The most watched games in the history of the women’s basketball league

The WNBA just had its highest-attended opening month in 26 years, fueled by a powerhouse rookie class with the likes of Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese.
The league also said Monday it had its most-watched start of the season games ever across all six networks that broadcast matches — ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, ION and NBA TV.
Women’s basketball is experiencing a boom thanks to the phenomenon around WNBA rookie Clark.
The NCAA women’s basketball National Championship matchup between Clark’s alma mater the Iowa Hawkeyes and the South Carolina Gamecocks earlier this year drew 18.9 million viewers, smashing television ratings records.
Since then, her entry to the WNBA, along with other players like Reese, has kicked off a new era in the league.
Viewership grew 60% year-over-year among people of color, the WNBA said, with huge jumps in Hispanic and Black audiences, who represent most of the group.
And though the season has recently begun, the WNBA said it has had about 400,000 fans who have attended games in its arenas so far, the most first-month attendance in more than two decades.
Tick Pick, an online ticketing site, reported a 435% increase year over year in total tickets sold for WNBA games in May, with the average price of the tickets increasing 60%.


Thanks to a strong rookie class that included players like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, the WNBA recently saw its most attended opening month in 26 years.

ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, ION, and NBA TV are the six networks that broadcast games; the league said on Monday that these were the most watched opening-round matches ever.

The phenomenon surrounding WNBA rookie Clark is responsible for the boom in women’s basketball. Breaking television ratings records, the NCAA women’s basketball National Championship matchup between Clark’s alma mater, the Iowa Hawkeyes, and the South Carolina Gamecocks, earlier this year drew 18 point9 million viewers. Along with other players like Reese, her arrival to the WNBA has since ushered in a new chapter in the league’s history. The biggest WNBA crowd in twenty years witnessed Clark’s professional debut in May.

Young people and people of color are becoming interested in the WNBA. According to the WNBA, viewership among people of color increased by 60% annually, with notable increases in Hispanic and Black audiences, who make up the majority of the audience. The number of young girls watching increased by 139% during the league’s Tip-Off week.

“What’s happening in women’s basketball is confirmation of what we’ve always known: Women’s sports are a valuable investment and there is a demand for them,” Chief Growth Officer Colie Edison stated in a press release.

Fans are seeing more of the Los Angeles Sparks’ Cameron Brink and the Las Vegas Aces’ Kate Martin, who average 1.32 million per game on the networks, besides Reese, who plays for Chicago Sky, and Clark, who plays for Indiana Fever. The average viewership for each game last year was 462,000, in comparison. ).

Moreover, the WNBA reported that, despite the season’s recent start, nearly 400,000 fans have seen games in its arenas thus far—the highest number of first-month attendance in over 20 years.

Online ticket marketplace Tick Pick revealed that the number of tickets sold for WNBA games in May increased by 435 percent year over year, with an average price increase of 60 percent. May ticket sales for Indiana Fever increased by an astounding 4,493 percent.

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