The Pacers took a commanding 3-1 series lead with a 126-113 Game 4 win

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Pacers could never quite shake the Milwaukee Bucks Sunday night at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, but Tyrese Haliburton’s team eventually outlasted the bruised and short-handed Bucks 126-113 to take a commanding 3-1 series lead.
And what I loved about it the most is after the game they were disappointed they didn’t win the game.
BOX SCORE: Pacers 126, Bucks 113 The performance helped offset a balanced Milwaukee effort that saw 10 different Bucks score and shoot 59.6% overall.
Bucks face long odds down 3-1 in series In NBA history a 3-1 series deficit has been overcome just 13 times in 281 total series.
Evening the series and forcing a Game 7 at Fiserv Forum is also a tall proposition for the Bucks.
Pacers: Indiana initially baited Milwaukee to playing their high-speed game again in taking a 19-point lead, but the Bucks gradually reeled them back in.
Bucks vs Pacers odds, betting line, spread Odds courtesy of BetMGM as of Sunday Spread: Bucks +9.5 Over/under: 216 Moneyline: Pacers -450; Bucks +340 Bucks vs Pacers prediction, game picks ESPN Stats & Information gives the Pacers a 58.2% chance of winning.
Bucks vs Pacers stats Bucks (regular season) PPG: 119.0 PPG allowed: 116.4 FG%: 48.7 3PT%: 37.3 Pacers (regular season) PPG: 123.3 PPG allowed: 120.2 FG%: 50.7 3PT%: 37.4 Bucks vs Pacers NBA playoffs schedule * if necessary What channel is Bucks vs Pacers on today?


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Pacers struggled to overcome the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday night at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, but Tyrese Haliburton’s team prevailed 126-113 to take a decisive 3-1 series lead. The Bucks were battered and outmatched.

The Bucks will be eliminated in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs for the second consecutive year when they return to Milwaukee on Tuesday night for Game 5.

“We are not new to this; many of us have been here before, in similar circumstances, and deep into the playoffs; we all know what we need to do,” said Bucks center Brook Lopez. Each of us was aware of our responsibilities and the proper way to approach each task. The young men are intelligent. We need to lead by example for them. They understand what needs to be done. “Dre”—Andre Jackson Jr. ] advanced far in the NCAA competition. AJ (Green) is intelligent. Everybody can comprehend the circumstances and react appropriately. “.

Lopez grabbed nine rebounds in addition to leading the Bucks with 27 points on 12-of-18 shooting. With 25 points and ten rebounds, Khris Middleton recorded his third double-double of the series. Damian Lillard was hurt, so Malik Beasley started in his place and scored another twenty. Despite not scoring in double figures, eight other Bucks found the scoreboard.

The Bucks head coach, Doc Rivers, stated that Pat Beverley injured his ribs following a fall in the first quarter. Middleton appeared to tweak his left ankle during the game and left for a brief period of time. However, Beverley claimed that “nothing’s wrong with me” following the game. Despite taking a blow to the face once as well, Pat Connaughton managed to finish the match.

“The players were giving it their all,” stated Rivers. “They were, in fact. I applaud our team for believing we could win this game despite what others may have said. Additionally, it reveals a lot about this basketball team. I found it most endearing that they expressed disappointment after the game that they had lost. I’m telling you, this is an amazing group to coach. It’s true that we are dealing with a lot of issues. Nothing but mess. Accidents. I’m enjoying every moment I spend with this team, though, man. Here’s another illustration of that from today. ****.

With 29 points, nine rebounds, and three blocked shots, Myles Turner led Haliburton in scoring. Other players who achieved double figures were Pascal Siakam (13), Aaron Nesmith (13), Andrew Nembhard (15), and Obi Toppin (13).

The Pacers’ success was mostly attributed to their three-point shooting.

To the chagrin of the home crowd, Tyrese Haliburton’s buzzer-beating three-point attempt in the first half rattled in and out. However, Indiana only missed ten shots from beyond the arc in a hot-shooting first half.

