Drake Maye is reacting to the selection of joe milton III

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The New England Patriots selected quarterback Drake Maye from North Carolina with the third overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft.
One quarterback was all New England needed, with Jacoby Brissett, Bailey Zappe and Nathan Rourke already with the franchise, right?
The Patriots also selected Joe Milton III with the 193rd pick in the sixth round.
Maye didn’t seem remotely phased by the selection and, in fact, even sent his well wishes on social media.
So why exactly did the Patriots select a second quarterback?
Head coach Jerod Mayo explained during a video conference on Saturday after New England made its final selection of the draft.
“We’re in the business of trying to get good football players through the door, and Milton happens to be one of them,” Mayo said.
The Patriots will enter camp with all five quarterbacks.


With the third overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft, North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye was chosen by the New England Patriots.

With Jacoby Brissett, Bailey Zappe, and Nathan Rourke already in the lineup, New England only needed one quarterback, right?

Not quite. Joe Milton III was also chosen by the Patriots with the 193rd pick in the sixth round.

Maye even expressed his congratulations on social media, demonstrating that he was not in the slightest bit affected by the decision.

Maye posted on X, using the fire emoji and writing, “Joe cool! Congrats bro.”.

After New England made its final draft choice on Saturday, head coach Jerod Mayo gave an explanation of the Patriots’ decision to choose a second quarterback in a video conference.

Milton just so happens to be one of the good football players that we’re trying to get through the door,” Mayo stated. We advocate for competition, among other things. Nothing is given; everything is competitive. Everything is merited. We also considered the process in that way. “.

During the draft, New England made eight selections that helped them accomplish their goal of increasing depth at all positions.

All five of the Patriots’ quarterbacks will be present in camp. What individuals make the roster is a matter of time.

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