The Eagles stuck to their board in drafting Trotter Jr

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On Saturday, the Eagles drafted linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr.
The son of linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, a member of the Eagles Hall of Fame.
Howie Roseman tells it, the Eagles didn’t ignore their priorities to justify taking Trotter Jr. with pick No.
“You have to stick to your board,” Roseman told reporters.
We just started that story, but it’s got to be skillset, and he has a skillset, and that’s why we drafted him.
All that said, it’s impossible to completely disregard who a player is when setting the board.
Did Trotter Jr. get extra consideration in the complex stew of tangible and intangible factors that takes players of all sizes, shapes, and positions and puts them into a one-after-another-after-another official ranking?
With Trotter Jr. going to the Eagles, the attraction is likely far more simple than complicated.


Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr. was selected by the Eagles on Saturday. The son of Eagles Hall of Fame linebacker Jeremiah Trotter.

Since G. M. The Eagles didn’t overlook their priorities in order to acquire Trotter Jr., according to Howie Roseman. utilizing choice No. Fifth round, 155.

Roseman told reporters, “You have to stay on your board.”. “We can’t assign a player a grade just because we think well of them. I joke around quite a bit. That being said, my spouse is the most amazing person I have ever met, and I do not want her to play linebacker for us. “.

Teams should try to treat players as anonymous as possible. The draft is intended to provide each franchise with several new components that are purportedly able to be plugged into the never-ending pigskin machine, which will eventually treat them all as interchangeable. because they will unavoidably be changed out.

“I believe that ultimately, in order to play in the National Football League, a player must possess a specific set of skills. For this reason, we are searching for players with this skill set and selecting them based on it,” Roseman stated. Even though you enjoy those stories a lot and think they’re fantastic even without the resolution, you know. He has a skillset, which is why we drafted him, even though we’ve only just begun that story. He’s got an attitude. We drafted him for that reason. We’re excited for him to be unique and to forge his own path rather than following in the footsteps of others. “.

Theoretically, Roseman would have the same feelings about whoever he placed there. That is the aim of each and every pick.

Having said that, it is impossible to set the board and totally ignore a player’s identity. Did you know Trotter Jr. get more weight in the intricate mix of material and immaterial factors that ranks players according to their positions, sizes, and shapes? After all, if the same factors apply to both players, wouldn’t it make a difference if one of them could bring a captivating story to the community?

Indeed, things would be different if there was a trustworthy formula that made it possible for players to be ranked in a way that fairly represents their performance in the NFL. It’s still a crapshoot despite all the time, money, effort, consideration, discussion, and debate.

Some will prosper. Some will not succeed. Some will take the initiative. A few will withdraw. Why not believe that a guy who has competed at a high level can help a player who is objectively good enough with his DNA? Especially if that guy could act as an unofficial coach to help his son become the best player possible?

Sometimes it is simple, despite how complicated they like to make it. In partnership with Trotter Jr. The draw is probably much simpler than complex if you’re watching the Eagles play.

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