Drew McIntyre lost it all after wrestling with obsession

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Drew McIntyre’s journey on Sunday night at WrestleMania was a rollercoaster of emotions, starting in one place and ending in another entirely.
McIntyre kicked off day two of WWE’s signature event by defeating Seth Rollins to win the World Heavyweight Championship in front of over 72,000 fans.
Later that night, Roman Reigns, with chair in hand, opted to strike his former betrayer Seth Rollins as The Visionary had done to Reigns almost ten years ago.
McIntyre and Reigns’ misguided focus resulted in their downfall, costing them everything they had worked tirelessly to achieve.
For McIntyre and Reigns to return to their previous status, each must undergo a transformative journey that includes self-reflection, growth, and learning from past mistakes.
During his 2023 rivalry with Rollins, McIntyre was challenged to reflect on his role in his hardships.
Another wrestling promotion has expressed intentions to aggressively recruit top talent in 2024, which could include McIntyre.
Or will heads roll with Seth Rollins’ dome first on the chopping block?


On Sunday night at WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre’s journey took him on an emotional rollercoaster that took him from one place to another.

In front of more than 72,000 spectators, McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins to win the World Heavyweight Championship to start day two of WWE’s marquee event. For McIntyre, it marked the climax of his journey since his prior WWE world title victories occurred during the pandemic, when no one was present to commemorate his accomplishment. However, the Scottish Warrior soon started berating CM Punk, who was providing commentary for the World title match, after basking in the praise for a short while with family and supporters.

McIntyre overlooked Punk’s identity—a man who doesn’t back down from his contemporaries. The Chicago martyr, in spite of his wounds, battered McIntyre mercilessly with his arm brace, bringing down the wrath of the storm with each blow and leaving no trace. Damian Priest of Judgment Day used that defeat as an opening to successfully cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and take home McIntyre’s newly acquired prize.

Remarkably, McIntyre’s defeat was the first of two world title collapses on Sunday because of an odd obsession with a third individual. Later on in the evening, Roman Reigns chose to use a chair to strike Seth Rollins, his erstwhile betrayer, just as The Visionary had done to Reigns nearly a decade prior. Due to his error, Reigns’ 1,316-day reign as WWE’s Undisputed Universal Champion came to an end, and Cody Rhodes, his opponent, took advantage of the opportunity.

The last night of WrestleMania was ultimately dominated by obsession. McIntyre’s obsession with punk caused his four-year quest for redemption to fail. Comparably, Reigns lost focus and pursued retribution after he was unable to move past Rollins’ betrayal ten years ago, which cost him the championship. McIntyre and Reigns lost everything they had laboriously strived for due to their misplaced focus, which ultimately led to their downfall.

Even though those errors damaged their TV personas and left their devoted fans to pick up the pieces for their fallen heroes, they also created the foundation for gripping narratives.

In order for McIntyre and Reigns to regain their former position, they both need to go through a journey of self-discovery, development, and learning from their mistakes. They have to come to some sort of realization about how damaging their obsession is and the toll it has taken on them and maybe others. By means of this procedure, viewers might witness every man acquire a fresh outlook and potentially experience a transformation in personality that enables them to experience a rebirth, emerging more robust, sage, and resilient.

Alternatively, it could set them on a more destructive course that places everyone who disagrees with them in danger of a fiery catastrophe and endangers their well-being.

McIntyre was pushed to consider his part in his struggles during his rivalry with Rollins in 2023. Is McIntyre going to make winning the World Championship back from Damian Priest his top priority going forward, or will his obsession with Punk get even more intense and perhaps cause him to leave the WWE?

The possibilities are endless for Reigns in terms of where his story can lead him. Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Chief Content Officer of WWE, expressed optimism about The Tribal Chief’s upcoming storyline following WrestleMania.

“He’s not finishing the story with what he did with Cody Rhodes tonight. This chapter is almost over. Since he’s going to embark on a brand-new narrative that, in my opinion, will blow people away,” Levesque remarked.

The Rock, Reigns’ cousin and a director of TKO, the parent company of WWE, appears to have stepped away from Reigns and his special counsel, WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman, raising speculation about what that might look like. Would Reigns be able to make peace with his former relationships through kindness and forgiveness, or will Seth Rollins’ dome be the first to go? Could the stage be set for a second Bloodline Civil War?

Excited fans can expect a redemption story or the ultimate downfall of two well-liked outlaws as new tales emerge following WrestleMania, which will heighten the anticipation of WWE’s entry into a new era.

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