Padres 9, Cubs 8

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It would’ve been less painful than watching the Cubs blow an 8-0 lead in San Diego for their fourth loss of the season.
Through just ten games, the team has a blown save and their worst loss (in terms of their biggest lead) in over 20 years.
All eyes will be on Jose Cuas for this one, who came in and allowed three runs to score (and all the momentum to shift) with just 13 pitches, but he wasn’t alone.
And the Cubs closer, Adbert Alzolay gave up the go-ahead, two-run homer.
Every team has a “worst guy” in their bullpen, but the leverage doesn’t get any lower than a 6-run lead in the 6th inning.
The Cubs could have kicked this tough west coast road trip off with a win and without burning their already burnt (and scuffling) bullpen.
Instead, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and used four relievers, including their best two.
All on the day we learned one of their other best relievers, Julian Merryweather, would miss over a month.


I wish I had not worn spectacles today to view the eclipse up close. Watching the Cubs lose their fourth game of the season in San Diego after blowing an 8-0 lead would have been more agonizing. It is beyond me how you could allow that to occur. The team has lost their worst game (in terms of their largest lead) in more than 20 years and blown a save in just ten games.

When your team scores eight runs on the road against Yu Darvish and your sixth starter gives you five scoreless innings of two-run ball, you just can’t let it get away.

For this one, all eyes will be on Jose Cuas, who entered the game and gave up three runs to score on just 13 pitches, shifting the entire momentum. But he wasn’t the only one. Luke Little failed to locate the strike zone and gave up a home run. Hector Neris did not complete the task without suffering any harm. Additionally, Adbert Alzolay, the Cubs closer, surrendered the game-winning two-run home run.

However, this season, each of those three players has made a contribution. With regard to Cuas, I can’t really say the same. Any team’s bullpen contains a “worst guy,” but a 6-run lead in the sixth inning is the lowest leverage possible. Simply put, he gave a terrible performance, and they quickly piled up. I’m not sure what the front office will do, but I fail to see how Craig Counsell can use Cuas for anything more than pinch-hitting when the Cubs are already in the basement. That is the extent to which he is currently untrustworthy.

What a loss. With a victory to start this difficult west coast road trip, the Cubs could have avoided burning their already scorched (and scuffling) bullpen. Rather, they took defeat by surprise and used four relievers, including their two best. All of this happened the day we found out Julian Merryweather, one of their other top relievers, would be out for more than a month.

Tonight, there’s no space to talk about any of the advantages. That was terrible. Tough.

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