The Video Review system should be used in tennis, according to Coco Gauff


Coco Gauff has called for tennis to universally implement a Video Review system after she was reduced to tears following a controversial decision made by the umpire in her French Open semifinal defeat to Iga Świątek.
With Gauff leading 2-1 in the second set, a line judge called her return of serve “out” but the umpire overruled the decision.
The American then argued the line judge’s call impacted her shot, but the umpire disagreed.
A tearful Gauff regained her composure to break Świątek’s serve but went on to lose 6-2 6-4 to the World No.
“Tennis is the only sport where not only we don’t have the VR system, but a lot of times the decisions are made by one person.
In other sports there are usually multiple refs making a decision,” Gauff told reporters.
“I know the US Open brought some of it last year, I believe, I know we used it in our doubles at one point.
While the reception to the technology has been largely positive, Andy Murray was left bemused during last year’s US Open when the video review malfunctioned during his first-round match against Corentin Moutet.


Ever since she was brought to tears by an umpire’s contentious call during her semifinal loss to Iga ^wiątek at the French Open, Coco Gauff has called for tennis to adopt a Video Review system across the board.

An umpire overturned a line judge’s call that Gauff’s return of serve was “out” when she was up 2-1 in the second set. The American then claimed that her shot was affected by the line judge’s call, but the umpire didn’t agree.

Tearful Gauff regained her composure to break Świątek’s serve, but ultimately lost 6-2 6-4 to the world no. 1.

“Tennis is the only sport where decisions are frequently made by a single person, in addition to the fact that VR technology is not used. Reporters were informed by Gauff that in other sports, multiple referees typically make decisions.

We utilized it in our doubles match at one point, and I know the US Open brought some of it in. It’s almost absurd, in my opinion, that we don’t have it right now. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience; I believe it exists in every sport.

Furthermore, a player finds it frustrating to go back or check online and discover they were spot on in a lot of the decisions they made. It makes them wonder, “What does that get you right now?”.

“You can call for the supervisor in certain situations, but they are limited in what they can do. As a sport, I firmly believe that we must progress, and we have the means to do so. I don’t understand why the player can’t see it since it’s being shown on TV. “.

The video review system uses the same technology that is behind the sport’s ‘Hawkeye’ system and allows players to challenge decisions such as double bounces or foul shots. It debuted at a grand slam at the US Open of last year, and it has since been utilized in the ATP Finals after initially being tested in the Next Gen Finals.

Although most people have reacted favorably to the technology, Andy Murray was perplexed when the video review broke down during his first-round match against Corentin Moutet at the US Open last year.

But Świątek said she has no idea “how the technology would look logistically.”. “.

She continued, according to Reuters, “I think the umpire today was pretty sure with her call. When can you ask an umpire to call a video replay or when is it up to her to do that.”.

I’m not sure how that would appear, though. “.

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