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Apple’s AirPods should be on every iPhone owner’s list of earbuds to try before exploring third-party options.
Fortunately, the second-gen AirPods are down to $79.99 ($50 off) at Amazon and Best Buy right now, which is just $10 more than they were during Black Friday.
The third-gen AirPods, meanwhile, are also matching their all-time low of $139.99 ($30 off) at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target, while the second-gen AirPods Pro with USB-C can be had for $179.99 ($70 off) at Amazon and Target (also an all-time low).
If you’re after a simple pair of AirPods and could care less for the bells and whistles found on the newer models, the second-gen AirPods are worth a look.
AirPods (second-gen) with Lightning charging case $ 80$ 13038 % off $ 80 $ 80$ 13038 % off These AirPods are Apple’s second generation of true wireless earbuds and the cheapest model in the AirPods lineup.
AirPods (third-gen) with Lightning charging case $ 140$ 17018 % off $ 140 $ 140$ 17018 % off Apple’s third-gen AirPods have a new design and sound significantly better than their predecessors.
Neither of Apple’s entry-level AirPods can match the second-gen AirPods Pro, of course, which are the newest available in the line.
Apple AirPods Pro (second-gen) with USB-C charging case $ 180$ 24928 % off $ 180 $ 180$ 24928 % off The second-gen AirPods Pro improve upon Apple’s original pair with much better noise cancellation, improved sound quality, and onboard volume controls.


Any owner of an iPhone should first try Apple’s AirPods before looking into third-party options for earphones. A wonderful Mother’s Day present or replacement for an old pair of earbuds, the wireless earbuds come with a plethora of exclusive features just for Apple customers.

Luckily, the price of the second-generation AirPods has dropped to $79.99 ($50 off) at Best Buy and Amazon. This is only $10 more expensive than last Black Friday. At Amazon, Best Buy, and Target, the third-generation AirPods are currently priced at $139.99, which is $30 less than their all-time low. In contrast, the second-generation AirPods Pro with USB-C are available for $179.99, which is also an all-time low, at Amazon and Target.

The second-generation AirPods are definitely worth a look if all you’re looking for is a basic pair of headphones and you don’t really care about the extra features. They are not as water resistant as the third-generation model, and they do not support wireless charging, head-tracking spatial audio, or Apple’s enhanced Find My features, but they are still very easy to use and perform well. Though not enough to stop you from saving $60 on the older pair if money is really tight, the third-generation earbuds have better sound quality and longer battery life.

Second-generation AirPods with a Lightning charging case.

$ 80$ 13038 percent discount.

Eighty dollars.

80% off, or 13038 percent.

These are the least expensive model in Apple’s AirPods lineup and the company’s second generation of true wireless earphones. They’re still a dependable set of headphones with good sound quality even though they’re from 2019.

The Lightning charging case comes with third-generation AirPods.

140$$ 17018 percent discount.


$17018 percent off at $ 140.

The third-generation AirPods from Apple sound noticeably better than the models that came before them and have a new design. They also incorporate fresh features, such as spatial audio’s head tracking.

The second-generation AirPods Pro, the newest model in the lineup, are obviously superior to both of Apple’s entry-level AirPods. You can get superior noise cancellation, head-tracking spatial audio, water resistance, and better sound quality for a fair price increase. Along with the four replacement ear tips that come in the box, onboard volume controls are another new feature that makes it simple to find the perfect fit for your ears. In addition to dust resistance and a USB-C charging case, Apple’s most recent AirPods Pro are marginally more powerful than the 2022 model.

The USB-C charging case for the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro.

$180$ 24928 percent discount.


$24928 percent off, or $180.

With much better noise cancellation, better sound quality, and onboard volume controls, the second generation AirPods Pro surpass Apple’s original pair. Instead of a Lightning charging case, the most recent update also includes a USB-C charging case.

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Apple’s Leather Wallet with MagSafe is now available at Woot for $27.99, or roughly $32 less, through the end of May. In the sad event that it slides off, you won’t be able to locate it using your iPhone because this isn’t the updated version that supports Find My Place. However, the leather wallet can still securely hold up to three cards and is magnetically attached to the back of any iPhone that is compatible with MagSafe. It is available in saddle brown and California poppy, the latter of which is more of a vivid orange color.

The lowest price ever for a three-port, 67W Belkin BoostCharge wall charger is currently $39.99 ($5 off) at Best Buy and Amazon. Because it has three USB-C ports instead of the typical two, which many similar products have in order to make up for, we find it to be more appealing. Additionally, the charger features markings that clearly indicate the power throughput that each port can support when one device is plugged in (67W) as opposed to three (20W for two of the ports and 25W for the third).

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