Indiana outscored the Bucks 67-64 in the first half after going 12 for 22 (54 points, 5 percent) from beyond the arc. For the majority of the first 24 minutes, the team’s three-point percentage was around 60 percent. Myles Turner, the center, was one of seven Pacers to make three-pointers.

Pacers 126, Bucks 113 is the box score.

A balanced Milwaukee effort that saw 10 different Bucks score and shoot 59.6% overall was somewhat offset by the performance. Unfortunately, Milwaukee’s shooting percentage in the first half was only 5 of 16 (31 points and 3 percent) from beyond the three-point line.

There was definitely some speculation on the Milwaukee end that there would be some variation in the game, with Indiana cooling off and the Bucks getting hotter.

After the break, though, Haliburton made three consecutive three-pointers to give his team a 76-66 lead.

Rivers stated, “Haliburton’s three to start the third was one big play.”. “We attempted to foul, but instead we gave him a dare, and he made two more. I felt that we were doing a great job of protecting him up until that point. “.”.

In the third quarter, Turner scored another three-pointer less than two minutes later to give his team a 12-point lead, even though Milwaukee had cut that deficit to 81-76 with 6:02 remaining. And the Pacers always seemed to have an answer for every three the Bucks missed.

That was evidenced once more in the fourth quarter when the Bucks tightened the score again, but with 7:24 remaining, Pat Connaughton and Brook Lopez missed three-pointers, and Turner made his to give the Pacers a 14-point lead.

With seven three-pointers, Turner scored the most of his career.

When Rivers decided to bench his starters with 2:10 remaining and the Pacers leading 122-105, Indiana was 22 for 43 from long range and Milwaukee was just 10 for 29.

Rivers remarked, “We were just scrambling.”. “We came into tonight knowing the deal. We anticipated needing to set up additional traps. Before the game, I stated that. It would require us to take on tasks that are outside of our customs. It seemed like we persevered. I did, for real. ****.

The Bucks were unable to overcome the 36-point disparity in three-pointers (when the starters were in the game), despite winning the paint battle and having much tighter defensive rebounds.

Middleton gives the Bucks a resolute performance.

The Bucks got a stop on one end of the court in the first few seconds of the third quarter, and Lopez layup ensued as they worked the ball down the other.

However, Middleton collapsed onto the court as the play was coming to an end, then stood up with a severe limp and a grim expression. Rivers called a timeout to allow his star player to leave the court because he was unable to recover in time to stop Haliburton from making a three-point shot. Middleton was able to return to the court before the lengthy timeout ended, despite limping all the way to the tunnel that leads to the Bucks locker room.

“It was just harder than I had anticipated,” Rivers remarked. “I was aware of his toughness. However, his resilience in the mind. He scores goals at a rate that is astounding. He’s been outstanding. Once more, Khris is undoubtedly one of the many things about these guys that I still need to learn. It’s great to see Khris because I haven’t had him for the majority of my time here. Additionally, he is well. Khris Middleton is a problem when he’s well. “.”.

As he continued to battle through a sprained right ankle sustained in Game 2, Middleton started the day likely to play. He accepted the challenge of leading the Bucks in ball handling, playmaking, and scoring while guarding Siakam and Turner.

After returning from whatever had shaken him up early in the third quarter, Middleton played 40 minutes and was a physical presence for the Bucks. He then struck the floor three times. With seven minutes and forty-two seconds remaining, he was given his fourth foul, but he didn’t back down.

According to Lopez, “He’s so underrated.”. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to see him perform as he does, but it’s still incredibly amazing to watch. I adore watching him perform. How incredibly precise and at his own pace he plays. He is making amazing decisions on the court, improving every player and slicing up the defense. “.

With a team-high six assists, he set the offensive tone and frequently got the second-side movement going for baskets even when he didn’t score the basket. He scored 25 points on 9 of 25 shots, easily leading the team in rebounds (10).

