Boilermakers showed a way to build NCAA championship rosters

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It was right there, too, behind the dejected steps Purdue took off the floor at State Farm Stadium.
GO DEEPER UConn stymies Purdue in title game, goes back-to-back “Pure dominance,” Huskies senior Hassan Diarra said amid the revelry of a 75-60 win and a sixth national championship for the program.
This team is amazing.” It is, but it is also a high-definition remaster of an old movie we’ve seen before.
National titles in men’s college basketball aren’t won through player development or the infusion of young talent or a canny command of the transfer portal.
Before they even got started Monday, Connecticut and Purdue reconfirmed what Kansas, Baylor, Virginia and Villanova told us previously.
“A lot of people that are picking out of the portal, they’re trying to get the most talented guys, if they’re getting multiple guys,” Painter said.
Virginia’s championship team was all juniors and one breakout sophomore.
“They wanted me for my offensive talent,” Karaban said, “but they were honest with me, that on the defensive end, you gotta get better.” He took the fourth-most shots on a national championship team as a redshirt freshman.


Glendale, Arizona. — Monday night’s master plan for men’s college basketball was once again visible, albeit with distracting confetti flakes floating into the vicinity. It is very difficult to win a national championship twice in a row, but Connecticut accomplished this. However, for any coach or administrator who cares to look, the imprints and spoor leading directly to masses of happy humanity in April were there. For now, this is the victor. Though, to be honest, not that difficult to figure out, it is complex and tense.

That was exactly where it was, too, behind the defeated steps Purdue removed from the State Farm Stadium floor. West Lafayette, Indiana, could hold a lifetime’s worth of unanswered questions. regarding the game, but regrets regarding the architecture shouldn’t exist. Pretty much what any program in this sport ought to do is what the Boilermakers did to earn the right to be depressed. Against a single team, it simply didn’t work. With UConn as the only team, what else is new?

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In the championship match, UConn stops Purdue and wins two straight.

Huskies senior Hassan Diarra declared, “Pure dominance,” amidst celebrations following a 75-60 victory and the program’s sixth national title. “Offensively. in a protective manner. Our interpersonal relationship. This group of people is outstanding. “.

In addition to being that, it’s a hi-def remaster of a previously seen classic film. Men’s college basketball teams do not win national titles by developing their players, bringing in fresh talent, or using the transfer portal with skill. It takes all of them to win. in appropriate ratio and most likely in the sequence mentioned above. Connecticut and Purdue confirmed what Kansas, Baylor, Virginia, and Villanova had previously told us before they even began play on Monday. What might have been added if a pandemic had not wiped out the postseason four years ago for the Jayhawks, Gonzaga, or Dayton.

Content above gimmick. The brand-new item, stuffed into a shoebox and pushed inside the closet.

This is the way, and has been for some time, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Why pursue anything else but this blueprint? Why deceive yourself into believing you’re the smartest guy in the room, when you might be the only guy in the room?

One day before winning back-to-back titles, Huskies coach Dan Hurley declared, “I think all of us should just shut up about it and stop trying to help the people that don’t know what they’re doing.”. “.

This is where it’s acknowledged that you need to be good, not just following the crowd.

Coach Matt Painter of the Boilermakers duly noted on championship eve, “I haven’t seen anybody come up here and get interviewed all the time with bad players.”. On the rosters of the two teams playing on Monday, however, there was only one five-star recruit overall. Conversely, the 10 starters entering the game had a combined Division I playing time of 27,063 minutes. Two types of goodness exist: the purposeful kind and the proper kind.

The players that Purdue produced include a third-year forward who missed his freshman season, two guards in their sophomore year who have sustained numerous injuries, a fifth-year transfer guard who was carefully chosen from the portal, and a senior All-American who may be the best example of patient player development ever.

When selecting from the portal, “a lot of people are trying to get the most talented guys, if they’re getting multiple guys,” Painter stated. Nobody is going to succeed with six or seven guys, so someone has to get those guys. You do realize that’s not possible?

UConn: Plenty of fresh faces every year, but plenty of familiar faces as well.

It was led Monday for the second time in as many years by former transfer guard Tristen Newton, who was wrapping up his second year in the program. It was the catalyst for a victory in the championship game. A third-year forward who missed his rookie campaign, a freshman and a sophomore who will be selected in the first round, and a fifth-year transfer guard who was carefully chosen from the portal were also started.

