The Yankees took the top spot in the MLB power rankings

While we aren’t halfway into the season yet, we can safely drop the whole, “it’s early” bit.
At the conclusion of May last year, the Phillies were 25-30 and they’d end up in their second straight NLCS.
The Angels were three games over .500 and in playoff contention and they’d safely fall back into, well, Angels territory.
We don’t need to rehash the positive stories of the 2021 Braves or 2019 Nationals or even 2012 A’s.
A good number of people had the 2023 Cardinals winning the NL Central and they were 25-32 heading to June.
On the latter point, the Dennis Green Zone (they are who we thought they were), could well include all the good teams we’ve seen so far this season.
The Yankees, Orioles, Phillies and Dodgers are the obvious great teams while the Brewers, Guardians and Royals have sure looked the part for two-plus months.
Will a losing team pull a 2023 Phillies, 2023 Reds or even 2022 Mariners?


It is currently June of the 2024 Major League Baseball season. It’s safe to disregard the whole “it’s early” argument even though the season isn’t quite halfway through. We are now firmly in the middle of the season, if we were to divide it into fourths or thirds. Last weekend was Memorial Day already. At the ballpark, the “early” qualifier has departed.

There’s still time to make any kind of turnaround. The Phillies finished May of last year with a 25-30 record and were headed to their second consecutive NLCS. The Angels would easily return to, well, Angels territory as they were three games over.500 and in playoff contention. The successful narratives of the 2021 Braves, 2019 Nationals, or even the 2012 A’s don’t need to be repeated. We keep them in mind. Long-term hot streaks are appropriate.

Recall the 2022 Mariners, who struggled from mid-June until the middle of June, when they were sitting at 29-39. Prior to the All-Star break, they would go 22-3 in their next 25 games. That would be the moment when they would end their playoff drought. The Reds from the previous season were, as of June 9, 29-35. After that, they won 20 of the next 24 games and continued to be a strong contender.

Don’t give up on your team, that is the message. Though we’re not even halfway through a marathon that could end with a fantastic run of baseball, it’s still “early.”.

This, of course, may also be the team’s identity for the entire season. Only to start 25–30, the Padres of 2023 were coming off of another thrilling offseason and an NLCS berth. They finished 82-80, winning 14 of their final 16 games, but they never really got hot until it was too late. A significant portion of the population predicted that the 2023 Cardinals would win the NL Central, and as of June, they were 25-32. They concluded with a score of 71–91.

About the latter, all the strong teams we’ve seen this season may be included in the Dennis Green Zone (they are who we thought they were). The obvious top teams are the Yankees, Orioles, Phillies, and Dodgers; however, the Brewers, Guardians, and Royals have certainly looked the part over the past two plus months. As of right now, the Braves are facing a significant injury problem, and the Twins and Mariners are making strong attempts to make their way into the mix of consistently strong teams.

Are the Rangers like the 2023 Padres, or are the Astros worse like the 2023 Cardinals? Will it remain that way, or will other teams enter the picture? Could a losing team pull a 2022 Mariners, 2023 Phillies, 2023 Reds, or even a 2021 Braves?

Though it’s not early, there’s still plenty of time. We will remember any significant changes that occur today as being particularly significant.

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