Drake Maye was working at the mini camp


Drake Maye departed the back fields of Gillette Stadium shortly before 12:30 p.m. EST after Day 2 of rookie minicamp.
The New England Patriots’ new quarterback has already started logging long hours inside the facility during his first few days in Foxboro.
That began with a late night Friday, on the team’s first day of rookie minicamp, where Maye stayed after hours to get on the same page as the rest of his teammates.
You got to know all 11, not just my job,” Maye told reporters after practice.
Among the 12, four — offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, quarterback’s coach T.C.
“There has to be balance there, you don’t want Drake hearing too many voices,” Mayo explained prior to practice.
Coach Van Pelt will chime in when he needs to, and Coach McAdoo is awesome.
That included taking snaps under center, working on his play-action drop backs and also aligning with his left foot in front while in the shotgun — something Van Pelt emphasizes for QBs to maintain rhythm.


Before 12:30 p.m., Drake Maye left Gillette Stadium’s back fields. me. EST following the rookie minicamp’s second day. Still, he had a long day ahead of him.

After just a few days in Foxboro, the new quarterback for the New England Patriots has already begun putting in long hours inside the building. On the team’s first day of rookie minicamp on Friday night, Maye stayed after hours to align with his teammates. That was the start of it all.

Prior to practice on Saturday, head coach Jerod Mayo stated, “He was here all night trying to get on the same page as everyone else.”.

“Quarterback, you have to be aware of what the offense players are doing on the field. After practice, Maye told reporters, “You got to know all 11, not just my job.”. More work, more planning, and more questions are required. Just getting to know it myself and the other guys in the area is what I’m attempting to do. Bring them along with me. Arriving early and staying late. “.

It looks like another late night is planned for this Saturday as well.

Maye stated, “We’ll be here until seven, eight, or nine o’clock.”. “That meeting the guys for the first time is the best part of minicamp.”. We are staying at the same hotel, just across the rooms. watching a movie and going over the script for the following day. Enjoy your time abundantly. Why don’t we play football since we have nothing else to do here?

Maye has gotten to work with his new coaches in addition to developing a close relationship with his teammates. With 12 coaches tasked with overseeing the offensive line, Jerod Mayo has a strong offensive staff. Out of the twelve, four — Alex Van Pelt, the offensive coordinator; T. C. There is a direct connection between McCartney, senior offensive assistant Ben McAdoo, and assistant quarterback coach Evan Rothstein.

Keeping the voices in Maye’s ear to a minimum will be crucial to his growth.

Before practice, Mayo said, “There has to be balance there—you don’t want Drake hearing too many voices.”. The quarterback, usually the starting quarterback, is the person with whom most offensive coordinators in the league interact. Although a number of our coaches have experience as quarterbacks, I believe that AVP is the best option for the lead guy overall. “.

Maye mostly engaged McCartney and Van Pelt during Saturday’s session, with McAdoo observing from a distance.

Every one of the three has a specialized area of expertise, according to Maye. “T. C. is the coach of the quarterback. In meetings, he is present and conversing with us. I love Coach McAdoo, and Coach Van Pelt will weigh in when necessary. He has witnessed numerous exceptional quarterbacks accomplish it. Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning old tapes that he has. They have a great deal of football knowledge, so I’m just trying to use that. Merely attempting to act as a sponge. “.

Particularly on the practice fields, Van Pelt’s mentoring was evident as Maye emphasized the essential principles of the OC. This involved snapping under center, honing his play-action dropbacks, and lining up with his left foot in front while in the shotgun, which is something Van Pelt stresses on quarterbacks in order to keep their rhythm.

Since Maye played quarterback out of the shotgun at North Carolina, where his right foot would lead in his alignment, a lot of that is unfamiliar to him.

Maye stated, “I felt pretty good out there today. I’m trying out two new stances that I’m getting used to, so just working on it, repping it.”. Footwork is really important. Obtain it, then align it with the routes. Just give me some coaching on that; I want some serious coaching. Once you get the timing right, I believe it’s simple. It has to do with timing ideas and movements with rhythm. “.

Even though Maye still has a ways to go in his development, beyond just his footwork, the franchise’s future is currently being lived in the present.

“It is fantastic. Enthusiastic to be here with the guys,” he remarked. “Just trying to enjoy myself, take everything in, and learn everything I can. “.

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