Hurley revealed the not-so-secret codes he claimed he’d rather not reveal. “Young players with talent that are insulated by returning players to your program that can uphold the culture,” he said. “Next, thoughtful portal enhancements that have the potential to elevate your game. “.

Since the overall idea is not novel, it is all the more impressive when other programs don’t attempt to imitate it. 2023 saw a number of skilled veterans at UConn, including André Jackson Jr. , Adama Sanogo), a developmental transfer named Newton, a rising sophomore named Jordan Hawkins, and sprinklings of young players with promise like Donovan Clingan and Alex Karaban.

Kalen Wilson, a gifted sophomore, and veteran transfer Remy Martin complete the core of Kansas’ 2022 roster, which includes developed veteran stalwarts like Ochai Agbaji, Christian Braun, and David McCormack.

2021: Baylor? A budding star (Jared Butler), three-year program transfers (MaCio Teague and Davion Mitchell), and gifted young people (Adam Flagler)? There was one standout sophomore and all juniors on Virginia’s championship team. Jalen Brunson and Mikal Bridges were Villanova’s aged cornerstones, supporting the younger generation.

Of course, the mind games continue once everything is put together. Determining roles involves more work than just navigating a path free of mines.

Everyone must be motivated to follow your instructions and stay put even if they disagree with you.

It seems like there’s a trick to that as well.

Karaban described them as “brutelly honest.”.


Men’s Top 25 – far too early: Houston, Gonzaga, and Duke lead the way in 2024–2025.

One consensus top-50 recruit was UConn’s starting power forward. In 2022, he enrolled in the Huskies during the middle of the season. Not a minute was spent playing. Karaban stated, “They were honest with me; you gotta get better on the defensive end. They wanted me for my offensive talent.”. As a redshirt freshman, he took the fourth most shots on a team that won a national championship. Up until Monday, he had taken the third-most shots for UConn. Apart from joining an NBA franchise, he has not made any progress and is not going to make any.

It is fulfillment by degrees rather than by decree. Hurley declared, “We don’t kiss the kids’ ass during recruiting.”. “While they are on campus, we do not kiss it. Our players benefit greatly from our old-school approach, which challenges them to improve. “.

Sunday afternoon, two players sat in stalls in the other locker room, clearly happy to be here but probably not expecting to be here in this particular capacity. During the previous season, Ethan Morton played 880 minutes and started 29 games for Purdue. This year, he started at zero and gained over 500 minutes less. From 18 points per game as a freshman to 9 points per game as a junior, Caleb Furst’s minutes decreased.

Painter expressed his pain at their lack of participation, but he quickly clarified that he gets paid to make choices that will benefit Purdue. Simple and equitable to state. Hard to take when you’re the one contributing nothing to Purdue’s improvement. especially difficult when there’s not a clear dialogue about it, rather there’s more of an assumption that a player will pick up on room dynamics as the year progresses.

Additionally, no corrosion has occurred, as far as anyone is willing to say. I’ve mentioned this to a lot of people, Morton said. Should you refuse to comply with their requests, you will undoubtedly stand out in an unfavorable manner. “.

The coaches and both of these teams have it down pat, even though Purdue was unable to capitalize on one crucial component of UConn’s strategy—big guards that small guards can’t see through or get past, in essence.

Because Painter canceled the intentional fouls, the Huskies were able to begin their embrace and celebration with 36 seconds remaining in the game. He had confirmed in his mind what he had likely been suspecting for some time: he had made his program into a team capable of defeating every other program, save the one sitting on the other bench.

Hurley gave his son Andrew one piece of advice to do with the basketball in the final seconds, as the shot clock was running down and UConn was voluntarily accepting the foul: spike that ball. Pops got their wish from Andrew Hurley. For the curious, an exclamation point—though how could they miss it?

Meanwhile, a 7-foot-4 giant tilted the floor for two consecutive years, forcing the Boilermakers to figure out how to survive. Without Zach Edey, who scored 37 points on Monday, they won’t even be the same. They are not capable of being. They should still be quite old, though, and their experience will help a top-15 recruiting class that matriculates this summer. It is an alternate implementation of the same scheme. It is standard practice to be the first team to win back-to-back Big Ten championships by multiple games since 1976, have the most victories in school history, and be just one game away from winning it all, according to Painter.

Please feel free to attempt this method in a different way. These two programs will be delighted to return one day, as will any others who have been watching the past few championship Mondays.

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