Oregon will face South Carolina in the NCAA tournament


EUGENE — Oregon is a No.
11 seed in the men’s NCAA Tournament.
The Ducks (23-11) will open against No.
6 seed South Carolina (26-7) in the first round of the Midwest Region in the NCAA Tournament on Thursday (approximately 1 p.m. PT, TNT) at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh.
“It never gets old,” Ducks coach Dana Altman said.
“It does leave an empty feeling when you’re not involved.
The guys were excited and they were really excited last night.
That’s what I like seeing.
I’ve had an opportunity to do this for a while and we go to the tournament every now and then but those guys — with the exception of Gabe (Reichle) was with us in ′21, but (N’Faly) Dante was hurt — it’s good to see to them all excited and their first opportunity.”Less than 24 hours after earning the Pac-12′s automatic bid to the Big Dance by winning the conference tournament, Oregon watched from Matthew Knight Arena as their name come up during Sunday’s selection show.
“That’s something that I want to do since I came to Oregon and we did a couple of times I was hurt,” Dante said.
“I’m glad I’m healthy this time to be able to experience it like an NCAA Tournament.”Oregon and South Carolina have never played before, but each lost to Alabama and defeated Florida A&M this season.
The Ducks also beat Georgia to open the season while the Gamecocks split the season series with the Bulldogs.
“We’re a lot different at this time, and I’m sure they are,” Altman said.
“I’m sure they made progress and they feel like they’re a much different team.
I know we’re a much different team with the people we’ve got now and have to play a lot different way.”Ducks guard Jermaine Couisnard began his career at South Carolina in 2018-19 and he spent four years there before transferring to UO two years ago.
It’s a full circle moment for the 25-year-old Couisnard (15.5 points, 4.5 rebounds).
“It’s a good opportunity for us,” Couisnard said.
“I know a couple of guys over there.
… For myself it was a dream come true, seeing what commitment we made in these three days that we had.
See how far we can get with being connected.”The Ducks are 26-16 all-time in the NCAA Tournament in 17 prior appearances, the last being 2021.
If Oregon wins, it will face the winner of the No.
3 seed Creighton (23-9) and No.
14 seed Akron (24-10) on Saturday.
Altman said he didn’t like seeing his former school, where he spent 16 seasons, appear as a possible second-round opponent.
“I don’t know whether it’s my ego or what, but I still feel a big part of it and I cheer for those guys,” he said.
“I’ve got so many friends in Omaha and I followed them every game.
Greg (McDermott)’s done a great job.
I mean they’re good and they’ve been good.
So we know if we’re fortunate enough to win the first one that, — Akron, that MAC you always got to worry about them, they’re always tough — if we do play Creighton, I love the school.
I love the people.
Sixteen years; when I leave here, I’ll have the same thoughts about the University of Oregon.
The way I’ve been treated; people have been great.
“I hope we’re fortunate enough to play them, but it will be tough.”A week in which Oregon had no margin for error culminated in celebration and now shifts to attempting to replicate it on an even bigger stage.
“The same that applied to the Arizona game, you got five minutes to enjoy it and then we move on to the next one,” Altman said.
“South Carolina doesn’t care that we won the Pac-12.
It doesn’t mean much.
We’ve got to refocus, forget about that and get ready for Thursday.”Dante (16.2 ppg., 8.8 rpg.)
scored a career-high 25 points to help lead the Ducks back to the NCAA Tournament, which was the driving factor in his decision to return for a fifth season.
Now it’s about continuing that journey.
“Everybody in that locker room knows it’s not just getting there; it’s about getting there and go do what we want to do,” Dante said.
“We all have a goal; we want to go there to win it.
It’s not just getting there.
I think everybody’s over that Pac-12 now and we’re going to focus on the next game and then after that, focus on another one.”

Oregon says no, Eugene. men’s NCAA Tournament seeding, at number 11.

Opening up against No. 1 will be the Ducks (23-11). Sixth-seeded South Carolina (26-7) in the NCAA Tournament’s Midwest Region first round on Thursday at around 1 p.m. M. PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh (PT, TNT).

Coach of the Ducks Dana Altman remarked, “It never grows old.”. The absence of involvement does give you a sense of emptiness. This past night, the guys couldn’t have been more excited. That’s what I enjoy observing. We occasionally attend the tournament, but I’ve had the chance to do this for a while. Still, it’s encouraging to see the guys happy and excited about their first chance, especially Gabe (Reichle), who was with us in ′21 but (N’Faly) Dante was injured. “.

Oregon saw its name called during Sunday’s selection show from Matthew Knight Arena, less than twenty-four hours after winning the Pac-12’s automatic bid to the Big Dance.

Since moving to Oregon and we experienced some injuries, Dante stated, “I want to do that.”. “I’m happy to be able to enjoy it like an NCAA Tournament this time around because I’m healthy. “.

Despite having never faced each other before, South Carolina and Oregon both defeated Florida A&M this season and lost to Alabama. While the Gamecocks and Bulldogs shared the season series, the Ducks defeated Georgia to start the season.

“I’m sure they’re different now, and we certainly are,” Altman remarked. They feel like a completely different team, and I’m sure they made improvement. With the players we have now, I know we’re a very different team and need to play in a very different manner. “.

Guard Jermaine Couisnard of the Ducks started his career at South Carolina in 2018–19 and played there for four years before transferring to the University of Oregon two years ago. For the 25-year-old Couisnard (15 points, 5 rebounds), it’s a complete circle moment.

Couisnard stated, “It’s a good opportunity for us.”. “There are some guys over there that I know. dot. The commitment we made over the course of these three days was, for me, a dream come true. Observe the extent to which our connectivity allows us. “.

After 17 previous trips, the Ducks are 26-16 all-time in the NCAA Tournament; their most recent trip was in 2021.

Oregon will play the No. 1 seed if it wins. No. 3 seed Creighton (23-9) and No. on Saturday, against 14-seeded Akron (24-10).

Seeing his old school, where he played for 16 seasons, listed as a potential second-round opponent, according to Altman, bothered him.

He said, “I don’t know if it’s my ego or what, but I still feel like a big part of it and I support those guys.”. In Omaha, I have a ton of friends, and I watched every game. Greg McDermott did a fantastic job. They’re good, they really are, and they have been. We therefore know that if we are lucky enough to win the opening game, Akron—that MAC team you always have to worry about, they’re always tough—will be a formidable opponent. If we do play Creighton, which I absolutely adore, we will defeat them. I cherish the people. After sixteen years, my opinions of the University of Oregon will remain unchanged. I have received excellent treatment from everyone.

It will be difficult, but I hope we are fortunate enough to play them. “.

Following a week where Oregon could not have made a mistake, the focus is now on trying to repeat the success on a larger scale.

The Arizona game was no different, Altman said. “You have five minutes to enjoy it before we move on to the next one.”. The Pac-12 title is of no consequence to South Carolina. It is not very significant. We need to put that behind us, refocus, and get ready for Thursday. “.

Dante (16.2% of points). 8 point 8 rpg. ) was the inspiration behind his decision to return for a fifth season. He scored a career-high 25 points to help lead the Ducks back to the NCAA Tournament. At this point, the journey must be continued.

“It’s not just about getting there; everyone in that locker room knows that it’s about getting there and going do what we want to do,” Dante remarked. Everybody has a goal, and we all want to get there and win. Reaching the destination is not enough. Everyone is probably over the Pac-12 now, so we’ll concentrate on the upcoming game before moving on to the next one. “.

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