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It’s well-documented before the 2024 NFL Draft that newly drafted Bears’ Caleb Williams and Rome Odunze worked out with DJ Moore and Keenan Allen in Los Angeles.
Leading up to the draft, Moore talked to “The Mirror” about how the workout.
“It was good,” Moore said.
If you remember, Moore was a staunch advocate for Justin Fields to remain the Bears’ quarterback.
Moore executed a career-best season with Fields last season.
So when asked about how Williams throws, Moore shared his thoughts.
Bears News “Anticipation is there,” Moore said of Williams.
But, unlike last season, Moore isn’t alone in the wide receiver room.


Before the 2024 NFL Draft, it is widely known that Caleb Williams and Rome Odunze, the newly drafted Bears, worked out in Los Angeles with DJ Moore and Keenan Allen.

Moore spoke with “The Mirror” about the workout prior to the draft.

Moore pronounced it “good.”. “I was invited to come to California by him [Caleb].”. I visited that place. Our throwing session was enjoyable. We were exchanging ideas about how we were going to approach things and other related topics. That one was excellent. “.”.

As you recall, Moore was a strong supporter of Justin Fields continuing as the Bears’ quarterback.

With Fields, Moore had the best season of his career last year. With 96 receptions, 1,364 yards, and eight touchdowns, he concluded the game with career single-season highs for Moore.

Moore thus offered his opinions when questioned about Williams’ throwing technique.

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Williams is the subject of “anticipation,” according to Moore. He seems to be anticipating our opening at a specific time, as you can see. That will be among the more advantageous things. All you need to do moving forward is stay in agreement with him. All it will take is some time. It may happen quickly or it may take some time. It should be quick, though. ****.

Was Moore suggesting that Williams had more anticipation than Fields? Fields was frequently criticized for his propensity to hold the ball too long and his incapacity to predict when receivers would become open.

Moore hopes he and Williams click right away this season as well, since he hasn’t had a reliable quarterback toss the ball to him.

But Moore isn’t by himself in the wide receiver room, unlike the previous campaign. After making a trade for Keenan Allen, the Bears selected Rome Odunze with the No. 9th draft selection overall. Regarding the other playmakers, what is Moore’s opinion?

Before the draft, Moore stated, “Having an infinite number of playmakers is always a good thing.”. “However, there is just one ball. We’ll see what happens as a result. Regardless of what we decide, I’m fairly certain that we’ll act morally. Anybody can be a receiver or a lineman. Simply put, I’m excited about it. ****.

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