OG Anunoby is likely to miss a lot of games with an elbow injury


SAN FRANCISCO — OG Anunoby’s surgically repaired elbow “flared up” and he flew back to New York, scratching the forward from Monday’s game against the Warriors and likely the following contest Thursday in Denver, Tom Thibodeau said.
The test showed inflammation but no new injury, the Knicks said.
There’s no return date for Anunoby, who underwent surgery in February to remove loose bone from his elbow, and Thibodeau didn’t want to answer whether he was brought back too soon.
“You can’t work backwards,” Thibodeau said.
“There’s many steps he had to go through.
He met all the markers.
He was cleared.
This is a possibility.
Whenever you come back from surgery, this is what you’re looking at.
And so, we feel good about where he is.
And just give him the time he needs.”Knicks forward OG Anunoby is expected to miss multiple games with an elbow injury.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York PostThe messaging from Thibodeau, Anunoby and the Knicks was a lot different the previous few days.
They had claimed “soreness” was anticipated, dismissing the idea that he’d be sitting out games.
On Saturday, Anunoby even said he was “ready” to defend Steph Curry.
Then after being listed as questionable on Sunday night, Anunoby flew home and was downgraded to “out” by Monday morning.
“When you talked to him after the game, he felt good.
The next day he didn’t feel as good,” Thibodeau said.
“So we wanted to make sure everything was fine.
We sent him back, got his MRI.
Came back clean.
And now let it calm down.
And then go from there.”Anunoby played three games after returning but aggravated the area last week during a victory over the Blazers.
His presence was a major boost to the defense of the Knicks, who are 15-2 with him in the lineup.
But he shot 1-for-8 in Saturday’s win over the Kings and looked uncomfortable with his release since the pain resurfaced in Portland.
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Check out more newslettersAccording to people familiar with his tenure in Toronto — where Anunoby missed lots of time with injuries — the 26-year-old isn’t comfortable playing through pain.
He’s also a free agent after the season and in line for a massive contract, which the Knicks will be eager to pay since they traded two young promising pieces — RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley — to acquire him from the Raptors.
Following the Nuggets game Thursday, the Knicks are home for four straight very winnable games against the Nets, Pistons, Spurs and Raptors.
Then the schedule gets a lot tougher to end the season.
And it’s unclear when Anunoby’s inflammation will calm down.
After Anunoby visibly exhibited pain in last week’s game in Portland, an expert doctor — who hadn’t treated the Knicks forward — cautioned that inflammation should require “an extended period of rest.
“I would be concerned if his elbow was swollen, which it may be.
I would be concerned if he didn’t have full range of motion in his elbow,” Dr. Andrew S. Rokito, chief of the division of shoulder and elbow surgery at NYU Langone Orthopedics, said.
“And I would be concerned about how much pain he’s in.
All of those things would factor into my level of concern.
And if all those boxes would check off, it would necessitate a more extended period of rest.”

SAN FRANCISCO— According to Tom Thibodeau, OG Anunoby’s surgically repaired elbow “flamed up” and he had to return to New York, which prevented him from playing on Monday against the Warriors and probably from playing on Thursday in Denver.

The Knicks said the test revealed inflammation but no new injuries.

Anunoby, who had surgery in February to remove a loose bone from his elbow, has no set return date, and Thibodeau declined to comment on whether or not he was brought back too soon.

Thibodeau stated, “You can’t work backwards.”. He needed to go through a lot of steps. He completed every marker. He was exonerated. This is a potential scenario. This is what you’ll be looking at after your surgery, every time. We are therefore happy with where he is. Simply give him the time he requires. “.

OG Anunoby of the Knicks is expected to miss several games due to an elbow injury. Charles Wenzelberg from the New York Post.

A lot had changed in the last few days regarding the communication from Thibodeau, Anunoby, and the Knicks. They had rejected the notion that he would be missing games and stated that “soreness” was expected.

Even more, Anunoby declared on Saturday that he was “ready” to back Steph Curry up.

Anunoby was then downgraded to “out” by Monday morning after flying home on Sunday night after being listed as questionable.

“He felt good when you talked to him following the game. He felt worse the following day, according to Thibodeau. We therefore wanted to confirm that everything was alright. We received his MRI and sent him back. returned spotless. And now give it time to settle. and proceed from there after that. “.

Anunoby injured the area last week during a win over the Blazers, but he was able to play in three games after his return.

The Knicks, who are 15-2 when he starts, saw a significant improvement in their defense. However, he only managed a 1-for-8 performance in the Kings victory on Saturday and appeared uneasy about being released after the pain returned in Portland.

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The 26-year-old Anunoby isn’t comfortable playing through pain, according to people familiar with his time in Toronto, where he missed a lot of time due to injuries.

In addition, the Knicks will be eager to pay him a large contract because they acquired him from the Raptors in exchange for two young, promising players in RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley. He will also be a free agent at the end of the season.

The Knicks have four straight highly winnable games at home against the Nets, Pistons, Spurs, and Raptors after Thursday’s Nuggets game. The schedule then becomes much more difficult as the season draws to a close.

Additionally, it’s unclear when Anunoby’s inflammation will stop.

A medical professional who had not treated the Knicks forward warned that Anunoby should take “an extended period of rest” following his apparent pain during last week’s game in Portland.

He might have swollen his elbow, in which case I would be worried. Chief of the NYU Langone Orthopedics division of shoulder and elbow surgery Dr. Andrew S. Rokito stated, “I would be concerned if he didn’t have full range of motion in his elbow.”. And I would wonder how much pain he is experiencing. Those are all things that would influence how concerned I would be. It would also require a longer period of rest if all those boxes were checked. “.

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