The Mavericks crush the Clippers, Luka Doncic shines, and the Celtics oust the Heat

The Dallas Mavericks have pushed the Los Angeles Clippers to the brink of elimination in the 2024 NBA playoffs.
Pinned Link copied Ugly start to 2nd half This isn’t exactly the beautiful game.
Pinned Link copied Halftime – Mavericks 56, Clippers 46 Dallas ended the half on a high note, outscoring the Clippers by nine in the second quarter to take a double-digit lead into halftime.
Pinned Link copied End of 1st quarter – Mavericks 25, Clippers 24 These games have mostly been close, so why not start this one off close as well?
Pinned Link copied Clippers vs. Mavericks — Game 5 info We’re just a few minutes from the tip at Arena.
Pinned Link copied Porzingis ‘likely’ out for second round If Boston should advance, it sounds like they might be without Kristaps Porzingis for their entire second-round matchup with either the Cleveland Cavaliers or Orlando Magic.
Pinned Link copied Wright, Horford starting The Heat will go small(ish) to start Game 5, with guard Delon Wright starting in place of the injured Jaime Jaquez Jr.
Pinned Link copied Celtics vs. Heat — Game 5 info We’re just a few minutes from the tip at TD Garden.


In the NBA playoffs of 2024, the Dallas Mavericks have brought the Los Angeles Clippers dangerously close to elimination. Wednesday night, the Mavs easily defeated the Clippers without Kawhi Leonard, winning 123-93 to take a 3-2 series lead behind Luka Doncic’s 35 points. The Clippers, who are missing Leonard due to knee inflammation, had won the first two games of the series, but they were not as successful in Game 5. James Harden was limited to just seven points on 2-for-12 shooting, and no Clipper scored more than fifteen points.

The Clippers have never lost a playoff game by 30 points, and on Wednesday there were other blowouts in the playoffs as well.

The Heat was destroyed earlier in the evening by the Celtics, who moved on to the next round. Boston jumped out to an early lead and easily defeated the reigning Eastern Conference champions by 34 points. There are only 12 teams left in the running for the Larry O’Brien Trophy, and the Celtics are the first team from the Eastern Conference to advance in this year’s playoff bracket.

These are the final standings for Wednesday, along with some observations from the evening.

Playoff standings for the NBA: Wednesday, May 1.

Boston wins 4-1 in Game 5: Celtics 118, Heat 84 (Box score).

In the fifth game, the Mavericks lead 3-2 and the Clippers score 93 (Box score).

The Celts conjure demons.

Although Jimmy Butler, the Celtics’ best player and kryptonite, was out of the series, Boston’s strategy was ideal for defeating the Miami team that the team had faced in four of the previous five postseasons and the team that had eliminated them the year before. Great teams don’t play around with teams that shouldn’t be in the same league as them, and that’s exactly how the Celtics played Wednesday night, thrashing the Heat for the third straight game and winning the series 4-1.

The fact that the Celtics won the other four games by an average of 22 points should give them confidence if you believe that Miami’s hot shooting caused Boston to lose the second game. Although Miami was beaten by both the Cavs and the Magic in the regular season, it’s difficult to believe that the Celtics aren’t feeling relieved to have overcome the troublesome Heat.

Horford completes the most recent test.

The way the Celtics performed practically makes you forget that Kristaps Porzingis, a vital piece of their starting five, was not only injured for Game 5, but may miss their entire second-round series. It was reasonable to inquire about how Boston would replace the dynamism he brings on both ends, as his offseason acquisition has been crucial to the team’s dominance thus far.

Al Horford is a perfect example of what the Celtics need; he simply shows up with his lunchpail every postseason. In Wednesday’s game-winning performance, he finished with eight points, six rebounds, and three assists. He also made a 3-pointer and went 3 for 4 from the field. Despite not being as prolific as Porzingis, Horford’s ability to stretch the floor still draws attention.

Naturally, this is not a novel concept. Over the course of the season, Horford filled in for a number of starters and, in his six seasons with the team, he has contributed to the team in any capacity needed. Even though he was limited to 22 minutes on Wednesday, he will play a much bigger role in the postseason as long as Porzingis is sidelined.

Luka, are you playing flu?

