There is a Horoscope for Tuesday, April 9, 2024

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Aries (March 21-April 19) Intense feelings about financial matters or your possessions might arise.
In fact, some of you might get into an argument because not only are feelings intense, there is also a sense of feeling territorial about things.
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Heated arguments about politics, religion or racial issues might take place today because people have intense feelings about these matters.
Of course, these are important matters, that goes without saying.
Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Postpone important discussions about inheritances, shared property and how to divide or share something because today people are obsessed about getting their way.
This is because people are obsessed and entrenched in their views today, which is also why arguments will easily arise.
Table these discussions because today will encourage hissy fits and meltdowns because people are rigid and intense about what they want.
Either way, discussions with others will be difficult because people are obsessed about what they want to achieve.


Moon Warning.

beyond 7 a.m. m. There are no shopping limits or significant decisions to make on Chicago time. There is a moon in Taurus.

Aries: (April 19–March 21).

You may experience strong emotions regarding money or your belongings. In fact, there’s a chance that some of you will argue because in addition to strong emotions, there’s a sense of territoriality. “It’s mine, and so is that!”.

May 20–April 20 is Taurus.

When the moon is in your sign and opposes powerful planet Pluto, it may cause you to become fixated on something. This suggests that you may be the victim of irrational impulses and compulsive behavior that confuses other people. Return the favor. Take a rest. Allow some additional breathing room for the situation.

Gemini: May 21–June 20.

You have a secret obsession these days. Even though you may not express your opinions to others, you still feel them deeply. You have a goal or an objective that you hope to accomplish, and you plan to make it happen. Be careful not to sever your nose out of spite for your appearance.

June 21–July 22, Cancer.

Because you both insist on taking a particular route or carrying out tasks in a particular manner, you may come to blows with a friend or fellow group member. This may even apply when interacting with a group, indicating that you don’t agree with someone else’s approach. Await the results for one or two days.

Leo: July 23–August 31. 23).

Steer clear of a public altercation with anyone today, particularly a significant other or close friend, as you could find yourself looking foolish. It might not be the right moment to engage because people are firmly committed to their opinions. Selecting your battles carefully is a good idea.

Virgo (Aug. September 23. 22).

People today may argue passionately about politics, religion, or racial issues because they have strong emotions attached to these topics. It should go without saying that these are significant issues. However, now is not the best time to make a statement.

September is Libra. 23 October. 22).

Important conversations about shared property, inheritances, and how to divide or share something should wait since people these days are so focused on getting their way. They are not amenable to logic or giving in. Think carefully. Everything depends on timing.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 Nov. (21).

Today, avoid arguing with partners, spouses, and close friends as they won’t accomplish much. Arguments will surface easily because people are today so fixated on and firmly committed to their opinions. But what will this actually achieve?

Sign of Sagittarius (Nov. December 22. 21).

There may be someone (you could be that someone) who wants to change the way things are done at work and implement reforms. Or perhaps you would like to implement healthier habits? If so, you may find yourself in a deadlock because you (or the other person) is adamant.

Dec.–Jan. January 22. (19).

Avoid disagreements with your kids. Put these talks on hold because people are so obstinate and passionate about what they want these days that it will only lead to tantrums and hisses. Select a different time for these conversations, when logic will win out. In the same way, put off significant romantic conversations.

Jan. – Mar. 20-February. 18.

Talking to parents, making repairs or changes to the house, or discussing anything that is going on in the family will be challenging today because everyone has such strong opinions! In fact, someone may be fixated on something. Getting to an agreement at this point is hardly necessary. Wait a moment.

Pisces (February). March 19–20.

You could reach out to someone who is strong and equally convincing, or you could try to convince someone else to agree with you. In any case, people get fixated on their goals, which makes it hard to have conversations with them. Leave these discussions for another day.

Assuming Today Is Your Birthday.

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