It seems like I’m just playing domineeringly and picking my spots. I believe I still act in the same way even when Giannis and Dame are around. I attempted to play team basketball during the first half. So maybe I can get other guys open and the defense will loosen up on me. In my opinion, it was successful for the most of the first half. Then we were just a few shots short. That occurs. I must therefore occasionally decide when to be more assertive. It requires equilibrium. There’s a thin line between playing my game and occasionally acting too aggressively or taking bad shots for myself. “.

The Bucks are favored 3-1 in the series.

Of the 281 series in NBA history, only 13 have a 3-1 series deficit been overturned. In the most recent instance, Denver defeated Utah and Rivers’ Los Angeles Clippers team twice in consecutive rounds during the 2020 “bubble” playoffs.

After winning the NBA championship in 2016 against the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers were the last team to do so on non-neutral courts.

“You have to prioritize safeguarding your home court, and ultimately, the goal is to return here,” Middleton stated in reference to a possible Game 6. I can say that we have been able to force another game in this situation a few times. And when we haven’t, I’ve been on the other side. It could go either way, but we have to play as hard as we can, follow our strategy, and keep guys in check. Despite the fact that we have lost before—we are currently down two players—we are fully confident that we can win this game. That, in my opinion, is the drive. ****.

The last team to overcome a 3-1 deficit against the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round was the Phoenix Suns in 2006.

Rivers stated, “Just one game at a time.”. “This is how it works. They have one game remaining at home, and we have two left. That perspective is one way to look at it. First things first, we need to win the home opener. After then, we can discuss the remaining topics. ****.

Although Rivers has coached three teams that have lost three of them (the 2003 Orlando Magic in the first round and the 2015 Clippers in the second round), he has never led a team that has overcome such a deficit.

Forcing a Game 7 at Fiserv Forum and tying the series is also a challenging task for the Bucks. In addition to a victory in Indiana in Game 6 on May 2, which would first need to happen at home on Tuesday, the Bucks would also need to win five straight away from home in the playoffs, as they were just 18-22 away from home this year.

Bucks guard Malik Beasley remarked, “We’re some dogs, man.”. “The fight will not end here. Right now, we have home court advantage, which we must utilize. It’s not difficult. We are aware of our obligations. We must adhere to our strategy and exert greater effort. “.”.

Notably, only 22 times since 1951 has a team trailing 3-1 been forced into a seventh game.

At the very least, Boston became the first team to host a Game 7 following a 3-0 loss to the Miami Heat in the previous year’s Eastern Conference Finals, so Milwaukee has more recent history to draw from.

Beverley questioned, “It’s true that a series is never over until it ends?”. We haven’t really lost a game, in my opinion. But, if you understand what I mean, we’ve dropped a game. Obviously an overtime game. Perhaps the game we played at home (game 2) is the one we most likely lost. However, we kind of let it slip here because we are in complete control. Two, three, four, away. You therefore feel very confident after that. You must give them credit, though, in the same breath. Their play is impressive. Their ball-shy shots are impressive. Between them, they are playing. However, the show is still ongoing. “.

In the opening quarter, Bobby Portis was ejected.

When Portis was called for consecutive technical fouls for first shoving Pacers guard Andrew Nembhard and then slapping him in the head, the game was thrown off about seven minutes in. After spending little time on the court, Portis had scored four points.

Five figures.

Following his three-pointer against Indiana, Brook Lopez now holds the third-best record in Bucks playoff history for three-pointers made. The center has surpassed Jrue Holiday (80) with 82 career three-pointers made in the postseason.

Eleven separate Bucks scored.

“We all wanted the world to know that we are a great team even without our best dogs,” Beasley said. It goes without saying that we need them. They clearly play a significant role in this team. However, unfortunate events do occur, and we did our best, in my opinion. At the conclusion of the match, the coach entered and said, “We fought hard.”. Even though we made a few mistakes, the series is still ongoing. Still have a ways to go. Win one away game and two at home is all that is required of us. That’s my interpretation of it. “.

