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With another WrestleMania in the books, here takeaways from the six Night 2 matches: The Endgame The conclusion of Roman Reigns’ and Cody Rhodes’ stories was straight out of a Marvel Avengers movie.
Reigns’ Thanos and The Bloodline had terrorized WWE long enough that it was time for those wronged to finally team with Rhodes’ Captain America to win the battle.
The cameos began after about 20 minutes of deliberately paced wrestling between Reigns and Rhodes that saw each man use the other’s finisher on the other to no avail.
Solo Sikoa was next to try to stop Rhodes with a Samoan Spike when Reigns was in danger again.
It opened the door for Rhodes to finally hit the triple Cross Rhodes and put Reigns down for good, as all the little moments came together.
Later in the match, Paul finally did go for his signature brass knuckles.
Knight turned it into his BFT finisher for the win to keep his momentum alive and solidify Styles a heel.
Biggest Winner: Cody Rhodes Biggest Loser: Kevin Owens Best Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns Best Entrances: Cody Rhodes and Bayley Predictions: 6-0 (Total: 10-1-2)


PHILADELPHIA: Cody Rhodes’ kingdom is now the WWE.

As the Undisputed WWE Universal champion at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, he defeated Roman Reigns in the WrestleMania 40 main event, capping off his journey to become the chosen champion of the Paul “Triple H” Levesque era. Rhodes had never held the title before.

It brings an end to Reigns’ incredible 1,316-day reign as world champion, which is the fourth-longest in business history. After losing to the Tribal Chief at WrestleMania 39, Rhodes needed a lot of support from WWE icons to pull off the victory.

As WWE followed up a great Saturday with an even better performance, the celebration was the coda that supporters had been demanding to cap off a fantastic weekend for the company in Philadelphia.

Well deserved WrestleMania moments went to Drew McIntyre and Bayley. With some assistance from CM Punk, we were able to pull off a perfectly timed Damian Priest Money in the Bank cash-in.

The Philadelphia Street Fight on Sunday was less about making an impression with the weapons at hand and more about having a good time, so the card wasn’t ideal. Furthermore, while LA Knight vs. An A. J. Styles played well; it will go down as one of this weekend’s least memorable games.

Here are some key conclusions from the six Night 2 matches of WrestleMania 23.

The Finale.

The resolution to the stories of Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes felt like something from a Marvel Avengers film.

Now that Reigns’ Thanos and The Bloodline had terrorized the WWE for a considerable amount of time, it was time for the wronged parties to unite with Rhodes’ Captain America to emerge victorious.

The carefully timed wrestling match between Reigns and Rhodes, in which neither man was able to use the other’s finisher on the other, lasted for about twenty minutes before the cameos.

Funny enough, Reigns said, “That move sucks, that move don’t beat nobody,” after using a Cross Rhodes and “The American Nightmare” kicked out. “.

Jimmy Uso emerged from underneath the ring and intercepted Rhodes’ attempt at the triple Cross Rhodes with a superkick. Taking care of him with a spear off the ramp, brother Jey came out.

Then, when Reigns was in danger once more, Solo Sikoa tried to stop Rhodes with a Samoan Spike. The challenger then successfully avoided Reigns and Sikoa’s spike-spear combo.

It was only fitting that John Cena, who had lost to Sikoa at the Crown Jewel the previous year, should show up to give him and Reigns an attitude adjustment. The look on Cena’s face when The Rock’s song started was priceless, and he knew he had to take on his former opponent once more before losing badly.

The Undertaker’s gong with The Bloodline in control again came after Reigns prevented Rock from taking a chair smack from Shield Seth Rollins.

Even though it was perfectly fine to see Taker in street clothes choke-slamming Rock, it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Reigns momentarily lost focus on the goal, opting to hit Rhodes with a chair shot as retaliation for Rollins’ betrayal of the Shield.

All the little moments came together, setting the stage for Rhodes to finally land the triple Cross and end Reigns’ career.

Since Rhodes’ entrance featured images from the battlefield, he wore a mask resembling his logo, and his wife Brandi joined him for the first time in WWE history, WWE gave you a hint that things might end differently for Rhodes right away.

At the conclusion, the focus of the celebration was on Rhodes’ family and the babyfaces, which included Randy Orton, CM Punk, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens in the ring with him. The true conclusion of the tale came when Rhodes fulfilled his promise to his mother Michelle and raised his hand in recognition of Triple H as the company’s new face, even though he still has unresolved business with The Rock.

Reigns feels like he’s destined to turn babyface for WrestleMania 41 and go on a date with The Rock.

Vanished in an Instant.

Thanks to “The Best in the World,” Drew McIntyre’s third world championship in the WWE didn’t last nearly as long as CM Punk’s second in the AEW (three days).

After developing his character, McIntyre was finally given his due at WrestleMania. Seth Rollins, who failed to score in the first game despite three successful stomps, needed four Claymores to be put down, the first one being fired immediately before the opening bell.