Luka Doncic told reporters that he felt so awful on Wednesday that he probably wouldn’t have played if it had been a regular-season game, in addition to playing through a sprained knee. He had been sick for the past week. The Mavericks are happy he gave it a shot.

Doncic had his best game of the 2024 postseason thus far in the Game 5 victory, scoring 35 points, dishing out 10 assists, and pulling down seven rebounds. He completely took over in the third quarter. At age 25 or under, he is now the fifth player in NBA history to have scored 30 or more points in 20 playoff games. The other players on the list—LeBron James, Jayson Tatum, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant—might be familiar to you.

The Clippers, along with the entire NBA, were extremely disappointed to see Doncic regaining his confident demeanor. On Friday, if the Mavs are successful in finishing the series at home, the No. Next in line to feel his wrath is the No. 1 seed Oklahoma City Thunder.

Get tough in concealment.

A sigh. This is James Harden’s paradox during the postseason. Harden was completely absent from Wednesday night’s home game despite turning in a masterful clutch performance to seal the Game 4 upset in Dallas. On a strangely disengaged night, he only managed seven points on 2-for-12 shooting, including 1 for 7 from 3-point range, and four turnovers.

Probably shouldn’t have used the word “oddly” because Harden has experienced this essentially every postseason of his career. You’ll wonder if the guy with the beard is really the same after one truly amazing game.

No place for Harden to hide now that Kawhi Leonard is out. For the Clippers to have a chance in this series, he needs to be on par with Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. In the Clippers’ season-ending Game 6 in Dallas on Friday, we’ll see how (or if?) he makes an appearance.




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Final score: Clippers 93, Mavericks 123.

(Series leads, 3-2, to Dallas).

After the first quarter, the Mavericks led by one point and never looked back, putting up point after point until early in the fourth quarter, when they had secured the victory. When all was said and done, they had dealt the Clippers their worst-ever playoff defeat. Luka Doncic was outstanding, dominating the third quarter and finishing with 35 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds.

Derrick Jones Jr. and Maxi Kleber had fantastic shooting nights, which enhanced his performance. which, in spite of Kyrie Irving’s meager 14 points, allowed the Mavericks to take the series lead.

Conversely, not much went well for the Clippers, especially in terms of offense. During the entire game, they were unable to throw the ball into the ocean, and Paul George and James Harden combined to shoot 3 for 13 from 3-point range and 6 for 25 from the field. The Mavs will try to finish the series in Dallas on Friday.

Notable figures:.

Luka Doncic: 10 ast, 7 rebounds, 35 points.

15 points, 5-7 3P for Maxi Kleber.

Kyrie Irving: 6 ast, 2 stl, 14 points.

Ivica Zubac: 6 reb, 15 points.

Paul George: 4 ast, 11 reb, 13 FG, 15 points.

James Harden: 2-10 FG, 4 TO, 7 pts, 7 ast.

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Celtics 118, Heat 84 in the end.

Boston prevails 4-1 in the series.

The Celtics put a terrible Game 2 behind them and gave Boston fans terrible flashbacks to past losses to Miami. They went on to produce an absolutely dominating series, which was capped off with a hilarious Game 5 in which they performed brilliantly in every aspect of the game. With two outstanding individual scorers, the Celtics’ tried-and-true offensive formula creates pressure before dispersing the ball to a variety of shooters who can knock down shots. The way they performed it to end the Heat on Wednesday was flawless.

Both teams have comparable strengths and weaknesses—strong defenses that occasionally get stuck in offensive ruts—and Boston will move on to face the victor of the Cavs-Magic series. Although the Cavaliers, led by Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland, have the size and skill to pose a threat to the Boston frontcourt, which is expected to be without Kristaps Porzingis for the entirety of the series, the Celtics will still be overwhelming favorites.

Having said that, the Celtics can only lose this series if they suffer another serious injury or if they just can’t seem to overcome their obstacles. It appears from the way the Celtics ended their Miami trip that they are determined to return to the Finals and win this time.

Key stats from Game 5:.

25 points, 5 rebounds, 5–10 three-pointers for Derrick White.

Jaylen Brown: six rebounds, 25 points.

Jason Tatum: 16 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists.

23 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds for Bam Adebayo.

Tyler Herro: 6-19 FG, 3 assists, 15 points.

