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The roadway at milepost 12.8 on Wyoming’s Teton Pass catastrophically failed as a result of landslides.
“No crews were hurt in the process, and no equipment was damaged.” A long term closure is expected, making travel in the area more difficult.
WILSON, Wyoming (KTVX) — A landslide has caused a portion of the Teton Pass roadway to collapse and crumble in what the Wyoming Dept.
“The roadway at milepost 12.8 on Teton Pass has catastrophically failed and a long term closure is expected,” WYDOT posted on social media Saturday morning.
WYDOT is now reviewing a long term solution and repairs.” WYDOT released the below drone video of the roadway.
The road, Wyoming State Highway 22, had been battered for two days by mudslide and landslide, according to WYDOT.
On Thursday, the area was reportedly temporarily closed after a landslide at milepost 12.8 resulted in eight-inch cracks in the road.
Additionally, a mudslide at milepost 15 on Teton Pass “breached the roadway with mud and debris, overwhelming the channeled drainage ditch and culvert,” WYDOT stated Saturday morning.


Landslides caused a catastrophic collapse of the road at milepost 12:08 on Wyoming’s Teton Pass.

“No equipment was damaged, and no crew members were injured during the procedure. “.

There will likely be a long-term closure, which will make traveling through the area more challenging.

Wilson, Wyoming (KTVX) — According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, a landslide has caused a section of the Teton Pass roadway to collapse and crumble. describing as a disastrous collapse the Department of Transportation.

WYDOT announced on social media early on Saturday morning, “A long-term closure is expected due to a catastrophic failure of the roadway at milepost 12.8 on Teton Pass.”. “No equipment was damaged, and no crew members were injured during the procedure. Currently, WYDOT is examining repairs and a long-term fix. “.

WYDOT published the drone footage of the road below. A portion of the guardrail is visible hanging into the void, and the landslide has caused all of the road’s lanes to collapse.

According to WYDOT, mudslides and landslides had been pummeling Wyoming State Highway 22 for the past several days. The area was apparently temporarily closed on Thursday due to eight-inch cracks in the road caused by a landslide at milepost 12.8.

According to Stephanie Harsha, a representative for District 3 of the Wyoming Department of Transportation, “that crack and that drop started to move a lot” was noticed by geologists and engineers who were dispatched to the area that day. After a temporary patch was applied by a paving crew, traffic started to flow that evening.

The road was once again closed in the early hours of Friday morning, however, as maintenance personnel were dispatched to deal with a mudslide a few miles away.

At that point, crews observed that the pavement damage had gotten worse. Employees attempting to find a way around that area departed for the evening, “and by 5 a.m. m. Stephanie Harsha, a spokesman for WYDOT District 3 said on Saturday, “WYDOT had discovered that the road had completely failed this morning.”.

“That no crew members were hurt was an extreme blessing. According to her, no equipment was harmed. Currently, geologists and engineers are evaluating the pass’s geology. All day long, they have been observing it. “.

The time it will take to reopen the road, which is a crucial conduit for individuals who work in upscale Jackson, near the well-known Grand Teton National Park, and live across the border in Idaho, was not immediately apparent.

A different route, according to Harsha, goes more than sixty miles out of the way and adds “quite a bit to any commute” between Jackson and the Victor, Idaho, area. “.

Gov. Declaring an emergency through executive order was something Mark Gordon’s office said would enable the state to get more funding from the Federal Highway Administration so that repair work could start.

The governor said in a statement that the department of transportation is developing “a long-term solution to rebuild this critical roadway.”. “.

“I understand how this closure will significantly affect the local economy, commuters in the area, and residents of Teton County,” Gordon stated.

WYDOT reported on Saturday morning that a mudslide at Teton Pass’s milepost 15 “breached the roadway with mud and debris, overwhelming the channeled drainage ditch and culvert.”. Today morning, workers are removing the dirt and debris from the area. “.

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