There are rescues from floodwater caused by heavy rain

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HONOLULU — Several people on the Hawaiian island of Kauai needed to be rescued from floodwaters during heavy rain, authorities said Friday, but there were no immediate reports of injuries.
Heavy rain beginning Thursday afternoon prompted the closure of public schools Friday across Kauai and the opening of shelters.
Crews worked Friday to reopen various roads closed from landslides, leaning utility poles and overflowing stream waters.
Firefighters were busy Thursday night rescuing people, primarily in the communities of Koloa and Wailua, Kauai Emergency Management Administrator Elton Ushio said.
But he noted that there was a report of 4 feet (1.22 meters) of water in at least one house.
Kauai residents are used to rain, and this event wasn’t as bad as rainstorms in in 2018 that generated a national 24-hour rainfall record, Ushio said.
Kauai is “one of the wettest spots on Earth, in terms of annual rainfall,” he said.
The rain tapered off after sunrise Friday, but heavy showers were expected Saturday night into Sunday morning, bringing more threat of flooding, he said.


HONOLULU—On Friday, authorities on the Hawaiian island of Kauai reported that multiple people had to be rescued from floodwaters caused by heavy rain. However, no injuries were originally reported.

Public schools on Kauai were forced to close on Friday due to heavy rain that started on Thursday afternoon, and shelters were opened instead. Workers labored on Friday to reopen a number of roads that had been blocked by landslides, leaning power poles, and overflowing stream waters.

Chief of Kauai Emergency Management Elton Ushio stated that firefighters were busy on Thursday night rescuing people, mostly from the towns of Wailua and Koloa. He was unsure of how many people still needed to be evacuated or rescued at this point. However, he mentioned that at least one house had reportedly been reported to have 4 feet (1.22 meters) of water in it.

“And these are residential areas where, initially, the water was beginning to rise up, and then it started approaching, you know, getting up to the lower level of the houses in several cases, getting up and into the houses themselves, where people needed to be evacuated from those houses,” the speaker stated.

Residents of Kauai are accustomed to rain, so according to Ushio, this incident wasn’t as bad as the rainstorms that set a national 24-hour rainfall record in 2018.

According to annual rainfall, Kauai is “one of the wettest spots on Earth,” he claimed. “Deep canyons and lush valleys dot. It is a result of the rain that we receive. “.

The heaviest part of the rain came around six o’clock. m. Thursday from 6 a.m. m. The National Weather Service reports that Friday saw more than 10 inches (25.04 centimeters) in several places.

Derek Wroe, a meteorologist in the weather service’s Honolulu office, reported that Thursday’s rainfall at Lihue airport, the island’s only official record-keeping station, broke a 1996 record with 3.65 inches (9.27 centimeters).

According to the more than 11 inches (27 point94 centimeters) that were recorded during the 12-hour period starting at 6 p.m. on Friday, that record would probably be broken again. me. up until 6 a.m. M. said Wroe, at the airport in Lihue.

Friday morning, the rain stopped before sunrise, but more flooding was predicted due to strong showers that were predicted for Saturday night and Sunday morning, he said.

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