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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Amid a sea of around 6,000 eclipse enthusiasts, first responders and city officials made sure things went smoothly in Watertown’s Thompson Park on Monday.
The turnout wasn’t nearly as high as expected as darkness fell on the city during the total solar eclipse Monday but Pierce says “Total Eclipse of the Park” was a total success.
“To have under-planned would have been a major issue and would have caused major issues for people.
At the event, you could find the Watertown Police Department suited up with cruisers and the Watertown Fire Department on standby with an engine.
“I think we literally put a couple of band-aids on people up in the park.
Had one person that tripped, and that was about the extent of it,” said Watertown Fire Chief Matt Timerman.
Roads in Watertown were clear but a couple of Guilfoyle ambulances got stuck further south transporting patients to Syracuse.
It was bumper-to-bumper for a stretch that delayed us about an hour,” said Bruce Wright, president & CEO of Guilfoyle Ambulance.


WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – On Monday, amidst a throng of approximately 6,000 eclipse enthusiasts, emergency personnel and local authorities ensured that everything ran smoothly at Thompson Park in Watertown.

Mayor Sarah Pierce stated, “This has been years in the making, and from the standpoint of the city’s planning process, I honestly do not think we could have asked for a better day.”.

Though the number of people attending the “Total Eclipse of the Park” was much lower than anticipated, Pierce claims the event was a huge success. On Monday, the city saw a total solar eclipse.

“There would have been serious problems and serious difficulties for people if we had under-planned. She expressed her satisfaction with the strategy they chose.

Watertown Police Department in cruisers and Watertown Fire Department in an engine-equipped standby were both present at the event.

We essentially applied a few band-aids to individuals in the park, in my opinion. Matt Timerman, the chief of Watertown Fire Department, stated, “We had one person trip and that was about it.

There was Guilfoyle Ambulance in the park as well.

Transportation of patients to hospitals was a major worry that was never truly addressed: traffic.

The roads were clear in Watertown, but while delivering patients to Syracuse, a few Guilfoyle ambulances got stuck farther south.

“We’re used to the traffic moving through the city with ease. Guilfoyle Ambulance President and CEO Bruce Wright stated, “It was bumper to bumper for a stretch that delayed us about an hour.”.

Officers, deputies, and supervisors numbered in the more than thirty range, according to Jefferson County Sheriff Peter Barnett. Scheduled overtime was not required because there were fewer calls than usual.

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