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With a new season comes a new evolution for PGA TOUR Expert Picks.
Fans of PGA TOUR betting can now see tips and picks for specific markets that the Golfbet team will be riding with each week.
The traditional format for lineups and rosters will remain with Experts looking to come out on top in PGA TOUR Fantasy Golf.
How it works: Each week, our experts from PGATOUR.COM will make their selections in PGA TOUR Fantasy Golf.
Aside from the experts below, Golfbet Insider Rob Bolton breaks down the field at THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson in this week’s edition of Power Rankings.
The PGA TOUR Experts league is once again open to the public.
Once you create a team, click the “LEAGUES” tab.
Then click on “FEATURED,” and then on the PGA TOUR Experts league that populates.


An evolution of PGA TOUR Expert Picks is inevitable with a new season. The Golfbet team’s weekly riding selections and recommendations for particular markets are now visible to PGA TOUR betting enthusiasts. Experts hoping to win PGA TOUR Fantasy Golf will continue to use the standard format for lineups and rosters.

How it operates: Our PGATOUR experts provide weekly insights. COM will choose their players for the Fantasy Golf on the PGA Tour. There are two bench players that can be rotated after every round, and each lineup consists of four starters. The fact that each golfer can only be used three times in each of the four Segments makes things more difficult.

This week’s Power Rankings feature a field analysis by Golfbet Insider Rob Bolton at THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson, in addition to the experts below.

THOUGHT YOU’RE BETTER THAN OUR EXPERTS? The public can once again participate in the PGA TOUR Experts league. Below is a link to our free fantasy game where you can test your skills against our experts.

It is easy to join the league. To log in or register, simply click this link. Go to the “LEAGUES” tab after creating a team. Once “FEATURED” has been selected, click on the PGA TOUR Experts league that appears.

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