will take on the Maple Leafs in an attempt to take back the lead in their first-round series. With blue liner Andrew Peeke now sidelined due to an injury sustained on Monday night in Game 2, Boston is anticipated to make at least one lineup change.

We have to insert a new defenseman because Peke got hurt. Coach Jim Montgomery said, “That’s all I’m going to tell ya,” after the Bruins’ morning skate.

The bench boss in Boston will want his team to keep getting better as the series moves into hostile territory, no matter what adjustments he makes.

“I believe that we’re not attacking inside the .s and we’re not creating enough in general. Collectively, we need to be more effective offensively,” Montgomery remarked. “We only slightly improved in Game 2, in my opinion; Toronto got much better.”. We have to improve. The exciting thing about the Stanley Cup Playoffs is that there are series in which you have to win matches, battles, and coaches make adjustments. We adore our jobs because of this. “.

Montgomery expressed his hope that the Bruins’ experiences with hardship during the regular season will help them when they need a strong comeback, such as on Wednesday night.

Montgomery stated, “This year, we’ve had to do it a lot.”. There were times when we didn’t perform well. That has, I believe, benefited us. I believe that we are more resilient and determined. “.

new faces.

Mason Lohrei and Parker Wotherspoon are the two backup options for the injured Peeke, so the Bruins may start two new players in the back row. It would be both players’ first Stanley Cup Playoff experience.

In regards to his strategy should he break into the starting lineup, Lohrei said, “I know what they expect, I’ve been around all year so go out there and try to compete.”. “Always being prepared…so happy to be here with the group right now. I know exactly what they need from me.”. Throughout the year, it has been quite evident that there have been ups and downs in terms of learning. I just go out there and try my hardest to give them what they want because I know what they want. “.

While acknowledging the significant differences between the regular season and playoffs, Lohrei said that playing three games against Toronto during his rookie campaign (registering two assists) might help him feel a little more at ease.

“The playoffs are a whole new season and animal,” Lohrei remarked. “I’m eager to play, a little anxious as well, but I want to jump right in.”. Known foe; we’ve faced them a few times this year. I’m not sure if that helps me feel more at ease or not. I would say that the main word is just excited. “.

According to Montgomery, Lohrei has shown development and maturity throughout the season, especially on his own end.

With the coaches, “he’s a sponge,” Montgomoery remarked. Working with him is a lot of fun. And his defensive game has definitely improved, in my opinion. “.

“Being more physical, boxing out, and playing the rush—definitely defensively,” Lohrei continued. Being defensively responsible is all. Although I don’t think it’s a particularly glamorous aspect of the game, I am quite pleased with the progress I’ve made so far this year and I only plan to get better at it. “.

Comfortable Ground.

Here in Toronto, James van Riemsdyk has participated in a good number of playoff games, but they have all been in blue and white. If he does make his Bruins postseason debut, which seemed very likely based on the Black and Gold’s morning skate, he will be on the other side for the first time on Wednesday night.

Nine of van Riemsdyk’s 20 postseason games with Toronto took place at Scotiabank Arena. “It’s always special to play in this building,” he emphasized. It’s always a lot of fun to compete in this rivalry. No matter where you are—at a 500-seat arena or a rink with all the tradition and history like this—this time of year is always amazing. It’s always exciting and a fantastic chance to get in there. “.

In keeping with his pattern of missing multiple games in the second half of the regular season, van Riemsdyk was a healthy scratch for the first two games of this series.

Having played in 71 career playoff games between Philadelphia and Toronto, van Riemsdyk, who has 20 goals and 31 points, said that the postseason is always the best time of year. “Obviously, there’s always a lot of fun involved in this rivalry—two entertaining buildings to play in. You value each and every chance you are given.

This time of year teaches you that teamwork is everything. You should always approach and think like that when the team asks you to do something. Just take each day as it comes and don’t give up. “.

Montgomery stated he will be searching for the seasoned winger to boost the Bruins’ offensive output if van Riemsdyk does return to the starting lineup. He also praised van Riemsdyk’s composure in the face of a challenging second half.

Regarding what Montgomery would like to see from van Riemsdyk, he said, “I guess getting his stick on more pucks.”. We’ve discussed it extensively within the company. Together, he and [Kevin] Shattenkirk have excelled. They are actual experts. Come to work every day and strive to improve. Though it’s not an easy situation, he’s performed admirably. “.

In agreement with his coach, van Riemsdyk stated that he will try to spend as much time near the net as possible in order to support Boston’s offensive attack.

“I believe that it’s important to remain loyal to your identity as a player, exhibit excellent detail-oriented play, effectively manage the game, and utilize your strengths as a player,” he stated. “Having an awareness of the internet is always a valuable quality this time of year. Everything that is scored, as you can see, is done so within five to ten feet of the goal. Since I take great pride in that, I will work hard to get there and make an impression. “.

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