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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and edge rusher Haason Reddick were notable absences at the team’s mandatory minicamp that began Tuesday.
Saleh said Rodgers’ absence was not excused, but said Rodgers was attending an “event that’s important to him.” “He made a decision,” Saleh said.
The Jets coach later said he’s not disappointed by Rodgers’ unexcused absence.
He’s the last guy I’m worried about will be ready to play football.” Saleh said both Rodgers and Reddick would be subject to fines for skipping the minicamp.
By skipping voluntary workouts and mandatory minicamp, Reddick gave up $250,000 in workout bonuses and he’ll be fined an additional $50,000 for skipping minicamp.
As for Rodgers, the Jets’ star quarterback was a complete participant in the offseason program and OTA practices.
Either way, Rodgers has spent all offseason building chemistry with his teammates so this shouldn’t be much of an issue.
Required reading Haason Reddick skips OTAs while Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson star New Jets DE Haason Reddick promises to give team, fans ‘everything that I have’ (Photo: Cooper Neill / Getty Images)


Among the notable absences from the team’s mandatory minicamp on Tuesday were quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the New York Jets and edge rusher Haason Reddick.

Rodgers had previously informed the team that he would not be attending minicamp, so coach Robert Saleh stated in a press conference on Tuesday that it was not a surprise. Saleh stated that although Rodgers was attending a “event that’s important to him,” his absence was not justified. “.

Saleh remarked, “He made a decision.”.

Later, the Jets coach expressed his disappointment with Rodgers’ unjustified absence. Since the team’s organized team activities sessions, which are optional, until minicamp, the quarterback has been practicing with the group. After suffering a season-ending Achilles tendon injury in Week 1 of the previous season, the 40-year-old quarterback is gradually returning to action.

Saleh remarked, “Again, selfishly, I want our guys here all the time, but when you get to these mandatory things, you make the best decision for yourself.”. Naturally, he wanted everyone to be here at all times out of selfishness, but he made a choice, and that’s where he went. “.

On the other hand, Saleh stated he was unsure if Reddick’s lack of attendance stems from his contract situation. Reddick missed the team’s OTAs.

Saleh praised Reddick, saying, “The guy is a great dude.”. He has performed well in a number of different settings. He is a seasoned and skilled vet. I’m not concerned about him being prepared to play football. “.

Saleh threatened to fine Rodgers and Reddick for missing the minicamp.

This offseason, the 29-year-old Reddick was acquired by the Jets from the Philadelphia Eagles. He is in the final year of his contract, and the Jets will pay him $14.25 million in 2024. Including 27 in his final two years in Philadelphia, Reddick has had four seasons in a row with at least ten sacks.

Reddick appears to be in the market for a new contract. It is evident that Reddick wants more long-term security because he forfeited a $250,000 roster bonus that was part of his contract by choosing not to participate in the voluntary offseason.

Reddick told reporters following the trade in March that he would be happy with his contract no matter what happened. Whatever it takes, I will give it my all. “.

How to interpret missing people.

When the Jets acquired Reddick, they believed he would take part in the offseason program. He obviously changed his mind because he wanted a new contract, which was one of the main reasons the Eagles wanted to trade him in the first place. Reddick would rank among the highest-paid pass rushers in the NFL if he were to receive the salary that was reportedly sought by the player, which was in the neighborhood of $25 million season. As of right now, the final year of his contract, he is expected to make $14.25 million.

Reddick lost out on $250,000 in workout bonuses and will pay an extra $50,000 in fines for missing both the required minicamp and the optional workouts. Saleh appeared unconcerned about the prospect of skipping training camp, even though it’s still unclear exactly what Reddick wants to achieve. Clearly, this is an unnecessary distraction, and the Jets were hoping for a quiet offseason. Although there was a perception following the trade that Reddick would finish the season on his current contract, the Jets have not yet made it clear if they are genuinely interested in signing him to a new contract.

Regarding Rodgers, the superstar quarterback for the Jets participated fully in both OTA sessions and the offseason program. He also attended Monday’s photoshoot with his teammates before departing for the unknown “event” Saleh mentioned. While Rodgers’ absence isn’t a huge deal in the end, it is worth wondering if the other members of his team would receive the same leniency if they skipped practice. Saleh stated he didn’t mind Rodgers missing. In any case, this shouldn’t be much of a problem because Rodgers has spent the entire offseason developing a rapport with his teammates.

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While Aaron Rodgers and Garrett Wilson shine, Haason Reddick stays away from OTAs.

‘Everything that I have’ is what New Jets DE Haason Reddick pledges to give the team and fans.

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