Clark Hunt said that the Chiefs will split with the Royals

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The month began with the Chiefs hoping that Jackson County, Missouri voters would choose to extend a sales tax that would finance a new stadium for the Royals and a renovated venue for the Chiefs.
On Saturday, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt addressed the situation in a press conference.
“Well, we’re definitely disappointed with how the stadium vote turned out,” Hunt said.
“It was something that we had worked on for several years, and we were excited about the opportunity to be able to renovate [Arrowhead Stadium].
The bigger focus will be coming up with a solution to a stadium situation that has six and a half years left on the lease.
“I really think at this point it makes sense for us to go our separate ways,” Hunt said.
Hunt said that staying at Arrowhead is “definitely” an option, but that it’s not the only one.
“Going forward it may make more sense for us to be in a new stadium.” Hunt said renovations could extend Arrowhead Stadium’s useful life for another 25 years.


At the start of the month, the Chiefs were hoping that voters in Jackson County, Missouri would decide to extend a sales tax, which would help pay for both the Royals’ new stadium and the Chiefs’ renovated home. That didn’t work. Sadly.

The situation was discussed in a press conference held by Chiefs owner Clark Hunt on Saturday.

As for the stadium vote, Hunt stated, “Well, we’re definitely disappointed with the outcome.”. “We were thrilled to have the chance to renovate [Arrowhead Stadium], as it was something we had worked on for a number of years.”. Regretfully, it was unsuccessful. Having gone through a few of these procedures myself, I can attest that it’s not always successful to try things out first. That means we’ll have to start over from scratch. As previously stated, we will consider every option available to us moving forward. Thus, that will be our main objective. “.

According to Hunt, the Chiefs have not yet looked into the reasons behind the voters’ rejection of the years-long sales tax extension. Though the stadium lease has six and a half years remaining, finding a solution will be the main priority.

We will tackle it from a wider angle moving forward because we are running out of time and need to see what other options are available to us, according to Hunt. “I do feel very much of an urgency,” the speaker stated.

Working with the Royals is not going to be one option.

Hunt stated, “I really think it makes sense for us to go our separate ways at this point.”.

While Hunt acknowledged that there are other options, he stated that staying at Arrowhead is “definitely” an option.

Hunt stated, “Our family and our fan base consider Arrowhead to be a special place.”. In the future, moving to a new stadium might make more sense for us. “.

Arrowhead Stadium may have another 25 years of useful life left, according to Hunt. There are two possible configurations for a new stadium: open air and dome.

That wasn’t mentioned during the press conference. If it’s a new stadium, where would it be? Nearby? In Missouri or Kansas City? Or relocation?

Just the thought of another city acquiring the Chiefs ought to force the establishment to open the piggybank and give the Chiefs whatever public funds they desire in order to prevent them from moving anywhere.

Keep this in mind. Once the Texans, the Chiefs were founded in Dallas. Their departure was solely due to their inability to contend with the Cowboys. How is relocation not an option now, given that it was in the cards in the early 1960s and that the Chiefs might be able to obtain free money by just raising the possibility of it?

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