Lopez has played in 69 playoff games in his Bucks career, surpassing Paul Pressey’s record of 68 to take fourth place all-time in franchise history.

In the playoffs, Khris Middleton amassed 501 career rebounds, surpassing Hall of Famer Bob Dandridge for No. 3 in franchise postseason history overall.

The last postseason game Danilo Gallinari played was on 04/26/22, during Atlanta’s first-round series against Miami. In just 13 minutes on Sunday, he scored six points.

Does Giannis have a game tonight?

No. The two-time MVP pulled his left soleus, or calf, muscle on April 9. He hasn’t played live, at full speed, but he has continued to play. He was declared doubtful for the first four games of the series, but before Games 2-4, he was ruled out early in the afternoon.

The Bucks without Giannis record.

In the 2024 postseason, 1-2. The Bucks are 4-4 in his career when he misses a postseason game.

Regular season results for 2023–24 are 4-6.

Does Damian Lillard have a game tonight?

Negative. The Bucks point guard hurt both his knee and Achilles in Game 3, but he isn’t playing in Game 4 because of tendinitis, or inflammation, in his right Achilles.

Bucks record in the absence of Damian Lillard.

1–8 in the regular season of 2023–24.

Further: Milwaukee Bucks injury report: Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo are out for tonight’s Game 4 against. the Pacers.

injury report for Bucks vs. Pacers.


(Left soleus strain) Giannis Antetokounmpo is out.

Out with right Achilles tendinitis is Damian Lillard.

Chris Livingston is not available due to a non-COVID-related illness.

probable (right ankle sprain) is Khris Middleton.


Bennedict Mathurin has left (labral tear in right shoulder).

Bucks likely to start.

Malik Beasley and Pat Beverley as guards.

Khris Middleton and Bobby Portis are forwards.

Brook Lopez in the middle.

Preview of the Bucks versus the Pacers.

Bucks: Although Middleton recorded a playoff career-high 42 points in the team’s overtime loss in Game 3, Lillard was sidelined due to an Achilles injury. Due to Middleton’s ongoing right ankle sprain, the Bucks will rely more on Portis and Lopez.

Pacers: After taking a 19-point lead, Indiana first lured Milwaukee back into their fast-paced style of play, but the Bucks steadily closed the gap. In order to prevent falling behind 3-0 in the series, the Bucks will probably need to rely once more on Pascal Siakam and Andrew Nembhard, who were crucial on the offensive glass.

odds, line, and spread for Bucks vs. Pacers.

Odds as of Sunday are provided by BetMGM.

Spread: +9 points plus Bucks.

Above/Below: 216.

Pennants +340; Pacers -450 is the moneyline.

Prediction and game choices for the Bucks vs. Pacers game.

According to ESPN Stats and Information, the Pacers have a 58.2% chance of winning.

NBA statistics comparing the Bucks and Pacers.

Bucks (in season).

PPG is 119 out of 0.

Permitted PPG: 116 points.

48.7% of shots made.

37 points is the 3PT percent.

NBA team, the Pacers.

PPG stands for 123 points.

Allowable PPG: 120 points.

50 points/7 for the FG percentage.

37 points, or 3PT percent.

NBA playoff schedule: Bucks vs. Pacers.

If required, please indicate.

How to watch and stream live of the Bucks vs. Pacers game today?

TNT; Bally Sports Wisconsin are the TV channels.

Stream: The TNT and Bally Sports Wisconsin apps will both allow you to watch the game live.

Announcers for TNT are Spero Dedes, Greg Anthony, and Stephanie Ready; for Bally Sports Wisconsin, it’s Lisa Byington, Marques Johnson, and Melanie Ricks.

Start time, TV information, and venue for Bucks vs. Pacers.

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