After two during the pandemic, it was McIntyre’s first world championship victory in front of the public, and his joy was evident as he celebrated in the ring and with his family. When McIntyre became avaricious, Rollins had to tenderly bid farewell to the title he had held for 316 days.

He approached Punk at the commentary desk and began to tease him. Following McIntyre’s “suck it” gesture, Punk decked the champion by removing his arm brace and striking him with it.

Next, a hit song by Damian Priest emerged. Following a chokeslam, McIntyre took just a few minutes to become the new World Heavyweight champion.

Priest is the first WWE world champion to be born in Puerto Rico since Pedro Morales fifty years ago.

Holding gold, he and Rhea Ripley have made Judgment Day truly a “Monday Night Raw” show.

Though the conspiracy theory may begin as there is no official word that McIntyre has re-signed with WWE, this seems to lock him and Punk in an instant feud once Punk is cleared to wrestle again.

Aw, Bay-by.

We hadn’t seen a genuine babyface Bayley in almost five years, so this served as a reminder of the kind of bond she can have with her audience. When Bayley, who made an amazing entrance as the Egyptian Goddess, defeated Iyo Sky to win the WWE women’s championship in her first-ever singles match at WrestleMania, the crowd went wilder than any other match outside of the main event.

Once the challenger started to work on a knee injury after rolling Sky hard into the corner, Sky and Bayley built things up to a crescendo. Sky’s consecutive bridged German suplexes only served to increase the crowd’s sympathy.

Sky continued to perform moonsaults with varying degrees of success. On her first try, Bayley went all in. Furthermore, Sky countered into a cross-face and then put Bayley in an STF when she went to the top rope.

Bayley decided to make a comeback at that point, starting with a less-heely Bayley to Belly. The two slapped and struck each other after Sky blocked a Rose Plant attempt, but the champion was unable to submit the challenger.

In order to win the title, Bayley had to put on a show with a top-rope elbow, a suplex, and a Rose Plant.

After starting Damage CTRL in July 2022, Bayley put her own career on hold. However, this is the first time we’ve seen a babyface version of her since 2019.

Paul’s Order.

Logan Paul pulled off more bare-knuckle shenanigans, but in the end, he made the right decision to defend his US title in a more conventional fashion.

Kevin Owens was in this match, as was to be expected, to take the pin and give WWE the opportunity to move on to a singles match involving Randy Orton and Paul.

With a second RKO on Owens as a sick counter to a pop-up powerbomb, the Viper appeared to have won the match. Nevertheless, Paul managed to snoop on the Viper before he could reach for the pin and throw him out of the ring. Paul held onto it after a frog splash.

This game was all about the small moments. Orton attempted to covertly land an RKO after Owens and he had made a vague agreement that they would not give up on Paul.

Paul did, at last, go for his trademark brass knuckles later in the match. When Paul delivered a right hand, Orton kicked out, breaking the initial stop.

Orton had Paul set up for his trademark punt kick following an RKO, but YouTuber IShowSpeed, a friend of the match, pulled the champion out of the ring while sporting the Prime mascot uniform. Orton moved through the announce table to RKO Speed.

Although Owens did get to participate in a WrestleMania event, it’s doubtful that he will ever again be shown holding a championship.

Table Conversation.

Even though the Philadelphia Street Fight match’s spots were a little awkward, we still had some straightforward, entertaining booking and a strong conclusion.

Karrion Cross challenged special guest referee Bubba Ray Dudley’s count after DDTing Bobby Lashley onto a chair.

Then things started to get a little ridiculous.

After D-Von Dudley’s “Wassup” dive from the top rope was executed by Angelo Dawkins, they received a table through Bubba Ray’s chest slaps; however, they needed a second one because the first one broke under Cross’ weight.

Ford won with a frog splash on the table after smashing Cross with a kendo stick for good measure.

Throughout the match, B-Fab and Scarlett performed two spots. Scarlett was eliminated by B-Fab after she threatened Lashley with a kendo stick. The two then crashed through an outside table using a Russian leg sweep from the apron.

Whose Game is it?

LA Knight’s progress doesn’t seem to have stopped; rather, it has taken a detour after he defeated A in a good match. D. J. Styles made his debut at WrestleMania.

This one had a workman’s appearance.

For the first time since making his WWE debut, Styles altered his song, focusing on Knight’s knee. After taking a chance and removing the padding from outside the ring, the “Megastar” was back-body dropped onto it and barely beat the count of ten.

Knight stopped Styles from attempting a Styles Clash and then stopped Styles from attempting a Phenomenal Forearm, which led to an unexpected finish.

Knight used it as his BFT finisher to secure the victory, maintain his momentum, and establish Styles as a heel.

Cody Rhodes emerged as the biggest winner.

Kevin Owens is the biggest loser.

Top Match: Cody Rhodes against… Roman Returns.

Bayley and Cody Rhodes made the best entrances.

6-0 (Total: 10-1-2) in the predictions.

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