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Dylan Buell/Getty Images The Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans left Sunday as the biggest winners in the NBA play-in races.
Indiana picked up a home win over the Miami Heat to create a small cushion in the competition for the No.
New Orleans moved level on record with the Phoenix Suns through a road win that ended a four-game losing run.
Indiana (45-34) Play-In Race 7.
Philadelphia is playing to host any play-in games by way of the No.
Indiana, Philadelphia and Miami should all get into the proper playoff field, but no one wants to land the No.
The wins over the Kings and Lakers are most important for the Pelicans since they are three games ahead of the Warriors.
The Lakers dropped ground in the play-in race with a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves.


Getty Images/Dylan Buell.

The NBA play-in races saw the biggest winners emerge on Sunday: the Indiana Pacers and the New Orleans Pelicans.

With a victory over the Miami Heat at home, Indiana established a tiny lead in the race for the No. sixth place in the Eastern Conference.

The Philadelphia 76ers are one game behind the Pacers and will be playing their remaining regular-season games at home, so there isn’t much time for rest.

A road victory ended a four-game losing streak for New Orleans, which tied the Phoenix Suns for the record.

For the No. 1 spot, Phoenix continues to lead the Pelicans. Despite losing the head-to-head tiebreaker and earning the sixth seed in the Western Conference, the Pelicans at least set themselves up to advance out of the play-in spots the following week.

NBA Standings updated.

Eastern Gathering.

1. Boston, 62–16.

2. Milwaukee is (47-31).

3. Orlando (36-22).

4. NY (46-32).

5. Cleveland (46-33).

6. Indiana (45-34).

The Play-In Competition.

7. Pennsylvania (44–35).

8. Miami (43–35).

9. Chicago (374–411).

10. Georgia (36-42).

Miami’s defeat by Indiana kept them above the play-in spots for the time being.

With three games left for each team, the Pacers lead the 76ers by one.

While the Sixers host the Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, and Brooklyn Nets, Indiana travels to the Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Atlanta Hawks.

All three of the Sixers’ remaining games will probably be won by a fully healthy Joel Embiid team. In order to avoid a nail-biting conclusion, Indiana must avoid making a mistake while traveling to Cleveland.

The Pacers only need to end with an even record to avoid the play-in round because they won two of their three games against the Sixers.

Through the No. 1 pick, Philadelphia is attempting to host any play-in games. Indiana could pounce to take the No. 6 seed if it makes a mistake and falls to the seventh spot.

It’s still possible for the Heat to move up to No. They also hold a game in hand over the Sixers, which puts them in the seventh spot.

To finish the regular season, Miami would like to sweep the Raptors and defeat the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks in their next two games. Maybe a four-game winning run would be sufficient to at least move Miami up to the No. Seventh place.

No one wants to finish in the No. 1 spot, but Miami, Philadelphia, and Indiana should all be in the right playoff field. 8 seed and go up against the Boston Celtics in the opening round.

Play-In Forecast: 7. Philadelphia, 8. Miami, eight. Chicago, 10. Atlanta.

Conference in the West.

1. Minnesota (24–54).

2. Denver (54–24).

3. City of Oklahoma (53–25).

4. Clippers of Los Angeles (50-28).

5. Dallas: 48–30.

6. Phoenix (46–32).

Participate in a Race.

7. New Orleans (46-20).

8. 45–33 is Sacramento.

9. The Los Angeles Lakers are 45–34.

10. Sacramento State (43–35).

Although New Orleans triumphed on the road in Phoenix to end its losing streak, the victory was insufficient to vault the team into the top six.

The Suns have the advantage in the standings as long as they are tied because the Pelicans lost the season series.

Following its Tuesday excursion to Portland, New Orleans concludes its three-game stretch. The Pelicans conclude their home schedule against the Lakers after visiting the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors.

The Pelicans are three games ahead of the Warriors, so their victories over the Kings and Lakers are particularly significant.

Losing to the Minnesota Timberwolves caused the Lakers to fall behind in the play-in race.

LeBron James was not available for Los Angeles for the entire game, and Anthony Davis had to leave due to an eye injury.

The No. 1 team plays a crucial game against the Lakers on Tuesday. 9–10 contest. Golden State can still improve from its 10th-place position, but a flawless finish is required to secure a home spot in the 9–10 game.

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