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Mavericks 89, Clippers 69 at the end of the third quarter.

The Mavs restored their 20-point lead after Josh Green’s four-point play from the corner put an end to the Clippers’ brief rally. The defense was flawless as Luka Doncic took over in the third quarter and led Dallas to 43 points. With six of their twenty-five 3-pointers, the Clippers are shooting twenty-eight percent from the field overall (38 percent).

Luka Doncic: 29 points, 8 assists, and 7 steals.

Maxi Kleber: 5-7 3P, 15 points.

Kyrie Irving: 6 ast, 2 stl, 9 points.

Ivica Zubac: 6 rebounds, 15 points.

Paul George: 10 rebound, 4 ast, 15 points.

7 points, 7 assists, 2-10 FG for James Harden.

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Mavs rule everything.

In the second half, the Mavericks have comfortably led by 23 points after dominating the Clippers on both ends of the court. The defense of Dallas has kept the Clippers in check, and Luka Doncic has been almost unstoppable.

When all else fails, Kawhi Leonard’s ability to generate offense on demand is what they really miss about him.


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awful beginning to the second half.

Not exactly the most beautiful game, this one. Both teams have had a terrible start to the third quarter thanks to turnovers and missed shots. Paul George and James Harden currently lack responses for the Mavericks defense.


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Mavericks 56, Clippers 46 at the half.

With a nine-point second-quarter lead and a double-digit lead going into the half, Dallas finished the half strongly. They have allowed Paul George and James Harden to shoot just 12 points apiece on 4 of 15 attempts, including 1 of 6 from beyond the arc, making their defense the game’s most impressive aspect.

Conversely, Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic have worked together to control the pace, finding their rim runners with lob passes and kicking out to shooters. Maxi Kleber gave the Mavs a tremendous lift in the second quarter, going on to make four 3-pointers that essentially explained the disparity in points. Harden and George need to find a way to motivate themselves if they want the Clippers to make a comeback.

Notable figures:.

Luka Doncic: five rebounds, five assists, and fifteen points.

Maxi Kleber: 12 points, 4-6 3P.

Kevin Durant: 6 points, 5 assists.

Ivica Zubac scored 13 points with 6-7 field goals.

Paul George: 10 points, 7 rebounds.

James Harden: 7 ast, 5 points.

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Getting mann-ed up.

Terance Mann has been the Clippers’ first-half MVP, scoring 11 points in a variety of ways while Paul George and James Harden are having difficulty finishing basket plays. He just hung in the air for the powerful finish after making himself available on a fantastic cut. Mann’s primary defensive role for Luka Doncic is an unenviable one, and the Clippers could be much worse off without his efforts on both ends.

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Mavs offense starting to click.

The Mavs started the game 1 for 10 on 3-point attempts, but after that they made three of their next six, all of which came from backup big man Maxi Kleber. Dallas really needs a different shooter than Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, as Kleber and Derrick Jones Jr. haven’t been able to provide it. have answered for every three made by the Mavericks. Dallas has scored 24 of its 41 points in the paint thanks to that shooting.


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Clippers 24, Mavericks 25, at the end of the first quarter.

Dallas has scored twenty of its twenty-five points in the paint, and the stars have come out to play early. These games have mostly been close, so why not start this one close as well? On the other hand, they’ve been icy-cold from the bottom, only succeeding in one out of ten attempts.

Notable figures:.

Luka Doncic: 8 points, 4 assists, 3 steals.

Derrick Jones Jr. 7 points, 2 blocks.

3 ast, 4 points from Kyrie Irving.

8. rebounds, 4–4 FG for Ivica Zubac.

Paul George: 3 points, 5 rebounds.

James Harden: 3 points, 4 assists.


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Zu’s off to another explosive start.

After dominating the paint for six early points, Ivica Zubac has come out strong for the Clippers once again. We can all agree that Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Paul George, and Luka Doncic will be the primary offensive players by the conclusion. The query will be which pair receives greater backing. Thus far, Zubac is fulfilling his share.


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Clippers against… Information about the Mavericks’ fifth game.

At Crypto . com Arena, the tip is just a few minutes away. Here’s how to watch the game this evening.

Date: May 1st, Wednesday | Time: 10 p.m. me. EST.

