The Rockets beat the Blazers 116-107

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Fans enjoyed some fun plays during the Portland Trail Blazers’ home finale, and dreamed of Scoot Henderson’s potential, during a 116-107 loss to the Houston Rockets.
The Rockets kept the Blazers at arm’s length in the second half, and pretty easily finished the job.
But the home fans didn’t mind; in a lost season, this was a mostly fun game despite the loss.
Henderson dominated the first three quarters of the game, scoring 30 points on 6-6 three-point shooting.
Banton scored 28 on 9-26 shooting in a classic “someone’s gotta get points and nobody but Scoot can get their own shot” performance.
He also added 10 rebounds, and was a key factor in the game being labeled “arm’s reach” instead of “blown out”.
San Antonio upset the Denver Nuggets tonight, tying the Blazers in the standings and changing the draft lottery odds for both teams.
Box Score What’s Next The final game of the Blazers’ 2023-24 campaign takes place Sunday night in Sacramento against the Kings.


During a 116-107 loss to the Houston Rockets, fans cheered for some entertaining plays during the Portland Trail Blazers’ home finale and imagined what Scoot Henderson could become. With relative ease, the Rockets completed the task after keeping the Blazers at a distance in the second half. The home crowd didn’t care, though, because this was a fun game overall, even though the team lost.

These are some lessons learned from a season when lessons are beginning to fade.

The narrative is about Scoot. Henderson scored thirty points on six of six three-point shooting during the game’s first three quarters. Scoot’s potential was made evident to the Moda Center supporters when he added in seven assists, five rebounds, just one turnover, a huge dunk, and a three-pointer from close to half court (watch the highlights here). In the fourth, he obviously ran out of gas and cramped up, so he rested well.

Early departure for Ayton and Walker. A lower back ailment ended Deandre Ayton’s night, and Jabari Walker left the game early because of a problem with his left knee. It’s unclear if either problem was significant or if the team was just trying to minimize the risk of injury.

All Dalano does is what he does. In a game that epitomized the phrase “someone’s gotta get points and nobody but Scoot can get their own shot,” Banton scored 28 points on 9 of 26 shots. A big reason the game was called “arm’s reach” rather than “blown out” was because he also pulled down ten rebounds.

growth of the Spurs. Tonight’s upset of the Denver Nuggets by San Antonio tied the Blazers for the top spot in the standings and altered both teams’ odds of winning the draft lottery. We’ll talk more about this subject later this evening.

Score Box.

Next Steps.

The Blazers’ 2023–24 campaign comes to an end on Sunday night in Sacramento when they play the Kings.

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