He is not satisfied with his performance


Brunson looked at his buddy as if DiVincenzo were teasing him about a 0 of 20 dud.
Brunson is the first player in NBA history with 40 points and five assists in four consecutive playoff games.
He’s averaging 36.6 points during the postseason, which leads the NBA, to go with 8.6 assists.
“I’m so proud of him, just knowing what type of person he is,” DiVincenzo said of Brunson.
Indiana tossed various defenders at Brunson in Game 1, a 121-117 New York victory.
These are the types of shots the Knicks can expect from Brunson in this series.
This is the same thing.” The Pacers trapped Brunson in moments, but he got rid of the ball quickly.
The strategy is an attempt to tire out Brunson while also bogging down the Knicks offense.


It was Jalen Brunson’s turn. That would be ensured by Donte DiVincenzo.

Following Brunson’s outrageous 43-point performance in Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers—which has now become standard fare for the All-Star point guard—the two New York Knicks sat down in front of reporters. As rare as a broken blood vessel from Tom Thibodeau, a Brunson scoring explosion is these days.

Now, in four straight playoff games, Brunson has scored 40 points or more. Only Jerry West, who had a six-game streak, Michael Jordan (four), and Bernard King (four) have achieved the same feat in league history.

DiVincenzo interrupted as a reporter was enumerating Brunson’s impressive company.

He turned to face Brunson, a broad smile spreading across his cheeks as he exclaimed, “Michael Jordan.”.

With a 0 of 20 dud, Brunson seemed to be making fun of DiVincenzo as he looked at his friend.

The following day, Brunson remarked, “If you know my friends, you should know that they’re all a——-.”. Since they are usually all sarcastic, I just tried to stop him before he could say anything more. “.

The kindest of friends are only considerate to one another behind their backs. Additionally, DiVincenzo is becoming more and more excited by the shrine of successes located behind Brunson’s.

With 40 points and five assists in four straight playoff games, Brunson is the first player in NBA history to accomplish this feat. His five consecutive playoff games of 39 or more are a record, held only by West.

Leading the NBA in postseason scoring, he’s dishing out eight points and six assists per game. Russell Westbrook was the only player to achieve those numbers for a postseason run; he did so in just five games, four of which his team lost, and on far less effective shooting in 2016–17.

Given the kind of man Brunson is, DiVincenzo exclaimed, “I’m so proud of him.”. “He rejects compliments, recognition, and other such things. It doesn’t sit well with him. It’s his constant goal to improve. He is always aware that there will be more people who have doubts and opportunities for improvement. It embodies his personal beauty. “.

The Pacers are seeing the beauty of basketball up close as they trail the Knicks 1-0 in their second-round series.

In the first game, Indiana threw a variety of defenders at Brunson, winning 121–117 against New York. He was manned initially by the tall, robust Aaron Nesmith. Eventually, the guard took over, Andrew Nembhard, a tough guy. Brunson was also squared up by point guard TJ McConnell, who Josh Hart so endearingly called “an annoying little s—” earlier this week.

Nothing of it was very successful.

With all 14 of his free throws made, Brunson scored 43 points on 14 of 26 shots. During the regular season, the Pacers were among the teams that fouled the most. It became evident.

In this series, the Knicks can anticipate shots similar to these from Brunson. Potential shooters who line the perimeter are frequently targeted by Indiana’s defenders. The Pacers hardly ever allow 3-pointers to get through thanks to it. Additionally, it directs drives toward center Myles Turner, one of the best rim protectors in the league. However, the middle is left unfilled.

Throughout the regular season, Indiana gave up the most points in the paint to any team. Including Brunson, the pattern persisted into Game 1. Thirteen of his shots fell inside the paint, with several of them falling in the floater range, where Brunson can capitalize and neutralize Turner’s capacity to block shots.

It wasn’t because Philly gave him the middle that Brunson got hot during the previous series, in which the Knicks defeated the 76ers in six games.

He was surrounded by long defenders from the Sixers, many of whom fell on him as soon as he got close to the basket. He eventually got it figured out, scoring 39 points in the third game, 47 in the fourth, 40 in the fifth, and 41 in the decisive sixth game.

Not that Brunson would brag about himself any more than his friends would in front of him, but not many people have reached these stats.

Brunson remarked, “I understand what’s going on, so it’s definitely obviously pretty cool, and it makes it better to know that it comes off a win most importantly. But honestly, no matter what the situation was, whether it was positive or negative, I have to come back and be better.”. I have to keep in mind that I had a terrible performance in the first two games of the previous series and that I do need to improve. This is equivalent to that. “.

Brunson was quickly confined by the Pacers, but he managed to get rid of the ball. The Knicks anticipated that he would be full-court pressured, given that Indiana had done the same to the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the playoffs. The idea is to slow down the Knicks offense and exhaust Brunson at the same time. New York will not be as likely to score if it takes a few more seconds to take its first move.

Even though his team was winning, Brunson’s analysis of the Pacers in Game 1 wasn’t.

The Knicks made 11 of 23 three-pointers and shot 53.7% from the field. Their 98 possessions resulted in 121 points, an exceptional number.

According to Thibodeau, “the thing that’s impressive is always in the context of winning and his teammates, and that’s always the most important thing to him.”. Furthermore, I adore his mindset since it is one of dissatisfaction. “.

Additionally, he is now appearing on lists alongside Michael Jordan, despite his refusal to accept the achievement and his concern that his pals would use it as fodder for jokes.

“He ignores the fact that he knows what he’s doing. Daily improvement is all he’s aiming for, according to DiVincenzo. “I love it, but not being him and looking on the outside. I absolutely adore it. Every day of the week, I’ll celebrate. Not just a basketball player, that’s who he is as a person. “.

The top image is by Getty Images user Sarah Stier.

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