The PGA Tour policy board will not include the golfer

A PGA Tour policy board member attempted two weeks ago to resign from his seat with the specific caveat that Rory McIlroy rejoin the powerful group.
McIlroy told reporters Wednesday the process for his return was complicated and not all parties supported it after McIlroy resigned from his own board seat just six months earlier.
In turn, Webb Simpson, the man who hoped to step down to let McIlroy back in, is expected to keep his board seat for the remainder of his term.
He resigned from the PGA Tour policy board in November, and Jordan Spieth took his place.
The policy board is a collection of 11 voting members that help decide the future of the PGA Tour with six seats reserved for player directors.
He rubbed people the wrong way, criticizing Spieth publicly for saying the PGA Tour didn’t “need” the Saudis.
He remains optimistic a deal with PIF will get done, in part because Simpson is keeping his board seat.
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A member of the PGA Tour policy board made an attempt to step down from his position two weeks ago, but only if Rory McIlroy returned to the influential group. It looks like the board is opposing Rory McIlroy’s comeback.

McIlroy, who resigned from his own board seat just six months prior, told reporters on Wednesday that the process of making his comeback was difficult and that not everyone was in favor of it. As a result, Webb Simpson, the man who had hoped to resign in order to allow McIlroy to return, is anticipated to retain his position on the board for the balance of his term.

“After a pro-am round at the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, I think there was — there was a subset of people on the board that were maybe uncomfortable with me coming back on for some reason,” McIlroy remarked. The best course of action, in my opinion, is for Webb to stay on and serve out his term if some members of the group feel uncomfortable with me returning. I believe he has reached a point where he is comfortable doing so, so I just sort of keep doing what I’m doing. “.

When the PGA Tour unexpectedly announced on June 6, 2023, that it would be collaborating with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, McIlroy was the most outspoken and visible figure in the organization’s battle against LIV, frequently denouncing the Saudi-funded league and players who switched from the PGA Tour to play in it. He described himself as a “sacrificial lamb” and withdrew from his well-known public position following that announcement. In November, Jordan Spieth succeeded him as a member of the PGA Tour policy board after he resigned.

The PGA Tour’s future is decided by the policy board, which consists of 11 voting members, six of whom are player directors. Sports Illustrated revealed shortly after McIlroy resigned that the trio of Patrick Cantlay, Tiger Woods, and Jordan Spieth had defeated McIlroy in a power struggle over increased compensation and influence for elite players. McIlroy’s main goal on the tour was to disperse wealth.

McIlroy has returned to the scene after his departure, but his message now centers on uniting LIV and assembling the finest players. By openly criticizing Spieth for stating that the PGA Tour didn’t “need” the Saudis, he offended a lot of people. His remarks about how the pursuit of wealth is destroying sports were constant. After that, he had a strange incident with Viktor Hovland and Jordan Spieth at the Players Championship.

There’s no doubt that McIlroy’s return to the board would have produced an intriguing dynamic.

McIlroy stated on Wednesday, “I believe it exposed some old wounds and scar tissue from previous events.”.

Regarding a possible comeback, McIlroy stated, “I think I can be helpful,” when rumors about Simpson’s resignation letter first started to circulate at the Zurich Classic in April. Although I was hoping for more progress, I don’t think that much has been accomplished in the last eight months. “.

There is little to no precedent for a board member to request who will replace them, despite the widespread belief at the time that McIlroy’s return would be an easy process. McIlroy acknowledged that the board had to approve it in a few different remarks.

I guess I’ll only be involved if people want me to, he remarked. During our conversation, Webb mentioned that he might leave the board. I responded by saying that I would be happy to take a seat if that was something that other people would also like to do. “.

Although the procedure was convoluted and there are no hard feelings, McIlroy claimed that his return was not entirely turned down. Because Simpson is keeping his board seat, he is still hopeful that a deal with PIF will be reached.

“I think he sees the bigger picture, which is great, and I think he has a really balanced voice in all of this,” McIlroy remarked. “I worried about what might occur if Webb left and I took his place. “.

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