Location: Los Angeles, California’s Crypto . com Arena.

Watch live: TNT app | Watch TV: TNT.

NBA -3 | O/U 208 points are the odds.


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Pouring it on, Jaylen Brown.


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Heat 66, Celtics 98 at the end of the third quarter.

Now that they have secured this victory, the Celtics will advance to face the winner of the Cavs-Magic series after winning the series in five games. Even without Butler and Rozier, Boston knew exactly how they wanted to destroy Miami, and they’ll carry that confidence into the postseason for however long it takes them.

Notable figures:.

Derrick White: 5-10 3P, 25 points.

Jaylen Brown: six rebound, 25 points.

Jameson Tatum: 16 points, 12 rebounds, 3 steals.

23 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds for Bam Adebayo.


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White keeps up her winning streak.


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Halftime – Celtics 68, Heat 46.

We’re never going to rule out the Miami Heat under any scenario, but .. yeah, this one’s gonna be tough. The Celtics absolutely walloped the short-handed Heat from the jump, bombarding them with 3-pointers and drives to the basket. Miami hasn’t been able to generate any consistent offense, with Bam Adebayo pretty much the only one who has anything going. If you’re looking for reasons for Miami optimism, they went 3 for 16 from 3-point range in the first half, so there’s a chance they could get hot after the break. They’ll have to if they’re going to extend this series.

Notable stats:.

Derrick White: 17 pts, 6-8 FG.

Jaylen Brown: 17 pts, 5 reb.

Jayson Tatum: 15 pts, 8 reb.

Bam Adebayo: 21 pts, 4 ast, 3 reb.


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Celtics trying to end this one early.

An absolute barrage from the Celtics in the first half has them leading by almost 30 points. They’re hitting shots from all conceivable angles while the Heat struggle to get anything going offensively. It’s going to take a major lapse (and a major comeback) for this series to be extended to a sixth game.


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End of 1st quarter – Celtics 41, Heat 23.

This was just about a worst-case scenario for the Heat out of the gates in Game 5, giving up a 41-spot in the first quarter while allowing eight made 3s and 12 points in the paint. Not only that, but Jayson Tatum may be on the way to breaking of his 3-point funk, going 2-for-2 from deep in the first quarter. On the other side, Bam Adebayo has been pretty much the only source of Maimi offense, putting up 12 of their 23 points on 5-for-9 shooting. Tyler Herro has been noticeably quiet, going scoreless while missing all five of his field goal attempts.

Notable stats:.

Derrick White: 15 pts, 3-4 3P.

Jayson Tatum: 9 pts, 3 reb.

Bam Adebayo: 12 pts, 5-9 FG.


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Heat defense struggling early.

The Celtics have gotten pretty much anything they’ve wanted early in Game 5, with 12 of their 15 points coming in the paint. Jaylen Brown and Derrick White have done the damage so far, accounting for all of Boston’s points. Erik Spoelstra wants to limit the Celtics’ 3-point attempts, but it can’t be a constant parade to the rim, as many of these finishes have been quite easy for Brown and White.

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‘Likely’ out of the second round is Porzingis.

In the event that Boston advances, it appears that Kristaps Porzingis may miss the entirety of their second-round series against the Orlando Magic or Cleveland Cavaliers. Game 5 will see Porzingis sitting out due to a strained calf from Game 4. Al Horford is starting tonight and will probably stick in the starting lineup for the duration that Porzingis is sidelined.

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Horford and Wright first.

With guard Delon Wright starting in lieu of the injured Jaime Jaquez Jr., the Heat will start Game 5 small (approximately). Miami’s lack of depth is exacerbated by the rookie’s presence on the sidelines alongside Jimmy Butler and Terry Rozier. Kristaps Porzingis is out with an injury, so veteran Al Horford will start for the Celtics. This is nothing unusual for Boston, who used Horford as Porzingis’ replacement multiple times during the season due to injury or rest.


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Celtics vs. Heat — Details of Game 5.

The TD Garden tip is only a few minutes away. How to watch the game tonight is provided here.

Time: 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1. m. ET.

The location of TD Garden is Boston, Massachusetts.

TNT is the TV channel; the TNT app offers live streaming.

Celtics -14 | Over/Under 200 points.

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