It is likely that the story will miss the rest of the season

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“What we’re looking at, it’s probably somewhere in the neighborhood of six months,” Breslow said.
“Just the pain I felt, I had never felt anything like that.
You always try to be optimistic and just hope that it went out and would come back in.
It’s hard to imagine.” After his team’s 7-1 loss to the Orioles, Story fought back tears while dealing with the reality he will miss the majority of a season for the second year in a row.
Coming off right elbow surgery, Story played 43 games in ‘23.
We’re going to miss him, yeah, as a leader, as a player, as a baserunner, as a defender, as a hitter.
Whoever is going to play short that day, just play up to who you are.
There’s only one of those, and he’s probably not going to play this year.”


“What we’re looking at is probably going to take us about six months,” Breslow stated. Beyond that, it’s difficult to make specific predictions, but you can sort of calculate it. “.

As soon as I heard it come out, I knew it was bad,” Story remarked. “Even the pain I experienced was unlike anything I had ever experienced. You just hope that it went out and would come back in, trying to remain positive at all times. Make the most of the circumstances, please. However, it appears that additional events occurred, and the severity exceeded my expectations. It’s difficult to envision. “.

Story, facing the fact that he will miss the majority of a season for the second consecutive year, fought back tears following his team’s 7-1 loss to the Orioles. Story played 43 games in 2023 after undergoing surgery on his right elbow.

Breslow remarked, “This is kind of a recent development.”. Following a conversation with our medical staff, obtaining additional confirmation from a second opinion, and Trevor’s decision to proceed following our discussion regarding some concerns regarding the bone structure, [Story] is actually scheduled for surgery. “.

For the Red Sox, Story’s departure is a big one. After two seasons plagued by injuries in Boston, he entered Spring Training in excellent form and appeared ready to take the team’s No. 1 spot. 3 hitter and a dependable shortstop.

Breslow described Story’s passing as “very significant.”. “He won’t run away from the defensive contributions he has made to this team, and we were fully confident in his ability to contribute offensively as well. During Spring Training, we witnessed his abilities. Thankfully, in my opinion, he has become a leader on this team, and he will continue to have a positive influence on it. Regretfully, it doesn’t appear that it will be on the field at this time. “.

Cora stated, “Like I said the other day, we’ve got to move on.”. “I understand that it sounds challenging, but this is how the game works. Yes, as a hitter, defender, baserunner, leader, and player, we will miss him. We must, however, move on. Just be yourself, regardless of who gets cut short that day. Be not like Trevor Story. He’s probably not going to play this year, and there’s only one of those. “.

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