Detroit Pistons went cold in a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers

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The Detroit Pistons ended their four-game road trip how they started it — with a loss.
The Pistons limped to a 120-102 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday, dropping their record to 13-66 with less than a week remaining in the season.
The Sixers locked down defensively after a sloppy first half, holding the Pistons to 31.8% shooting in the second half.
This year’s team is guaranteed to tie for the worst record at-best, with just 13 wins and three games remaining on the schedule.
One more loss will clinch the worst record in franchise history.
The Pistons also will almost certainly finish with the NBA’s worst record for the second season in a row.
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Their season finale is on the road against the San Antonio Spurs, the West’s worst team with 19 wins.


Losing all four of their road games was how the Detroit Pistons concluded their four-game trip.

With less than a week left in the season, the Pistons’ record fell to 13-66 as they lost a limping 120-102 to the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday. Despite Tyrese Maxey’s absence, Joel Embiid was unstoppable, leading Philadelphia to victory with 37 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks.

Due to left knee injury management, Cade Cunningham missed his fourth straight game. Though he only has three more chances left before the season ends in San Antonio on Sunday, Monty Williams stated on Saturday that the Pistons expect him to play again this year.

In the second half, the Sixers’ defense tightened up after a careless first half, limiting the Pistons to just 31.8 percent shooting. The majority of the offensive work was done by Jaden Ivey (25 points) and Evan Fournier (21 points), with Jalen Duren contributing a double-double of 15 points and 11 rebounds.

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At best, the loss solidifies a tie for the worst record in the franchise’s history.

The Pistons’ 16 game winning streak in 1979–80 was a record low for the team. With just 13 wins and three games left in the schedule, this year’s team is sure to tie for the worst record at best. The worst record in the history of the team will be achieved with one more loss.

For the second consecutive season, the Pistons will almost definitely end with the worst record in the NBA. For the Washington Wizards, who are currently 15 wins ahead of Detroit, to advance, they would need to win all three of their remaining games.

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Though Cunningham’s return is necessary for the Pistons to have the best chance of winning, two of their final three games seem winnable. They play the Chicago Bulls, who they have already beaten twice, in their home finale on Thursday. With 19 wins, the San Antonio Spurs are the worst team in the West, and they will be their opponent on the road in the season finale.

However, there is a road game against the Dallas Mavericks, who have won nine of their past ten games, in between the two games. In 82-game seasons, the Pistons’ 13 wins would tie for the fifth-fewest in NBA history if they end the season without a victory.

Fournier and Ivey are offensive.

Ivey’s season has not gone well, as he had shot only 38.3 percent overall and 27.9 percent from three point range since the All-Star break as of this Friday. He scored 17 of his 25 points before halftime and made four of his five 3-pointers during his crucial performance against the Sixers.

Chauncey Billups went from being a bust to a Detroit star and eventually an inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Fournier also recovered from his season-long slump, scoring 15 of his 21 points at the half after making five of his six shots in the first half. Aside from that, Detroit’s offense had trouble getting going early on, and the Sixers pulled away in the second half after doubling down on Ivey and Fournier on defense. In the third and fourth quarters, the Pistons shot just 5-for-21 (23.8%) and 9-23 (39.1%), respectively.

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The bulls are next.

Pistons (13-66) vs. Chicago (as of Tuesday, 37–41).

Seven p.m. is tipoff. me. Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena on Thursday.

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